STEN Mk III Semi-auto Build Project

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STEN Mk III Semi-auto Build Project
STEN Mk III Semi-auto Build Project
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STEN Mk III Semi-auto Build Project - 1ST TEST @ the range
Semi-auto Sten mkIII build pt1 (the parts kit)
Semi-auto Sten mkIII build pt1 (the parts kit)
STEN MK III -Dugan's Tool Shed
STEN MK III -Dugan's Tool Shed
The Sten MK III (or Sten gun)  as seen in slow motion
The Sten MK III (or Sten gun) as seen in slow motion
Sten MKIII kit
Sten MKIII kit
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Ithaca Grease Gun Swedish K. Sten Sub Guns
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Sten Mark II Submachine Gun Close-Up
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STEN Gun Full Auto Fun!
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Sten Mk. 2 / Stengun - Just Fieldstrip - #077
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Sten gun mk2 1944

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Jesus Medina: Buenas noches enviame los planos hermano saludos.....

sebastian serna: amigo hermosa , hermosa pregunto que tamaño es el tuvo de largo y de ancho grasias

Mikhail UBCS: Не зря его назвали "мечта водопроводчика".

malthe kyndesen: good job it is very nice 

Rebel Rhymes: Good job that man

irishpat64: Very nice work!

Free NY: Selling it at all? I'll take it with no mags and if the barrel is 16 inches.

xierxu: Why couldn't you my dad.

REDHORSECA: Rivets that were included with the kit from Indy Ord.

frede Simonsen: where can i buy things to make this weapon (:?

Dmajorproductions: @REDHORSECA thanks man, what tools do i need for this project? is it possible to do it with hand tools?

REDHORSECA: @kevvygomez Got it from an online gun auction (GunBroker)

psdguy1983: Does anyone know if you can move the mag well to the bottom side ?

nicholasscholten: Nice work. I was hoping to see a from the ground up build instead of just an assembly video using mostly old parts, but great work all the same. :)

1945Ace1: can you use the original trigger group for the build or did you have to modify it?

REDHORSECA: @nv707 That would make it illegal and a Federal crime. Only a Class II manufacture can make a full auto firearm (post 1968). A Civilian in some US states can purchase a full auto STEN after they get a CLEO signature, plenty of forms to fill out, finger prints, a background check with the BATF and tax stamp.

REDHORSECA: A while ago they used to go for $25 when they were plentiful, but I got this one years later for about $99. I don't know what they go for now. Mark II part kits and semi-auto receivers are available.

REDHORSECA: You can move the magwell to the bottom, but then you will have to change the location of the ejection port and the charging handle slot, as you will have to rotate the bolt to pick up round from the magazine at the 6 o'clock position. Ejection port will be opposite of the mag well. So it will eject the brass at the 12 o'clock and the sharging handle will be at the top too. Unless you get a bolt specifically made for 6 feed and 3 eject.

nv707: how do you make it full auto?

Jaronce Clavet: i would make a nice wooden stock for it since the metal grip and buttstock thats on it looks ugly as hell and must not be really comfy

300superMEXICANS: im looking in to building one and the only thing im wondering is how you do the riveting?

REDHORSECA: @Dmajorproductions Yea, you could definitely build one for a .45. Receiver is more than strong enough, as the barrel is what takes all the pressure. A .45 would just require a heavier bolt and stronger recoil springs.

MadMetalManiac74: That would be very illegal without a ffl transfer then what would be the point in building an unregistered firearm? Also ATF requires the parts to be demilled (usually flame cut) in a way it cannot be easily reassembled. that's how they're able to import and sell these kits.

GoAtBa11Z420: Felt like I was having my teeth cleaned at 4:58

REDHORSECA: @Bouzoukiellas Semi-auto receiver has the same outside dimensions, that way all the parts (magwell, trigger group, hand stop, slings, stocks) will slip right on, riveted, or welded. The wall thickness of the semi-auto receiver tube is thicker than the FA receiver. The inside dimensions is smaller than the FA receiver. So the FA bolt will not fit, since it's too big to fit inside the semi-auto receiver and only the SA bolt will fit.

Joshua Madoc: Would you have the confidence to say that this Sten that you've made was far more solid than the actual mass-produced versions during the war?

camerl2009: whats with the long barrels

1945Ace1: how far dose the barrel protrude from the rear barrel trunnion?

ericjigga2: wow! well done mate,great job.

mark16443: @REDHORSECA ill probably try ebay for one also what was the process for registering the receiver tube or did u have that shipped to your ffl. i saw centerfiresystems(dot)com a suomi kit and it doesnt require an ffl so i dont know if it doesnt have the tube or if it just has to be registered after you cut the tube.

gtty111: Open bolt in the US is a NO NO.

PRCustomKnivesKydex1: do you have to use the rivet gun for the rivets

mark16443: @REDHORSECA so it doesnt need registered or anything submitted? cause if thats the case im suprised that building your own is allowed, does that go for all firearms then that you can make one and you dont have to register it? im assuming you can but u just cant sell it? idk ho sorry if im bothering you with all these questions lol

bo0o0ms: I'm thinking of building one from scratch (except for the barrel and mag) so can you make a detailed video of how the semi auto sear system works. I have a rough idea how it works but I'm not sure. If you can I sure would appreciate it.

Casagrande Tiago: Perfect! What barrel did you use? I'm making my own bolt action. I'll make all parts. I need some ideas..... could you please help me? Thanks!

REDHORSECA: then search "STEN" the top two results should be the STEN groups

cadetgary: looks like it hurts to fire

leadazid77: muy buena

Roadghost88: Man, that's a lot of work right there. You also have to have all the tools to do it.

REDHORSECA: Not at all. Shoots fine and hardly any recoil. You have the factory T-stock and the wire stock to choose from, or you can make your own stock. There are even AR15 stock adapter kits out there, so that you can use AR15 style stocks.

REDHORSECA: Not a lawyer, so best to get professional legal advise. My understanding is you don't have to call the ATF,you're allowed to build legal firearms for yourself, not for resale. 4 sale req mfg lic. Your personal built guns don't require a serial number, but recommend you put one. Some LEO types get a little antagonistic when they come upon a firearm without a serial #, even though it is legal. I've put my driver;s license number on a few of my personal built guns, it proves the guns are yours.

MadMetalManiac74: Is it ok for the butt tail of the rivets to stick into the tube???

Joshua Favinger: That's illegal if you mean the receiver. The sten parts kits need lots of work to be fit for use. Why sit there and clean them all up for assembly when you can sell them cheaper and let the customer do the work?

Gerfex Avto: can anyone send me the plan on my mail? write me in private and I will tell you my mail

REDHORSECA: The tube wall is thicker than the original WWII model, for the smaller diameter semi-bolt. The tube receiver is definitely stronger and heavier than the original. Longer barrel increases the velocity and makes it more accurate. I feel that the materials used to build my STEN are probably higher quality than the mass produced FA STEN during WWII. I feel the weakest component in this build is the smaller recoil & striker spring. I've already replaced the springs, because of the spring settling,

REDHORSECA: Hole locations were on the template that was glued to the tube.

Icosan20: where can you purchase these kits?

Eatpoop Commies: Why don't they make the parts all fit to be assembled, and then sell them? I would buy such a kit, or kits if the parts were split up.

REDHORSECA: @bo0o0ms It uses the original unmodified STEN sear in the trigger group. Sear engages the striker and holds it in place when the bolt cycles back after firing. Trigger draws the sear down, allowing the striker to strike the firing pin. Disconnector is the only part modified, to only work in semi-auto. Machined slot keeps disconnector in place for the bolt to trip every-time the bolt travels forward to chamber a fresh round. Disconnector resets sear to catch the striker after each firing.

byramadam: I am in the process of building a vertical mag sterling smg, I am curious as to how you placed your rear trunnion, I noticed you said you drilled a spot for rivets, can you elaborate a little more as to how you choose the spot? Or was it already accounted for in the plans?
STEN Mk III Semi-auto Build Project 4.9 out of 5

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STEN Mk III Semi-auto Build Project