SIG Sauer P290 Complete Review (9mm Pocket Pistol)

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grady jr: Now you can do a video on the (new & improved) p290RS. Would get rid of that first gen. piece of crap.

sailor123ize: My favorite CCW but I have had the mag come loose while carrying because of the extended slide stop. Called Sig and no solution, even after they corrected the problem with the new re strike model.

Pimpy SR: Does it have a roll pin you need to remove to detail strip the slide/remove the firing pin like the P250?


Jeezus. SO many  ums and so shakey. Come on...

Adam Rickett: 4:52-- never release the slide with the slide lock.

Manuel García Castaños: Carrying a firearm for self-defense isn't a bad idea after all!...

1colt451: I ahm when  ahm and ahm and ahm  try to lose this bad habit PLEASE

Ammo Man: use the smoothing video tool on youtube to correct the shakyness of this vid

k luper: The Gun shoot Great! even with the long pull Trigger
I like my rs

Sam Muchia: I just order the newer second edition sig p290. From what I have found, the issues with the first edition have been fixed with the introduction of the new one . I be interested in a vid on the new edition.

Instramark: Thanks for the review. I would elect not to buy this weapon based on your review. What do you think of the new Beretta pocket nines?

devan campbell: do you guys have any more pocket pistols you can do reviews on?! good vid!

GL-wpb: Nice vid. P290 is Sig's mistake. Horrible takedown, even with very strong hands.

Todd J.: Laser is easy to find. and it is a very good gun.

*Atimatik Army*: Good review, you guys fulfilled everything I needed to know about it, so thank you. (And from what I could see, I would most likely also agree with your opinions of it) You got a new subscriber.

JA C: I have had nothing but success with the Sig p290 rs using 115 & 124 jhp, fjp from various manufacturers.

Manic Poet: Damn, brutal to take down. I LOVE!! Sigs, and all my sigs even the .22 is beyond simple to take down (even simplier than glocks)

Bad Raccoon: Decent review but the complaining got on my nerves a bit. I know it hurt your hands and all but this is a small weapon meant to be a backup or for people with very small hands. Also, breakdown, while more difficult than regular hanguns, was not the bitch I was expecting it to be. Definitely not what yall describe. Either way, bitch or not, breakdown is not something you should be overly concerned with in a combat oriented situation. I worry more about reliability, recoil, mag cap and accuracy.

MrFreefonix: this channel is awesome you guys need to upload more videos your videos are better than some other channels ive seen that have millions of subs

runnerpsu: Nice review. I've been considering purchasing this particular gun so your review was very helpful
SIG Sauer P290 Complete Review (9mm Pocket Pistol) 5 out of 5

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SIG Sauer P290 Complete Review (9mm Pocket Pistol)