Multifunction Workbench MFTC

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Multifunction workbench MFTC
Multifunction workbench MFTC
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Festool MFT3 Multifunction Table Review
Festool MFT/3 Portable Workbench - Setup and Applications
Festool MFT/3 Portable Workbench - Setup and Applications
Build of the MFTC workbench
Build of the MFTC workbench
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Festool MFT 3 Work Bench: Tom Gensmer review

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Stephan Szymanski: Music is superb companion . Great job!

Walker Kellogg: Outstanding.

jp k: By far the best one I’ve seen on youtube

Yamashi1983 Thib: Incredible i'm from France you are the King of Festool 😀

M Gliddon: Being a kitchen fitter this has to be the best home made portable bench system I've seen. I will now be buying a set of plans

Jean-Valéry Thoraval: modular, mobile and multifunctional !!! great job, congrats!

Морфеус Навуходоносорский: Are you from Belgistan?

Marcellius Tiongco: I wanna re-build my workbench

johncocktosensen: bad. ass.

Jason Kershaw: That is really well thought out. Great job! I want

Jason B: Really nice setup is that you design and did you make it or is that a festool product

Jesse Griggs: Fantastic! How stable is the bench? I do a bit of hand planing as well as power tool use. The only festool I have is the track saw TS55 which I love. I have a small shop and am looking to replace my current (first try) work bench and this could be just the thing.

classic287: I have pics of MFTC on Twitter. Jan@classic287

classic287: I finally finished my MFTC

Randy DWB: Do these plans come in English?? Or in mm

Welsh Rabbit: Ah, Leonidas Chocolate, Hercule Poirot, and Timothy Wilmots -- some of the great things which come from Belgium.

Evelinda Garces: Amazing, to all the time you spent on it, taking you to the finished product.  Wish I could afford to buy the  festool brand tools I would so totally pay for the plans for this table even for a portable station for other tools. Thank you for your dedication and very impressive video

Sumo's Projects: Bullcrap over a million views, how ?

Reesey Wozniak: [small print]

JavTheJackal: Have you seen this? Seems like a knockout version of your workbench....?
Multifunction workbench MFTC 5 out of 5

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Multifunction workbench MFTC