How To Make A Sekt Cap Adapter For Painters Touch Ghetto

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How to Make a Sekt Cap Adapter for Painters Touch Ghetto
How to Make a Sekt Cap Adapter for Painters Touch Ghetto
Sekt Cap Adaptor Demonstration
Sekt Cap Adaptor Demonstration
Painters Touch Wing Cap Adapter Test - Rust-Oleum -
Painters Touch Wing Cap Adapter Test - Rust-Oleum -
Sekt Cap Adapter Review
Sekt Cap Adapter Review
home made sekt cap by hustwo Review
home made sekt cap by hustwo Review

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Shut Up: When I used this method I took a hammer and a nail and spent like 45 minutes trying to put a hole in the plastic lmao

beverly arns: I actually used this method , It really works for me, even with the drilling of the cap.
I get the double usage of caps now, hurrraaayyy !! The thing I use for sealing the cap after its clogged , is "Superglue", & the nozzle hole in front will be sealed.

mr c: well its only for NY fats cause round caps so t fit on it

Seb Pitre: for all the people who dont got no drills just heatup a small nail with a lighter and gradually widen your hole as needed to fit your male cap of choice. Push it in for a tight fit and youre good to go. this method seals up the nozzle of the bottom cap too because of the small amounts of melting inside. i just did it this way and it works great

CAN Control: There is a much easier way, I'll put it up on my channel soon

Ding and Dong Cartoons: Hey I don't have access to a drill at my house, but I'm going to make one out of metal in my metal shop at school. Since I'm not starting out with the cap itself I'm wondering if the female part is 1/8th and only the cap you're putting on is 7/64, or the 7/64 fits both the cap and the can... I'm actually just going to try 7/64 then go back if I have to but I guess now I'm just putting the idea out there

Adam Kidd: ya but were writer not all of us can afford a drill

Mosk graffiti: Big respect bro ! :)

Mr420ways: for fills just use whatever the can comes with! actualy you can take a razor and poke the tip of it horizontally or vertically into the nozzle of the cap and youll get a cool wide spray GREAT for fills

Pittmane: this is tight as hell and everything, but all the cans ive tried this one the valves get clogged... may not be related but idk.

rubrum: You in the middle east too? I'd say stay away from Bosny, that crap is pretty watered down, try Asmaco paint, the cans are a little less full but they cover better and dont drip as much. And yes, a sekt cap would work with some Bosny cans

adidasfootballer: thanks man

tyler dalton: these work amazing, the nyfats on some normal rusto are dope, works just as good as a sekt, my buddy thought of making homemade adapters not to long ago and the bombings never been better. we use a drill press and a 7/64 bit. dope

ramon: all you gotta do is take apart an empty can an take out the tube on the inside and cut it up and it will fit the new rustos for any male cap you want

RINOne raggalifa: video is 5 mins you toking 4 mins... were is the action))

Jake Ryan: Never even thought of doing this

ramon: wat color blue is that?

MrKeefuh: ^^^this guy doesn't paint with rusto.

lieutenant Jenkins: I think i like British accents , they sound funny.

G O L D / P E D A L: @IISIVEII dont put tape over the open nozzle.... just stick super glue over it or something. awesome 'how to' though. thanks brutha
How to Make a Sekt Cap Adapter for Painters Touch Ghetto 5 out of 5

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How to Make a Sekt Cap Adapter for Painters Touch Ghetto