Dip Dying Hair With Splat! (old) | JasmineRachelle22

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Nat Paris: Oh my gaowwsshh ! <3 finally a good video, pretty girl who has a good ear for music !! My song !!!!! love it so fab

melissa amelie: how long did you keep the dye in for?

JasmineRachelle22: once you bleach your hair it's bleached forever. when i washed my hair after the dip dying, the pink just started turning orange because of the bleach. I dyed it after with a dark brown but it always kept getting lighter. now i think i already cut that hair off since it's been about a year lol.

Iniye Ogoun: wants you rinse out the hair dye does the bleach stay in or does it come out with that hair dye? please answer i really want to do this

Huge Selenator: Really helpful vid! I'm bleaching mines at the tips for 6th grade. Whih color would you recomnend?

Susan Fuentes: I want to do mine like this but red

JasmineRachelle22: hahahaha!! that's so funny!

Brianna Goodson: OH MY GOD <3 THE SONG <3 A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE WITH AN ACTUALLY GOOD SONG IN THE BACK GROUND <3 THANK YOU THANK YOU <3 lol at first i thought my itunes had started playing .

katherine legrama: I love the color that it came out to be. Also tis is a great color for summer!

JasmineRachelle22: haha i hope you like it

Maria: for how much did it last ??

JasmineRachelle22: yes it does. If you have darker hair, I would suggest buying your own bleach that is a bit stronger. I kept the bleach from the kit in for about 2 hours and it wasn't as light as i wanted it to be.

SevensupperAgirls: Does the kit cum wit bleach

JasmineRachelle22: does it look good? i'm asian btw (: ... a tan asian.

rolipianoguitar: My friend dyed her hair with the same thing and it came out like the dark girls

JasmineRachelle22: Thank you!! Ooo which color?

JasmineRachelle22: thank you! (:

JasmineRachelle22: Haha which song? I list all the songs used at the end credits! (:

rileyroo3199: @JasmineRachelle22 i went to the splat website and there was a video! haha, its ok! :)

JasmineRachelle22: im sorry i just saw this! i hope you saw on the directions to Wash it out!!
Dip Dying Hair with Splat! (old) | JasmineRachelle22 5 out of 5

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Dip Dying Hair with Splat! (old) | JasmineRachelle22