How To Replace Drive Belt Tensioner Toyota Camry

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Kevin Lucas: It's it ok to jack it up just on the oil pan?

Jayy23P: Does this go with a scion tc as well?

Dale N: Thought this was the one to help me but I have a 98 4cyl 2.2L Eng. I can't get the tensioner for the belt to come off, the one that pivots with spring on one end, adjustment bolt that you tighten down in end when fully adjusted per specs then the pin the whole tensioner swivels on. The part where the swivel is where I'm having issues. Do I need to remove camshaft gear and remove rear cover to get it loose from the back side or how does it come out as right now it just rocks back and forth until I can get it out to put a water pump, timing belt kit. The water pump shelled out taking the pump housing out as well so that's another part I have. I'm ready for install as soon as I get the tensioner replacement figured out. Hopefully you can help me as I've searched exhaustively on how to do this. If it involves removing the camshaft gear and rear cover behind the camshaft then I'll be bummed as I could've did that and had the job done by now. Look forward to responses.....

db30: Thank you. I could not figure out how to get the pivot bolt out of the engine block. Jacking the engine was the key. Awesome help, straight to the point and no mindless chatter. You must be an angel. Thanks again.

GERRARD9292: Hi man~I changed tensioner ,water pump, thermostat and drive belt~!~!tensioner that last bolt~ u need unscrew under engine mount 1 bolt.and then life on oil fan~(dog born as well)if u do that its very easy to remove and install.

arvell knox: is there a torque spec for those bolts?

angelisone: No audio. What, can't talk?
Lousy built car just like many Nissin/Infiniti with crappy plastic valve covers.

mark buller: Worked great. You need to jack the car take the wheel off then put it on a jack stand. Then place jack under the oil pan, take off the motor mount and then jack the engine up a few inches. That was a little unclear but the key is raising that engine. That frees up the thing. That bolt holding it on cant be taken off until you get the tensioner off no matter what you do. Thanks, very informative video, it worked for me and it wasn't a bunch of unnecessary garble. Right to the point in under five mins. I love it. Thanks.

mark buller: hmmm have it all the way to ready to take out but didn't take off the motor mount. Probably why I can't get it out.

Tanner Elmore: that adapters a lil much but hey good info much-needed.

Matt Giannini: this video was a huge help!! thanks!

Boris Dubinsky: On 4-cylinder Highlander 2006, the long bolt can be taken out without lifting the engine. There is enough room between a fully extended bolt and the wall.
Start with removing lower nut and then as upper bolt removal progresses, move tensioner along towards the wall. Once the bolt fully unscrewed, the tensioner will drop down.
To install new tensioner, first secure long bolt with a masking tape, flash with the right wall of the tensioner. This will keep the bolt fixed in place as you navigate the tensioner assembly. Get it first aligned with the lower bolt and put a nut on, just a bit loose, to allow to wiggle the assy. Line-up the upper bolt to its intended position. Your are done after that. Put the belt back on.

Josh J: Same car e brake is sluggish

GERRARD9292: hi mate
I tried to serpentine belt off.. 19mm socket.. but it's too strong could not do it.
what can I do ? pulled all the way but..belt won't come out..

Rex Parrish: Just picked up my 02 Camry from the shop with the belt tensioner installed. Here is what I was told, there is a lower motor mount to the side of the crank pulley. The bolt on top of the mount must be removed so that when you raise the engine, the engine actually raises to allow clearance to the bolt to clear when removing and installing the belt tensioner. While this is not a must for removing the tensioner, it is an absolute must when installing the tensioner.

Rex Parrish: I appreciate your prompt response.  Like I said, your video was super and aided me immensely in removing the tensioner but going back in with the new one just didn't workout for me.  I am still pondering what I failed to do.  I keep asking myself what is it that I failed to do.  I mean I jacked the passenger side of the engine well beyond 2" and was still unable to clear the side of the engine compartment to get the bolt started.  I even considered grinding out a chunk of metal out of the side of the engine compartment to aid me but opted out for fear I would damage the AC line that runs along the engine compartment.  In any event super video, just wished you would, once again do a video on installing the new tensioner once the old one is removed.  Many thanks.

Rex Parrish: Not being able to install the new tensioner after removing the old one, is still bugging me! Do I somehow slide the new tensioner with the bolt in it? If so, how do I do this? I jacked up the engine so high on the passenger side via the oil pan, I was afraid I would brake the engine mount but luckily I didn't. Do I slide the tensioner into position without the bolt and then try to insert the bolt? I was actually thinking about cutting a chunk of metal out of the way just to aid in mounting the bolt. Any advice for next time? I had the car towed to a shop to have the new tensioner and new belt installed.

Rex Parrish: Sure would have been nice to see how you reinstalled the tensioner. Followed your video in every aspect to remove the tensioner. Which by the way worked great. I never could position the new tensioner correctly to mount it. I mean I tried and tried many times. Finally I put the tire back on and had it towed to a repair shop to have the new tensioner and new belt installed. So if you could do a video on installing the belt tensioner once the old one is removed would be a great lesson for me.

Ash qelon: Ok, my turn next.
2005 camry project.

I suspect amazon for ordering the timing belt kit or a local part store??
Any recommendations?
do you suggest the water pump replace too?
Any oil seal you think needs replacement or just the timing belt only?
Trying to gather what should be done so sorry for all the questions.
Any gaskets you suggest to get like valve cover  and plug seals if it has them.?
Looks about like the Honda accord project I did  recently.
About 4-6 hours for task??


7smr: It is much easier to remove that long bolt by removing the transverse engine mount at the bottom and jacking the engine slightly higher above that cross member to get a much better clearance ! (nice tools by the way)
How to replace drive belt tensioner Toyota Camry 5 out of 5

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How to replace drive belt tensioner Toyota Camry