HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What Causes No Power

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HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power
HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power
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Repairing my vizio tv-power problem
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Gonzalo Martinez: I replaced both my boards for my vizio e420vl n now it turns on but flashs white for a second n goes bad to black empty screen. I need help 

Silvio E Pino: The same thing happens to mine but it's intact on the inside

Adrianne Barcenas: E47OVL I have a vizio. I was watching it then all of a sudden it turns off. It still gets power bc the word vizio is orange but it won't turn on. The vizio light won't even turn white indicating that it's on. I was told it might b the power board. What's your opinion? And how much would it cost to get it fixed? 

SuperGxforce: Hmm, why not locate the short circuit and fix it there? seems cheaper...

Versa Slappers: where do you buy this stuff like the power supply etc?

Raziel Cain: I have the same board and scorching on my power supply board, I ordered a new power supply and it still did not fix the problem. On the slave and master I had four more blown capacitors. I replaced the caps as well and still there is no power to the backlight.  Looking for your next video. Thanks.

ShellacSoup: Vizio is awful

James Caballero: Tampa, i have one doubt my VIZIO M470NV powers on, light blinks amber/white then goes solid white and the V appears on the screen, but after a few minutes goes off and does the same blinking thing and repeats. For what I been seeing I believe is the POWER SUPPLY BOARD? any thoughts? as oppose to your video the tv goes un step further  (the logo appears on screen) so is still a board issue? thanks hope you can help me.

J Smith: I have a 32 in Vizio Model E211VL and it wont turn on at all. The orange light comes on and then dims down but no power. How do I fix? What should I do? thank you.

Jon Gwinner: I have a vizio e470-ao, how do I get the electrical layout diagram? need to know how the ribbon cables hook up to the main board. thanks,jon

Patty Nelligan: Hi, I love your videos, 'you' fixed my LG tv.. LOL Thank you so much. I need some more help please. LOL Vizio VF55OM wont turn on, backlight is orange, stays orange, wont shut off.. Capacitors all look good (Replaced on LG, its perfect now) This tv is bigger and has more stuff, Im THINKING maybe the board under the big one by the on of switch. I haven't any meters or 'real' equiptment, so maybe you may know where to begin?  Thank you so much :)

Forgott3n M3mori3s: Mine doesnt even have a blown cap i checked the inverter board as well, nothing is wrong! just no power

Jim Marsh: Thanks a bunch. Open the same Vizio model and found the exact same fried components. I noticed you ordered both the power supply and inverters, why?

Lynn Reedy: I have a Vizio 50" power comes on and turns itself back of within 30 seconds. Green power light is on. Would this be the same problem ?? This happened right after a power outage. It has turned itself off before like stuck in sleep mode but eventually it would stay on. Now turns on and turns itself back off. Won't stay on at all even after unplugging it. 

Bashabear37: my picture wont come on. i have sound

Dustin Kelsey: I have this same T.V. with a flickering back light issue intermittently after it warms up. Sometimes this is accompanied with some buzzing sounds. I thought it would be bad caps on the power supply, but they look good there as well as on the master and slave boards. The buzzing sounds like its coming from the slave, although it is mounted on the wall and tough to tell. My next step tomorrow is to test all the caps in all three boards with my meter. If all the caps test good, where would you move your troubleshooting efforts to?

frolfer13: i have a 55in LCD Vizio only 2 years turns on but doesnt load up just the vizio symbol on screen...if i do hard reset a few times i can get it to load up but i feel like im doin damage doin that everytime i turn it on...any suggestions?

Den Von: I wish I could get the back of my VIZIO TV off that easily, how do I get the back off the XVT373V?

House of peace: I have a Vizio that keeps shutting off. It does come back on but constantly shuts off at any given time. Please help and thanks in advance.

Mary Shrieves: I have a Vizio TV that comes on but want let me change channels or anything? the only thing that it shows on my TV screen is the Vizio logo? Please can anyone tell me what is causing this? Thanks. Mary S
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HOW TO FIX VIZIO TV - What causes no power