How To Make A Sekt Cap Adapter For Painters Touch Ghetto

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How to Make a Sekt Cap Adapter for Painters Touch Ghetto
How to Make a Sekt Cap Adapter for Painters Touch Ghetto
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Ding and Dong Cartoons: Hey I don't have access to a drill at my house, but I'm going to make one out of metal in my metal shop at school. Since I'm not starting out with the cap itself I'm wondering if the female part is 1/8th and only the cap you're putting on is 7/64, or the 7/64 fits both the cap and the can... I'm actually just going to try 7/64 then go back if I have to but I guess now I'm just putting the idea out there´╗┐

Adam Kidd: ya but were writer not all of us can afford a drill´╗┐

Sir Smi: Yo. Cut the rim around a German. Bet it would wrk.

grafftodatrack: rusto fats are beast with the ghetto sekt

vestavixmgs: @RusPrideAK **damn. learn how to spell. your'e a desperate maggot, Im done with you. bye

IISIVEII: @Biggj37 umm thanks hahah

IICUBEZII: thx bro

vestavixmgs: these are online for like 4 for $5..stop being broke and just buy some. not even worth trying to make

Swat32097: @IISIVEII nah its ok,i made one and it worked,nice vid man.

jake lad: dude what size is the drill bit in metric measurements im in Australia ..

GhettoNinjaMan: what about if I need a male cap to fit on a female can?

lieutenant Jenkins: I think i like British accents , they sound funny.

IISIVEII: @Swat32097 i have never head of that kind of spray paiint

tyler dalton: these work amazing, the nyfats on some normal rusto are dope, works just as good as a sekt, my buddy thought of making homemade adapters not to long ago and the bombings never been better. we use a drill press and a 7/64 bit. dope

oust104: thanks

hippielokster: No the reguler rustos.. It has the same style valve so im guessing it should..

D0BiZ: @Deathksi yes

joeyjhc: they cost a buck just buy a real one

ramon: all you gotta do is take apart an empty can an take out the tube on the inside and cut it up and it will fit the new rustos for any male cap you want

Mario Ortiz: im new to the whole graffiti scene and i wanted to know for like fill ins is better to just use the valve it originally comes with or make one of theses?

SpinaScootz: this is madd im guna try this

ottogillen: @IISIVEII dont put tape over the open nozzle.... just stick super glue over it or something. awesome 'how to' though. thanks brutha

Mosk graffiti: Big respect bro ! :)

Deathksi: Can u transfer paint to another can?

sdkkrew: nice

Biggj37: I Love You....

IISIVEII: @mariorocksit for painters touch? well if your bombing make one of these but if you got time to do it like a piece i guess or just practice use the stock cap

ALIASarts: @IISIVEII ok i might try this some time this week

ramon: wat color blue is that?

TommyChevyBugle: good job, or else you can still get a tiny straw/tube adapter and join them like i did from a wd40 red straw can tube or something....

TheSHAKA808: @Deathksi yup all you need is two needle tip caps and attach them to together and make sure when you do it, release all the pressured air out from the can that you are gonna refill so that paint transfers to the empty can and make sure that when you are refilling it, that you flip the can upside down so you can release more out air out so more paint can go in

Nick R: YES! soooo sick!

IISIVEII: @ALIASarts ya that would work really well

malesimpsonsfan: sick

Nick R: is the tip ur using already completly covered in tape or is it just black?

Swat32097: does the sekt work with bosny spray paint?

DaGut2: Good crap man

pittmane: this is tight as hell and everything, but all the cans ive tried this one the valves get clogged... may not be related but idk.

christian calderon: @Deathksi yea you can type it in on the search bar'

IISIVEII: @hippielokster as in painters touch?

adidasfootballer: thanks man

IISIVEII: @RISEgraff i thought about it and then found some other kids who have done a similar thing

hippielokster: Would it work on the new rustos??

23twentythree23: thanks this healp heaps

Trulsen90: Oo

SuperbombinD: I wondered how long it would take before someone came up with a way to make a homemade cap adapter. I already have one from Oinkart, but this is a cool idea.

jake lad: @IISIVEII yeah mm's would be good

IISIVEII: @hippielokster these are the regular rusto enamel has a famale valve.....

vestavixmgs: @RusPrideAK because its a waste of time PERIOD.

Nick R: i painted two autoracks lastnight useing this idea. some paint came out almost right away thru the electrical tape..but it worked. it got messy though..alot of excess paint..but it filled good and gave me clean lines..i missed the little note u gave saying to put glue on the tip to clog it haha freak i wish i would have seen that sooner..OVERALL i have to say thanks! no more mail order or wating almost two weeks for them to come in the mail.
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How to Make a Sekt Cap Adapter for Painters Touch Ghetto