Multifunction Workbench MFTC

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Multifunction workbench MFTC
Multifunction workbench MFTC
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Festool MFT/3 Portable Workbench - Setup and Applications
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Build of the MFTC workbench
Build of the MFTC workbench

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Bernardo Pina: Dude... Just continue to build this great stuff you are building. And thanks for selling plans. I have very few space in my house, and having something mobile like that will probably work best for me. Already bought the pack with all plans, and if you continue do make so great stuff, I'll continue to build them and buy the plans from you. Thanks a lot.

Rob Wolfbrandt: Have you heard back from folks making these to have a feel for how long it's taking guys to build?  I'm wondering how much time it might take me.  Thanks.

Stephan Szymanski: Music is superb companion . Great job!

Walker Kellogg: Outstanding.

jp k: By far the best one I’ve seen on youtube

Yamashi1983 Thib: Incredible i'm from France you are the King of Festool 😀

M Gliddon: Being a kitchen fitter this has to be the best home made portable bench system I've seen. I will now be buying a set of plans

Jean-Valéry Thoraval: modular, mobile and multifunctional !!! great job, congrats!

Морфеус Навуходоносорский: Are you from Belgistan?

Marcellius Tiongco: I wanna re-build my workbench

johncocktosensen: bad. ass.

Jason Kershaw: That is really well thought out. Great job! I want

Jason B: Really nice setup is that you design and did you make it or is that a festool product

Jesse Griggs: Fantastic! How stable is the bench? I do a bit of hand planing as well as power tool use. The only festool I have is the track saw TS55 which I love. I have a small shop and am looking to replace my current (first try) work bench and this could be just the thing.

classic287: I have pics of MFTC on Twitter. Jan@classic287

classic287: I finally finished my MFTC

Randy DWB: Do these plans come in English?? Or in mm

Welsh Rabbit: Ah, Leonidas Chocolate, Hercule Poirot, and Timothy Wilmots -- some of the great things which come from Belgium.

Evelinda Garces: Amazing, to all the time you spent on it, taking you to the finished product.  Wish I could afford to buy the  festool brand tools I would so totally pay for the plans for this table even for a portable station for other tools. Thank you for your dedication and very impressive video

Sumo's Projects: Bullcrap over a million views, how ?
Multifunction workbench MFTC 5 out of 5

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Multifunction workbench MFTC