SIG Sauer P290 Complete Review (9mm Pocket Pistol)

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Sig P 290 Should I Buy !!
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Pimpy SR: Does it have a roll pin you need to remove to detail strip the slide/remove the firing pin like the P250?


Jeezus. SO many  ums and so shakey. Come on...

Adam Rickett: 4:52-- never release the slide with the slide lock.

Manuel García Castaños: Carrying a firearm for self-defense isn't a bad idea after all!...

1colt451: I ahm when  ahm and ahm and ahm  try to lose this bad habit PLEASE

Ammo Man: use the smoothing video tool on youtube to correct the shakyness of this vid

k luper: The Gun shoot Great! even with the long pull Trigger
I like my rs

Sam Muchia: I just order the newer second edition sig p290. From what I have found, the issues with the first edition have been fixed with the introduction of the new one . I be interested in a vid on the new edition.

Instramark: Thanks for the review. I would elect not to buy this weapon based on your review. What do you think of the new Beretta pocket nines?

devan campbell: do you guys have any more pocket pistols you can do reviews on?! good vid!

GL-wpb: Nice vid. P290 is Sig's mistake. Horrible takedown, even with very strong hands.

Todd J.: Laser is easy to find. and it is a very good gun. 

Atimatik Army: Good review, you guys fulfilled everything I needed to know about it, so thank you. (And from what I could see, I would most likely also agree with your opinions of it) You got a new subscriber.

JA C: I have had nothing but success with the Sig p290 rs using 115 & 124 jhp, fjp from various manufacturers.

Manic Poet: Damn, brutal to take down. I LOVE!! Sigs, and all my sigs even the .22 is beyond simple to take down (even simplier than glocks)

Masked Raccoon: Decent review but the complaining got on my nerves a bit. I know it hurt your hands and all but this is a small weapon meant to be a backup or for people with very small hands. Also, breakdown, while more difficult than regular hanguns, was not the bitch I was expecting it to be. Definitely not what yall describe. Either way, bitch or not, breakdown is not something you should be overly concerned with in a combat oriented situation. I worry more about reliability, recoil, mag cap and accuracy.

MrFreefonix: this channel is awesome you guys need to upload more videos your videos are better than some other channels ive seen that have millions of subs

runnerpsu: Nice review. I've been considering purchasing this particular gun so your review was very helpful

DoomsdayBrothers: What up stari! We'll get some shorter videos up soon so it's not such an investment to watch.

colbypark1: You guys are crazy, can't wait to see how this channel ends up. I subscribed!
SIG Sauer P290 Complete Review (9mm Pocket Pistol) 5 out of 5

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SIG Sauer P290 Complete Review (9mm Pocket Pistol)