HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What Causes No Power

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Gary Stinten: Could someone answer my previous question please?

JohnnyDesaint: Great vid,I replaced the power board and the main board.every once in a while a blue light thats on the smaller.board thats on the left side turns on for a few seconds. .any suggestions??

Wiggy Lab: Thanks for the videos they are great. I have a Vizio E422VLE , The tv has no lights wont power on. I purchased a power supply board and installed it and still no power or lights. Before I purchase a main board, how can I check the main board to see if it is good. Can you tell me the voltage pinouts or other ways to check it ? Thanks. Main board 3642-1492-0150(4B).

cgull47: I have a vizio tv and whenever I press the power button the screen turns on for maybe a second and then powers down. I did all the obvious trouble shoots. I just replaced the power board with a brand new power board and it still has the same issue. Any ideas?

proto718: It smells like Teen Spirit. = )

CloudNineGirl: So so happy that you've learned good camera skills in your newer videos! Watching this one made me nauseous. :)

Doug Crane: yes I have a Vizio TV and you can be watching the TV I just left ghosters turn the power off and then you turn it on and then it turns back off or I could be watching it you have sound but then the sound goes away but if you rewind it and Playback me TV stations are watching the sound comes back what do you make of that?

Gary Stinten: just curious if the newer models support 240v as well.. want a newer 4k model and the don't seem to publish any information on whether or not they still allow this for newer models.

Teresa Sproles: Would this effect sound too? Mine was acting up for a couple weeks with no picture but sound at times. It would take multiple tries to get it to come on. Got up yesterday morning and nothing. Power light comes on but no picture and no sound. We have held the power button on tv to reset, unplugged power cord even over night, I disconnected the blue ray player and WII, I've held the mute button for 3 seconds, I've tried to the menu and it doesn't display. We've tried everything. Its not connected to a cable box either. I have a Vizio E500i-B1. Thanks!

Gilbert Martinez: YOU DIDN'T FIX THE TV!!!!!!

paul: Hi I have a Visio m550nv that has backlight but no boot screen . It will turn on and off with the remote . Ive watched a lot of your vidios and tested power supply board was fine in visible bad areas on any of the boards . I've tried the flashlight test. Nothing there but as i said it has backlight and powers up . Which board do you think i should replace? I removed all ribbons connections as well ,please help me make the correct decision.. thanks paul

Josh Knight: Was there ever a part 2?

Bob Gibson: My Vizio VA370M will not power up, when I turn it on, it shows the initial Vizio screen in black and white, but goes no further, is this easy to fix?

Malfunction Junction: got this vizio VO420E, dead, no LED light, nothing comes on, on PS/ inverter board, got turn on and 5 volts, but got no 12 volts, any idea why??

DarmaPitchBend: Great videos. You got some extra D904 Capacitors I can purchase from you? Thanks for sharing.

CheapGuy FishTank: Hey I just sub I have one of these tv as a project wanted to know if u could help TVs comes on but cut out living back light on then I can't turn it off about ever 5 mins the tv comes back on and cut out again. I open it but I didn't see any bad components any suggestion I know it's a old TVs but I would like to get it to work again

Hashirama Senju: my vizio (m550vse) won't turn on, I bought another power supply and it still won't turn, could it be my main board?

peanutt brown: you are, really awesome Tampatec and thank u very much

Hop Das: i have that same tv, and looks to be that same area burnt up. ordered new power supply. got power, screen on but pressing buttons, menu, volume. nothing shows on screen? did the power supply fix yours?
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HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power