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It's mental masturbation. Some people like to be their favorite football players very much and that makes them happy. You are masturbating your mind. Some just cant stand not being their favorite football player. This game makes that possible offering them pleasure...

quillero: gameplay: you don't need fancy moves to leave defender's in the dust, this is the hardest game to defend in. not to mention that defender when not directly control tend to move away from the attacking player leaving a detrimental gap in front of the goal. also, attacking players; at times, are not aware of the ball despite they may seem to be staring directly at it.

Kelly A.O: I have looked at it, although it looks like an offside because the striker was already behind the defender when he recieved the ball, he wasnt in an offside position when the pass was made. Pause it thesame time it hits 1:49 and you'll see.

mdt2880: This will always be my game...looking forward to playing it

Pepe The Squid: this games good but somethings terriable wrong with it and thats why fifa is always winning

bryce sainz: 4:24 ramos!!

Fartndshart: freak that camera angle makes it look like a real game

Diamond Dust: How was he not offside at 1:49 lol..

john Blow: Lool ua fa

Noufel Saeed: Look at the player models the look pathetic

Junaid Malik: Konami really need to get a better commentator they have had the same crappy crack head commentator for years now

daNXT81: is this naratated by the android reviewer blkprince310? u sound just like him

TheLilmac10: u-e-f-a hahaahahah.what a pleb .my granny even knows how to pronounce uefa

Jacob Belew: all they need is ray hudson :)

jadenyuki72: in fifa 12 wen u do dribble moves and tricks it runs smoothly in pes 2012 it doesnt! its really choppy and jagged moving doesnt seem right! also fifa 12 pro camera looks amazing!

uk jay: @Jellybeantiger lol

Cian Farrell: There is one reason I buy Pes every year ........the konami cup

theultimatejoker1: amazing man good review but please pronounce uefa correct.

SportsGamerShow: @Mickeypolo9 I know, had a brain fart during the recording and mispronounced UEFA. By the time I caught it, the video was already posted. Wanted to change it, but dont want to lose the views :( My mistake. Good catch.

Jellybeantiger: This game still has a soul to it that Fifa can not touch.
SportsGamerShow - PES 2012 Review 5 out of 5

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