Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: An Owner's Review

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Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review
Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review
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danieldociu: Who makes that panoramic mirror? Where can I get one?


gemma stone: Hi again. . I did eventually find I two year old model and I love it. I am in the same position as you. . I don't have a bike licence. But I can take a pillion on it too. . I've had four years on a 125 so I have plenty of experience. ..I wouldn't recommend anyone with no biking experience to ride one.. at least have cbt training. ..But I would definitely recommend it if you don't want to have the hassle of doing the bike test 

canturgan: Strangely relaxing video. I also find the japanese driving videos relaxing, particularly the 5 hour long ones that drive from one city to another. It also shows you what Japan looks like.

Ray50d: Excellent review. This review actually pushed me over the edge to buy an MP3. ;-) I've got exactly this same bike since three weeks. It had done approx 21000km and was imported from Paris. It's fantastic allthough i experience some issues like the bike shuddering when between 2000-3000 rpm when letting go and re-open the throttle. ( when i.e. riding on roundabouts etc). Apparently this is normal for these bikes but i am curious to hear your experience. I've had a modification done by adding Dr. Pulley's sliding rollers and it helped significantly.  The bike also accelerates faster and makes less rpm on the motorway.

Griso Naut: God bless ya. Great video. I am hunting around for A2 bikes/trikes my teenage son can ride (by which I mean, I will own it and add him as a rider, then we can tour together on separate machines). This has thrown the MP3 into the mix.

yerric: Nice Video

Clifford Shick: Thanks for the tour of London!!

darndarn888: Hey

I have seen most of your videos and remembered you mentioning about the rear view mirror on your wind screen...i been searching your videos again and cant find the name links etc

Do you mind letting my self and everyone know again


P.S...i got the new 2014 500abs....very nice ride

TikiTaka Studio: wow, awesome video, nice work, bro! I enjoyed your video

peter ryan: Great video loved it full of good info ,ime 66 and about to get one of these or similar ,i also wanted to ask about motorway riding ,as now and then i have to drive to dover from wallington surrey,and wondered if need the 500,as ime normally on local runs ,was just going for the 300,and i ask how you feel about this size for long runs etc, bfn pete.

Drererere Derererere: If it's classed as a trike does that mean you can ride it without a helmet and have a passenger also without a helmet? 
Not that I would but I've been wondering about this for a long time.

Fares: A really nice review...thanks :)
Looking forward to watching your long term review, probably after another year or so.

Pieter Veldman: thank you for the video ! where can i buy that " fish eye mirror "


Nej I: Thanks  a million for the review. I have a few questions...

1) Have been out on the Mway with scooter - what speeds does it get up to (with comfort). I ask as I am not a bike rider and never have been. I currently commute from Portsmouth to Hammersmith in London and the journey is getting worse with each day. I am thinking of investing in the scooter for the same reasons you did. BUT, need to know it can handle thoe speed, the duration as well and also how economical it would be on say 75mph - 80mph.

2) You say service is due at 5000miles - do you mean KM as I understand the Piaggio works in KPH? Does that also mean the speeds you refre to in video is actually km and NOT miles?

What the MPS like to ride in open motorway at 80mph? Does it feel safe and ok in rain, wind etc?

And finally thanks for posting the vid and (thanks in advance) for coming back to me 

fusteria: Thanks mate for the video. Live in the French Alps, might be getting one to commute to Geneva (now that I know for sure that I can also legally drive it in Switzerland with my car driving license). 

I would be doing about 55 miles a day - do you think this is too much for an MP3? Mainly in a motorway limited to 110km/h (69 mph) and some country roads...

Cheers, and hope you're still enjoying the non-scooter scooter! :)

llewellyn lewis: Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review: http://youtu.be/CiUgTxPzL6E

Frank Smirke: Thanks so much for all the great info. I live here in Arizona, in America. I've been looking into getting a scooter, and saw this Piaggio 2009 MP3 500CC bike. I really like it. I really enjoyed your trip to work also. It was fun. Thanks again, mate. Frank.

Quickblood1: Weird watching someone take my exact route to work even starting in Abbey Wood. I've been thinking about getting a scooter for a while as that journey is hell in a car. I do night shifts and even then the traffic is terrible around 2 hours to get to Soho.

Juehua Dai: nice rear view mirror

I TechHelpLtd: Nice ride, generally very safe, considered, considerate.  I did spot one overtake next to a right-turn junction - the blue car, just after the bollard, there was a right turn arrow painted on the road. 

Very risky that, cars have a habit of realising at the last minute that this is the junction they want and just turning in without looking or indicating - and then you get crumpled into the side of their vehicle. 

Had a Transit do that to me once, luckily we were both moving at low speed.  Hurt my leg though.
Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review 5 out of 5

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Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner's review