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Maketoys Giant vs TFC Hercules Part 7: Devastator
Maketoys Giant vs TFC Hercules Part 7: Devastator
TFC Toys Hercules vs. Maketoys Giant
TFC Toys Hercules vs. Maketoys Giant
MAKETOYS and TFC TOYS DEVASTATOR Giant vs Hercules Reloaded!
MAKETOYS and TFC TOYS DEVASTATOR Giant vs Hercules Reloaded!
Toy Review: Comparison of MakeToys Giant. MakeToys Giant Type61. and TFC Toys' Rage of Hercules
Toy Review: Comparison of MakeToys Giant. MakeToys Giant Type61. and TFC Toys' Rage of Hercules

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Predaking101: Which I did, & I love it.

ToaAntan: If you collect masterpiece figures and you want a Devastator to display with them get Hercules, anything else, get Giant.

Dave Jones: I hear ya. Have the same dilemma as well. lol! Hasbro's gonna have to step up it's game though. 3rd party quite popular now and in my opinion, is the only way to go for G1-est figures, on some favorites.

Dave Jones: Good burn dude! You have my thumbs up!!

Dave Jones: Actually I did saw Green color contruction vehicles running around. Not even kidding.

Dave Jones: Cheers Mate! Got my Herc too for atleast 380 Dollars. And the good part was, it wasn't on sale. The seller was kind enough to give me a huge discount. lol

Dave Jones: wooh now butt glory! lol

Christian: why can no company make a decent long haul!?

Christian: why can no company make a decent devastator?!

damagecontrol54: K. I bought both. Here's my opinion. Tfc's deva is amazing a Gestalt, but as figures goes they do suck because they are just too blocky. Also I would like to add the price. It was a bit pricey especially with shipping added to the price. Maketoys version is amazing in both forms- figures and Gestalt. I know people are going to hate me for this but I love the piss yellow colors. Reason being is because the figures are with the times. Ever seen green construction yellow vehicles running around?

Predaking101: See folks affordability, quality, & of course presentation means a great deal in this arena for sure. Those things can either make or break your product in the market, but sadly now those don't always matter. For ex....The Fall Of Cybertron Bruticus looks like a pile of caca thrown together, but yet mindless drones of fans who don't know any better will still buy it, thus the commitment by Hasbro too continue making lame to crapy products for its real fan base. Demographics are a trip sometimes

Predaking101: I like both, but TFC's Hercules wins out over MakeToys ver hands down, as TFC's just looks more accurate & not too mention BOSS aesthetically. Hercul....ahh f it, Devastator without a doubt stands a Titan in the TFC interpretation of this classic warrior. See boys & girls contrary to a few GEEWUN AKKURACY (laughing) is very important, especially if you're a hardcore G1 fan. The best thing MakeToys did with there ver was make him affordable. Love both, but if I had a choice I'd take Hercules.

crapstirrer: Going with Maketoy's Giant. I just don't like Herc. All the robots of Hercules look like they're made of cubes. Cubes for shoulders, cubes for heads, cubes for torsos, cubes for legs. Transform them and there still are lots of cubes in their construction. Merge them into Herc and the arms and legs are just blocks. I'm not spending an extra $300+ for something I think is ugly.

allenwalker1123: actually, i think dump truck is the best one of the 4 released. the arm guys combining joint n design is the thing i reli can't accept, even greater than the head-box thing on crane. it's just like 2 vehicles randomly attached to a big bot for not apparent reason, n doesn't look like is a part of Giant the guy itself. if i do get both, i'll use Herc. as decepticon devastator, while use Giant as autobot constructicon team since Herc's big n strong look do look more like a bad guy character. =]

allenwalker1123: tht's true, and is y i may purchase Giant if the price become lower later. the reasons i get a Herc. for my 1st 3rd party devas. is firstly, the price. though G's set have a bit more realistic alt modes than H's, the price in asia is actually not the big difference. secondly, i do like H's transformation n combination design than G after a few yrs time for playin Hasbro's "perfect transformation designs". the looks reli aren't tht big deal. it's the "plugin transforming design which bugs me most

Vic Sanded: Yeah I admit the chest thing does bug me. And as for the head/foot thing, well that's just an issue with one figure, it's not that bad. Besides they all look more like real life vehicles than the TFC combiners overall.

allenwalker1123: it's mainly for the alt modes. in some pics released earlier, u see giant's chest plate fold up n stored in the back of the dump truck, but if it was taken out, there will be a big gap which looks a bit weird n kinda make it look nothin like a dump truck in some angles. crane has the weird box-like thingy beside the cab, which actually is giant's head. this box thing become a enormous foot, which doesn't look like a foot in bot mode. seems failed for hidin most heads in most bots in the set.

Vic Sanded: What problems? Y'know, beyond the stuff that was obvious. Sorry but no one here in the states has them yet, so if you're referring to QC issues we haven't heard squat. Also I personally think the Giant's individual bots are just plain better (light-piping notwithstanding) as they are way more pose-able and have more badass sharp angles to them. I also find the Hercules to be somewhat lanky looking as opposed to the cool stylized look Giant shares with the Crossfire sets.

allenwalker1123: wut u pay is wut u get. not sayin Giant is bad, but as least not in scale, while have a bot in size with FPJ's bruticus, have u ever seen a construction vehicle or a helicopter/ tank(bruticus set) is the same size as a jeep or a sports car? also, with now set B is released, seems quite some probs with the alt modes for the crane and dump truck.

allenwalker1123: have you ever seen a construction vehicle is the same size as a sports car? =]
MAKETOYS and TFC TOYS DEVASTATOR Giant vs Hercules 5 out of 5

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