How To Replace Drive Belt Tensioner 2004 Toyota Camry

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Kenneth Knight: As has happened as described below, I broke off the bolt head by using improper force on the tensioner.  My bad!  Now how do I get the belt off to replace the tensioner?  Just cut the belt?

doug johnson: thank you.

Paul Hofmann: Came out just like you said. Thank you. 

blankpanel: Thank you!  This video was very helpful to me and my buddy while working on a 2001 Toyota Rav4.  Be patient.  Go slow.  Take breaks if you need to.  Otherwise, you'll end up breaking stuff.

Angel Quinones: Thank you for this video...

Edwin Momo: if you do this on a camry 2007 and up you will need to take the right side motor mount off, if not the engine is gonna vine and you will start lifting the whole car up by the oil pan which is not a good idea lol. 

Edwin Momo: do this process is the same for a camry 2007 LE 4cyl ? thank you

datchulo1085: Would jacking up the engine go access that long bolt apply to a scion tc as well? 

Олег Ключко: Thank you! Very clear and understandable.

yusuihang: Was the engine jacked up a couple of inches just to provide clearance so that the bolt from the tensioner can be pulled out?  And was the dog bone mount removed just so you could jack the engine up?  Thanks.

ThingsDemystified: What brand makes the OEM tensioner? What brand belt should I get? Thanks for the video!

ThingsDemystified: Why was the tensioner replaced? I have a sound coming from that area but I can't figure out what part is causing it. It sounds like a bad bearing. I was suspecting the alternator until I saw your video. Is there a way to find out which component has the bad bearing? I have a 2005 Camry with the 4-cylinder.

Michael Moreno: Thank you so much... This video was so for damn helpful.... Been looking four a how to I got a 09 corolla pretty much the same gave me a great outlook...

Eric Zarycki: Thanks! Great vid. I need a longer wrench for the top bolt but should be done in the AM. Greetings from Lexington.

Taxminia0311: I really like your videos, they're awsomeee

88BmyVegas Automotive: always welcome. Vegas Baby Vegas!!

C Beez: I definitely will. The more I think about it the more ticked I am that he didn't offer to replace it right then. I really don't know how he got the belt on, but I do know it took him much longer than it was supposed to (instead of 30 mins it took him about an hour and a half). Next time I'll check your videos and if I can do something myself, I will! Btw, Vegas rules!!! We go there at least once a year, it's awesome. No other city quite like it in the world for a good time.. Thanks again man!!!

88BmyVegas Automotive: I don't know how they put on the new belt since the tech broke the casted bolt. so maybe they can only do it when you need something else replaced, like the alternator. but it's better to have it replaced now. they must have pryed on something and use leverage to get the belt out. by doing that, something else can break. just have them replace it before it becomes a bigger problem in the future. thank you

C Beez: That's what I will do. The guys there are usually really cool and helpful, I think the mechanic may have just been afraid to tell his manager he broke it or something. He claimed the hydraulic piston that keeps the tension was stuck and the amount of force he had to put on it caused it to break. He was very nice about it, but never offered to replace the whole assembly. Btw, would it be possible to replace the belt with that broke? I already beat you to the subscribe, it's done! Thanks!!
How to replace drive belt tensioner 2004 Toyota Camry 5 out of 5

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How to replace drive belt tensioner 2004 Toyota Camry