How To Replace Drive Belt Tensioner Toyota Camry

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Trung Phạm: Hi could you please show the spot to put the wood and jack to lift the engine? I heard it's dangerous to put those right under the oil pan and I'm afraid to do it.

Roger C. Polanco: Would it be possible, and furthermore; would it be wise to attempt to replace only the actual bearing and not the entire tensioner ? I.e. remove bearing and try to find one that matches or inspect for identifying attributes? Thanks in advance. Also, this would allow you to save time, knuckles, hands, money, and avoid having to remove the entire tensioner.

brs “Brsrafal” rafal: when i had it done i dint see the guy takeout the engine mount 2006 base camry

Luis Barajas: My tension bolt broked off is there any other way to remove tension

Mike Jackson: awsome vid! great format. SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE. (no incessant apologies, talking and no unnecessary/unrelated background stories about last months vacation to cabul)

Keys879: For comparison folks, I had the tensioner seize and consequently had the 18/19mm head strip. I got part way into this and gave it up to the auto shop, it ran me $530.00. So take that into consideration. (new belt [~$50], new tensioner, +labor)

Frank. T: do those dampers ever leak? the shock absorber looking thing

Frank. T: what was the symptom that you needed to replace the tensioner

lee adler: Great video, it's okay to talk a little though, I would never hold it against you for producing such a helpful "How-to"

Hunter Sherman: Thanks for the great idea. We spent a solid 6 hours trying to get at it from the top, broke a ratchet and had the tensioner eventually break off. We'll try taking the wheel off and go at it from the side tomorrow.

Kevin Lucas: It's it ok to jack it up just on the oil pan?

ThechosenJuan: Does this go with a scion tc as well?

Dale N: Thought this was the one to help me but I have a 98 4cyl 2.2L Eng. I can't get the tensioner for the belt to come off, the one that pivots with spring on one end, adjustment bolt that you tighten down in end when fully adjusted per specs then the pin the whole tensioner swivels on. The part where the swivel is where I'm having issues. Do I need to remove camshaft gear and remove rear cover to get it loose from the back side or how does it come out as right now it just rocks back and forth until I can get it out to put a water pump, timing belt kit. The water pump shelled out taking the pump housing out as well so that's another part I have. I'm ready for install as soon as I get the tensioner replacement figured out. Hopefully you can help me as I've searched exhaustively on how to do this. If it involves removing the camshaft gear and rear cover behind the camshaft then I'll be bummed as I could've did that and had the job done by now. Look forward to responses.....

db30: Thank you. I could not figure out how to get the pivot bolt out of the engine block. Jacking the engine was the key. Awesome help, straight to the point and no mindless chatter. You must be an angel. Thanks again.

GERRARD9292: Hi man~I changed tensioner ,water pump, thermostat and drive belt~!~!tensioner that last bolt~ u need unscrew under engine mount 1 bolt.and then life on oil fan~(dog born as well)if u do that its very easy to remove and install.

arvell knox: is there a torque spec for those bolts?

angelisone: No audio. What, can't talk?
Lousy built car just like many Nissin/Infiniti with crappy plastic valve covers.

mark buller: Worked great. You need to jack the car take the wheel off then put it on a jack stand. Then place jack under the oil pan, take off the motor mount and then jack the engine up a few inches. That was a little unclear but the key is raising that engine. That frees up the thing. That bolt holding it on cant be taken off until you get the tensioner off no matter what you do. Thanks, very informative video, it worked for me and it wasn't a bunch of unnecessary garble. Right to the point in under five mins. I love it. Thanks.

mark buller: hmmm have it all the way to ready to take out but didn't take off the motor mount. Probably why I can't get it out.

Tanner Elmore: that adapters a lil much but hey good info much-needed.
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