How To Replace Drive Belt Tensioner Toyota Camry

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Matt Sharpe: Stuck! on the engine lifting step. I have the following removed: Torque Strut Mount, Bottom Engine Mount Bolt Nut (in the passenger wheel well) however when I jack up the engine the whole front end proceeds to lift (jack & wood block are only touching the oil pan) enough that the jack stand on the same side of the car becomes "free". I also tried removing an additional mount nut located in the front of the engine bay. This allowed the engine to rotate but still didn't lift up enough to reach the tensioner bolt. Any thoughts? When I imagined the engine lifting I would have thought the mounting bracket in the wheel well would have "slid" up the bolt with the engine however it looks like it never becomes free from the rubber portion below. Could this be frozen together preventing the engine from lifting up?

captainphoenix: Stripped the hell out of the upper 14mm bolt that connects the tensioner to the block. CANNOT get at it (upper engine mount removed; engine mount bracket removed; alternator removed; water pump removed; lower strut on tensioner completely removed; no serpentine). Tried drowning in PB for days, tried blasting with heat. Tried drilling through it and putting a bolt through the side of the head (can't get drill to fit). My only thought at this point is find someone with a portable welder to weld a six point socket to the bolt. Seriously, this thing WILL NOT break loose. At this point I'd be OK with just breaking the damned bolt head. I would genuinely pay dearly through Paypal to anyone who can come up with an idea that doesn't involve welding or removing the whole damned engine. PLEASE HELP.

Keith Campbell: Great video need to emphasize ! Undoing bottom motor mount is just flashes on the screen with words and really emphasize putting even pressure on the 19 mm tension release bolt because I broke mine off!!!! I put too much pressure on it and broke the tension-er....

Guitarz: You're video is excellent, best I've seen on any subject! Very clear and understandable and I don't need to hear you talk. You explain everything very clearly with the notes on screen. I also don't think doing an installation video is necessary because just doing everything in reverse is the obvious answer to how to install it. This is not an easy job so there will no doubt be some complications, but watching your video several times should clear up any issues that could arise. Thanks!!

M Ridware: Why are you changing this ? How we will know this tensioner is bad ?

Jeremy Anthony: did you see my coment/ question yesterday? is the tensioner leaking on that car?

Jeremy Anthony: I just had my 2004 Camry with 190k on it at the Toyota dealer for service today, and they said the tensioner was leaking on it. is that what was wrong with this one?

Mark A.: So how was the engine able to be jacked up when you still had the lower motor mount bolted up? I have seen a few comments saying the top bolt on the lower engine mount needs to be removed as well. I am working on a 2002 Camry as we speak and that is my opinion as well from looking at it. I'll post an update when I get done.

Master Chief 00117: Faster to just remove the fly wheel. It just drops out the bottom... With the bolt still in it. I did one in just 30 mins ago....

Roberto Pallanes: Just changed mine thanks to your video. It really was a pain getting the part out then in, had to take a step back to gather myself and eventually got it. Thx, keep up the good work.

Alva Ford: Does 2002 toyota camry make noise when tension and serpentine belt need to be replaced?

Daniel Howard: Thank you

iluvbogs: What was the purpose of jacking the car up under the oil pan?

thomas Park: This video was so helpful. Thanks for the trick of lifting engine and tilting bolt to get it out. I also discovered bad upper motor mount thanks to your advise!

nyeguitarist: the 14mm will not come out of my tensioner! so sad

Jacob Bowerman: how the BLANK did you brake that bolt loose with one hand!!!!!! I'm pretty strong yet trying to get that bolt out I've stripped it! wth?!?!? the head bolts come out way easier yet that stupid bolt is fused to the dame thing! any ideas?!?!?

nathan morris: i no my 08 camry v6 has a different tensioner on it than a 4cykinder do i do this same process looks like i need to take off more bolts

SD Zoom: How many miles are people getting out of their tensioners?
I have 155k on mine, I get a squeak on cold mornings but I'm not sure if it's the belt or tensioner. It goes away within minutes.

SD Zoom: David, you mention "3/8" stubby t50 torx bit from Half Cut tools(it is only 1" long)"....where can I find that store?

David Grow: Good video. I replaced only the pulley bearings. By removing the belt as shown, then using a 3/8" stubby t50 torx bit from Half Cut tools(it is only 1" long) and a 3/8" breaker bar the pulley bolt on the tensioner can be broken loose. Use the 3/8" size, there is not enough room for a 1/2" drive. Remove the pulley and replace the bearings(2 ea premium 6203 RS on eBay for <$10). If you do not have a press any machine shop will do it. Toyota wanted >$400 for a new tensioner.
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