How To Build A Bitcoin/litecoin Mining Rig $960 1350 Hash

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how to build a Bitcoin/litecoin mining rig $960 1350 hash
how to build a Bitcoin/litecoin mining rig $960 1350 hash
Bitcoin Mining   Bitcoin Mining Rig & Pool - Video
Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin Mining Rig & Pool - Video
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Scammed out of 350 bitcoins worth $36000

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DannysCam: im in a pool because it might take me 3 months to find a block of 50 coins this way i get paid daily

DannysCam: i have mine in the bottom of a barn it gets hot

DannysCam: i took a VGA plug and put ressistor in it to make it think a screen is plug in

Mikolajja: 7950's are the way to go, they offer best $/hash/watt ratio... plus the gigabyte windforce version has heatsinks which are PERFECT for cooling.... I also managed to grab 2 refurbished 5970's from ebay, they are looking quite promising

DannysCam: good idea

DannysCam: not yet

MrElwanshow: Hello Sir How Many Hash you get if you mine in bitcoin ??

Mr HamsterBacke: How many RAM you have used?

brett mate: I mean moths

Howard Bell: Wasn't being critical, just thinking out loud as i'm building a rig myself and would far prefer to tuck away in 4U units. Suspect i'll need to boost the thermal dispersion somehow though, and that all adds to costs. There's one guy builds these using milk crates and big house fans, cheap an effective.

Jhonathan Howard Falcutela: are you using those ring to mine individually or joined a miner pool? what is mostly much advantage of the two. :)

dimitry1122: hey danny i send you a pm can you reply on it and pm me back

DannysCam: 5gh is about 300 bucks a month so like 10 bucks aday

DannysCam: i built another rig and im working on a 3rd its kind of hit and miss you get in a bad pool and you loose money im in a good pool now so far i have made about 150 bucks i would have made more but i had to sell my lite coin for cheap because the price dropped

DannysCam: you sir don't understand bitcoin mining at all... im now building rigs using a semperon and i have no problems

Mr HamsterBacke: Is a Linux Distribution like Debian better than Windows?

DannysCam: tell me more?

kit hock: i have a gtx 770 and it mines 112mghash. wtf. i don't understand. im using guiminer but im a noob so i don't know how to set up CUDA miner

justafatman7: Danny I would look into ASCI rigs for bitcoin minign only. about $280 will git you about 5000 MH or 5 GH. thats really cheep! and it will use really low electricity

DannysCam: i switched back to bitcoin right now its worth more i get less hashes for what ever reason when i mine bitcoin

DannysCam: will do

Kevin J: VGA diodes? I have several rigs running (24/7 for several months) with no diodes and have never had one shut itself off. I'm running Windows 7 with cgminer 3.1.0.

Shane Johnston: That build has its flaws, ideally you could also get pcie x16 risers to space out your cards that are on the mobo. It is also good to note that scrypt (litecoin) mining demands more from your graphics cards, therefore pulling more wattage though your mobo. I would have 2 of the 3 cards on powered risers, especially the x1 riser. If u over look the power draw though your mobo, you may end up burning up the mobo, or burning up the 24 pin plug. Cheers

produKtNZ: Just fyi and all that, you shouldn't touch the processor die and transfer your natural skin oils onto it :) It will somewhat shorten it's lifespan due to minute hotspots where the oil is, but thats a moot point anyway as it would have long devalued past $0 by then :)

Mikolajja: they are acting as independent computing units, cpu does very little in this case

Frag Atron: I would underclock your ram on the cards for heat purposes since ram is not needed to mine. Also I would also get a pci express extender and get one more card on the top rail for more heat dissipation.

DannysCam: stop with the GPU based rigs look into asicminer block erupters they cost 30 bucks each and 20 of them do 6.6ghz about 170 a month but 20 will cost you about 600 bucks and plus 2 60 dollar hubs so about 720/ the butterfly labs never ships

dimitry1122: thanks i was looking for an extra card i now mine with a 6770 but its terrible at overclocking and underclocking

DannysCam: btc.e seems to be good but theres website where you can spent these like money and theres no trading fees

byron hagewood: you will get more hash and lower temp os you can overclock more

DannysCam: yeah its easy but its better to buy things with bitcoins less of a paper trail

Sitis4Ever: what Litecoin pool and miner are you using?

DannysCam: i know man its my dream to quit my crappy job and i just mine every day lol

DannysCam: and then i would never get it after i ordered it...

DannysCam: well with this build should get you between 200 and 175 a month bitminter pool is about the best it comes with the bitminter program but they pool fees are 1.5%

DannysCam: yep

Mikolajja: your chipset probably overheated, that happens on the cheap ones, theres not alot of space/poorly managed space and they drop that thing next to the pci lane. It normally only has a heatsink which does the opposite of cooling that thing in this case. I had the same issue on my miner, my suggestion is grab pci extender cables (as many as you can) and raise/space em all out from the motherboard. this will drastically prolong their lifespan

DannysCam: yeah true that they allways move the difficulty up i switch back to bitcoins

RaccoonPete: I am thinking of getting a setup similar to yours. Have you had any problems with heat?

Mikolajja: this is not the most efficient for pricing... 1400$ gets you 2400m/hash

MEEKR1T: Nvidia cards are not ideal for mining. Are you sure you are mining at 112 MHash? Also, I suggest that you try and find a more profitable coin on coinchoose(.) com.

DannysCam: maybe you wired them wrong? i have been setting agression rather low to keep my rig from running hot while im at work

Rowan A. Salter: Excellent does it toast bread too. LeaseBit state of the art for $159.00 why punish yourself?

Vladimir Nachev: simplevoodoo22 at gmail :)

DannysCam: i would like to know more? are you talking about the 7970s?

Burstfir3: He'll get around 4 coins I believe

ragulz2011: any one plz donate bitcoins to get start 16QWu1XAK6qy62pscmK461V9BHqrJkw5df

MrCinimod93 .: oh ok 10 or 15 years ago it was all white if its for 30 amp and has a extra red wire its 10/3 the new 10/2 or 10/3 is orange it would be grate if its 10 gage over sized is better than under sized and perfectly fine i would still make sure the plug is rated for 20 amp in a situation like you could have with multiple 5 amp machines just to be safe the 89 cent plugs are only rated for 15 amp it says on the back anyway keep up the great vids

TheWindGinProject: Thanks for the video. What do think about mining now that you have your system online?

xTheRev0lution: How much bitcoin can u mine in a day?
how to build a Bitcoin/litecoin mining rig $960 1350 hash 4.8 out of 5

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how to build a Bitcoin/litecoin mining rig $960 1350 hash