DIY Sheet Metal Brake

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Homemade Sheet Metal Bending Brake
DIY Sheet Metal Brake
DIY Sheet Metal Brake
DIY Sheet Metal Brake - 72 inch wide. cheap method.
DIY Sheet Metal Brake - 72 inch wide. cheap method.
Cheap DIY sheet metal brake
Cheap DIY sheet metal brake
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Sheet Metal Brake Plans DIY Metal Brake

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Nader Fawzy: 14 gage =?? mm

clayjustsayin: Another way to hold down the angle you use to hold the work could just be with a couple of larger, deeper throated clamps positioned from the front, The bending happens within the clamp this way, and you have a more direct load path. Not really better than your way, but a real benefit as you would have a couple of high quality clamps around the shop, instead of merely adequate HB 'on the cheap' tools.

Ernest Boston: 38 out of 938 is 4 percent. Who on earth would give your video a negative rating?!?!? I enjoyed it.

Nerf Dog: Press Brake is different. It presses the metal and is typically used on thicker plate or flat bar.

Tommy Strandman: you should grind away some material from the edges on the angle soo the edges are 45 degrees instead of 90, then you will get a lot sharper bends, but then it is not really any good way to do soo and have it to be consistant

Aaron Farias: great vid man, thanks!

telosfd: 14 gage = 2mm. Nice jobe pal.

FarmerBenny: Awesome. Thanks for making this video!

Maxid1: I made a break out of a couple carpenters framing squares once.

dozer1642: UHMW.

SupaLexy (SupaNautica & MotoLexy): Cool, here I was checking out DIY and I recognised the voice.

Barry christopher: why did ypu clear coat your table??????????????????????????????????

Mr. green: this is a brake not a brake press.

Patrick Paul: Awesome man! Just getting into steel boats over this way, and I need all the help I can get! You have created many innovative ideas throughout your videos, and I absolutely look forward to viewing more of your vids! Excellent!

grancito2: Where I come from, this is called a sheet metal folder, a brake used a ram with a knife edge bar, to push the sheet into a V slot. But that is a nice simple folder.

EttoreJo: Muy buen video, prolijo y sencillo el metodo de fabricar la caja. aunque no entiendo nada el idioma. Saludos

kingmike40: Why is it that all of the sheet metal brakes the user has to pull up on a handle to bend the metal. It seems to me that it would be better to make a press that would have the user pushing down letting gravity help. Unless the bends have a large stick out as to hit the floor.

Jim Burri: Got the job done !!!!!! Great Job !!!!!

tonny jack: haha..good so simply,thx

JimsEquipmentShed: 38 thumbs down?   What in the hell were they expecting to see I wonder?
DIY Sheet Metal Brake 5 out of 5

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DIY Sheet Metal Brake