HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What Causes No Power

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HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power
HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power
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Eero Laukkanen: Would that be much, much cheaper just change couple caps, and whatever needs to be changed, and clean the board?? Why spend $80 to $100 for new power supply board?? Just wondering.....=)

Thomas Gregory: I have 5v stand by, and the relay turns on, but no 12v and 1.3v on the 24v, no buldged caps, board looks good, bridge rec, is 170vdc, all doide ic's are @ 0.54 ohms, no shorted mosfets, this sucker has me baffeld, any sudgestions?

John Doe: Hi Tampatec, i've got the 3647-0072-0150 main board, the exact TV in this video. On the main board I'm missing 4v on the inverter on pin 13, the power supply to main board cable. Before i picked up the TV the person before me put in a new power supply from shopjimmy and a "good" master inverter from ebay. Where do you think i should start looking? I have 3v on pin 12. I tested the power supply, i've got 24v on inverter supply, and all 5v standby.

Monae Artistry's Hair and Makeup Blog: Where is the part 2 of this video where you fix it?

Brian Hinson: Hi, I have a Vizio M550nv HDTV that I was given.  The original symptom was, once it was plugged in, the logo would flash amber/white but the screen would not come on.
 I found a video that instructed me to do a “pc cold boot/hard reset”  by unplugging the unit, holding the power button in for 30 sec, plug it back up, and after the logo stops flashing amber/white, see if it would power on. 

It DID power on and worked just fine for about a week. [it did power off
a couple of times but I was able to repeat the above procedure at restore
Now the amber light will come on but that is all. I cannot
get the screen to power on no matter what I do. 
I replaced the power psu board per suggested by several videos I watched
but the symptom was unchanged at all. [$68 mistake]
I have visually inspected all components for burned, bulging
or damages parts but all looks good.What Is your opinion?

Bryan Slagle: have backlights and replaced all boards.replaced econ once and then went out

koloasurf2012: Video is out of focus and too much moving around but the video is informative just annoying to watch with all the moving around.

Raymon Artopee: I checked and the vizio does illuminate orange when plugged in but does not illuminate white when power button is manually depressed on with remote.

Trainwreck4207: i have a p series 50 inch and it wont turn on. doesnt even click. please help

Street Guru: Mine looks perfectly fine, least to my eyes, the cord works for sure on it and there's no visible damage aside from the little burn that I did that was localized and doesn't touch anything. I wonder if it's as simple as a power on button malfunction at this point.

seaboyblue: Hello Tampatec. I have a question for you aboutmy Vizio TV. Can I get your email address please?

showtime1285: Mine just recently would not turn on one day so I unplugd it then powered on with remote n it worked fine but every day or few days I have to do the same thing n think I'm causing long term damage by unplugging n plugging back in all the time:/ any way to fix this problem or what causes it?

TheNo1Studda: I have a Vizio VW42L FHDTV10A and there are no blown capacitors anywhere and the tv will not turn on or off and the Vizio does not like up amber.

observer17: Great video, very informative.

Khaleel Ahmed: Check out this video on YouTube:

Gonzalo Martinez: I replaced both my boards for my vizio e420vl n now it turns on but flashs white for a second n goes bad to black empty screen. I need help 

Silvio E Pino: The same thing happens to mine but it's intact on the inside

Adrianne Barcenas: E47OVL I have a vizio. I was watching it then all of a sudden it turns off. It still gets power bc the word vizio is orange but it won't turn on. The vizio light won't even turn white indicating that it's on. I was told it might b the power board. What's your opinion? And how much would it cost to get it fixed? 

Versa Slappers: where do you buy this stuff like the power supply etc?

Raziel Cain: I have the same board and scorching on my power supply board, I ordered a new power supply and it still did not fix the problem. On the slave and master I had four more blown capacitors. I replaced the caps as well and still there is no power to the backlight.  Looking for your next video. Thanks.
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HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power