DIY Sheet Metal Brake

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First Bends on My DIY 8-foot Sheet Metal Brake
First Bends on My DIY 8-foot Sheet Metal Brake
Sheet Metal Brake Plans   DIY Metal Brake
Sheet Metal Brake Plans DIY Metal Brake
Homemade Bending Tool/sheet metal brake
Homemade Bending Tool/sheet metal brake
homemade sheet metal brake
homemade sheet metal brake
DIY Sheet Metal Brake
DIY Sheet Metal Brake

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chimney man: score a line with your utility knife before you bend it and it will not roll the bends, also cut into each end about a quarter of in inch and that will help keep it bending properly..just a tip, thanks for all of your videos Joe

Vas El: 👍👍👍 Brilliant. ☺

Randy Crawford: Thanks for the lesson! I enjoyed seeing your work around for clamping the smaller ends. :)

alxndr t: i like the way you think buddy

Joe Kozak: do you polyurethane the table for that nice gloss?   does it keep welding spatter from sticking?

Jurica Grčević: This is the best video instruction how to make a sheet metal brake. Thank you for sharing information. I really found this video interesting because I am about to make mine too. Good job!

anthony preston: Great job I made one similar saved a couple of hundred quid I use mine for making link boxes for tractors I do up ! Trying to work on a small sheet metal shearing guilotine at moment all the best ant from Wales UK 

timspqr: Very very nice. Congrats!

Raymond Harvey: if you would put the handle in the middle you have more pressure on the middle.

erngre1: Question: If you were to grind your angle iron to a knife like edge wouldn't that remove your round-over edge? And give you a sharp 90. It seems to copy the edge your angle iron already has. Just thinking!

jacky Parker: You said this is to hold water . .  when you startedf you cut corners off . .  I would of only cut so that corners stay on then when you bend  up you bend corners round and use selant and rivets instead of having to weld to make it water tight

Jim Devlin, Jr.: Finally got the supplies this week to build a 4 foot version of this wish I had room for this bad boy. So sweet. 

Eric Allen: Very nice setup. You can get sharp corners if you sharpen up the hold down angle iron. The radius your getting at the corner is from the radius all heavy angle iron has on it when it's made. Just a suggestion for all that's watching years later like myself. Sharper corner bends will make it easier to weld up later. Thumbs up tho!!

Debbie Dude: Always wanna have some tubafors around!

Adragontattoo: If you make these again ever, you might want to consider not cutting off the notch completely at the corners.  Once you fold the basic sides you can fold the tab over to help support the corner.

Thanks otherwise!  Stealing the basic idea without having access to a welder...

gaynor cooper: i want 1 of these, ok maybe a little smaller :@)

ircimager: slicker'n owlcrap

Best Racing Tips Win At The Dragstrip: To speed up your set up time when making full length bends, I would drill the bench top for 2 hardened steel pins. Place them at both ends, so that your clamping angle bears against them and it will prevent your angle from sliding back away from the hinge point. Then whenever you want to make a bend, you stick the pins in the holes, drop your angle on your sheet metal, slide it against your stop pins and clamp it tight. No more walking back and forth looking to see if it's still on your layout line.

Shoeb Md: Brilliant, this technique will put all the automatic bending machines go out of business. 
DIY Sheet Metal Brake 5 out of 5

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DIY Sheet Metal Brake