How To Replace A Front Hub/Wheel Bearing: 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

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LILMANlc: Bro my car has been sitting for about a year now cause motha lovas want to charge me an arm and a leg , u just boosted my encouragement cause I know how to work on cars , but the guy was like no I would just bring it too me , and crap after a year I can donate my time to changing these motha lovers I mean dropping a tranny seems harder then these , I can change the brakes also lol while I'm down here hahaha , (my wife's car) that cars a trooper tho , I thank u for the video.

BLKRAF52: Will the abs light make the traction control light come on too 

gabrielsierra83: If one is bad do I have to change just that one or both? Please help

DAN H: WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ERodnyy: Great video you've helped out alot keep the videos coming bro

Christopher Rigsbee: Dude these videos are great, thanks man :)

John C: Worked for me, thanks so much!

thisisJim85: This is exact same car I have to do this on today. Thanks.

Also, music wasn't that big of an interference. People just need to be a little more thankful that those who have this knowledge and know how share it. 

Tom Eutsler: Wish I cuda heard all he said  

Tjfreak: Listen to all of these cry babies about the music in the shop..omfg people are such whiney pussies,they are just compelled to complain about something…the info came through loud & clear..which is that what this vid is about ?

widdlwichard: hey stupid....turn off the RADIO!

ff5gus: WHAT

Jared Musial: turn the radio down you DUMBASS!!!!

Michael Mitchell: Thanks for posting this, helped out a lot.

adrian herrera: cant barely hear u cuz of the music

Nathan Jennings: Thank you, I appreciate the information you've posted here. Very helpful, got me through replacing my wheel bearing.

J Dep: Thanks for the good instructions. I was able to change a wheel bearing.

Chase Lesser: I've been told im a lil deaf, But I hear you just fine, But most important, I got the info I was looking for, Thumbs up to you, Thanks

Pkripper67: Thanks for posting, but seriously, you couldn't have turned off your radio? And for Pete's sake, wait until the air compressor is off before you keep filming.

deon rhea: Helpful video. But plz turn the music down a bit on your next video. Also, question, did you use an impact gun at any point to loosen all of those bolts because they (mine) are on super tight and they are not just coming off like in your video? But at any rate, your video is extremely helpful.
How to Replace a Front Hub/Wheel Bearing: 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix 5 out of 5

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How to Replace a Front Hub/Wheel Bearing: 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix