HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What Causes No Power

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HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power
HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power
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Malfunction Junction: got this vizio VO420E, dead, no LED light, nothing comes on, on PS/ inverter board, got turn on and 5 volts, but got no 12 volts, any idea why??

DarmaPitchBend: Great videos. You got some extra D904 Capacitors I can purchase from you? Thanks for sharing.

Brian P.: vizio vo47lfhdtv30a power supply board PLEASE CALL ME been looking for this power supply, 561-839-0152 this is the first time I've ever had trouble finding something but if you can tell me where to find it. I fix TV's and give then to families that can afford an updated one. Thanks again

K&R Pond Aquatics: Hey I just sub I have one of these tv as a project wanted to know if u could help TVs comes on but cut out living back light on then I can't turn it off about ever 5 mins the tv comes back on and cut out again. I open it but I didn't see any bad components any suggestion I know it's a old TVs but I would like to get it to work again

Quinton Mclendon: my vizio (m550vse) won't turn on, I bought another power supply and it still won't turn, could it be my main board?

peanutt brown: you are, really awesome Tampatec and thank u very much

Mike Hop: i have that same tv, and looks to be that same area burnt up. ordered new power supply. got power, screen on but pressing buttons, menu, volume. nothing shows on screen? did the power supply fix yours?

Jimmy S: I have a Vizio E320AR Just fixed it today. The problem was the tiny mosfets for the backlight circuit. The power supply would switch the 12v on for a moment then shut off and the TV looked totally dead. $10 total and China shipping took almost a month to get here. Its the parts labled APM4350 and AMP4030 on the chips.

Otaku Heaven: I don't know if you are still active, but I have a vizio smart tv. I got it from my grandfather, and the IR sensor wasn't working, so I took it apart to find the issue, and when I did, I found that the IR sensor clip broke. So I fixed it, and powered the TV on to test it, I turned it off with the remote now, everything seems fine. Now, when I place the IR sensor back in it's spot, I test again to make sure before I close it up. Now the TV won't power on. Nothing looks blown, no dark spots, and all the cords and wires are plugged in all the way, any ideas?

derrick manuel: I have a vizio E701i-A3. I recently replaced all the boards. power, main, tcomm. still doesn't work. I have back lights. when the tv is turned on. the vizio logo doesn't show on the screen nor does any other logos. this is the second go around. I initially replaced the tcomm and main and it started back working. after and hour it went out again. so I replaced all three boards and this is where I'm at now. HELP HELP PLEASE!!!

Frank Griffin: I have on that comes on but it's in like x-ray mode

Eero Laukkanen: Would that be much, much cheaper just change couple caps, and whatever needs to be changed, and clean the board?? Why spend $80 to $100 for new power supply board?? Just wondering.....=)

Thomas Gregory: I have 5v stand by, and the relay turns on, but no 12v and 1.3v on the 24v, no buldged caps, board looks good, bridge rec, is 170vdc, all doide ic's are @ 0.54 ohms, no shorted mosfets, this sucker has me baffeld, any sudgestions?

John Doe: Hi Tampatec, i've got the 3647-0072-0150 main board, the exact TV in this video. On the main board I'm missing 4v on the inverter on pin 13, the power supply to main board cable. Before i picked up the TV the person before me put in a new power supply from shopjimmy and a "good" master inverter from ebay. Where do you think i should start looking? I have 3v on pin 12. I tested the power supply, i've got 24v on inverter supply, and all 5v standby.

Monae Artistry's Hair and Makeup Blog: Where is the part 2 of this video where you fix it?

Brian Hinson: Hi, I have a Vizio M550nv HDTV that I was given.  The original symptom was, once it was plugged in, the logo would flash amber/white but the screen would not come on.
 I found a video that instructed me to do a “pc cold boot/hard reset”  by unplugging the unit, holding the power button in for 30 sec, plug it back up, and after the logo stops flashing amber/white, see if it would power on. 

It DID power on and worked just fine for about a week. [it did power off
a couple of times but I was able to repeat the above procedure at restore
Now the amber light will come on but that is all. I cannot
get the screen to power on no matter what I do. 
I replaced the power psu board per suggested by several videos I watched
but the symptom was unchanged at all. [$68 mistake]
I have visually inspected all components for burned, bulging
or damages parts but all looks good.What Is your opinion?

Bryan Slagle: have backlights and replaced all boards.replaced econ once and then went out

koloasurf2012: Video is out of focus and too much moving around but the video is informative just annoying to watch with all the moving around.

Raymon Artopee: I checked and the vizio does illuminate orange when plugged in but does not illuminate white when power button is manually depressed on with remote.

Trainwreck4207: i have a p series 50 inch and it wont turn on. doesnt even click. please help
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HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power