How To Repair A LIPO Battery At Your Own Risk.

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How to repair a LIPO battery at your own risk.
How to repair a LIPO battery at your own risk.
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How to recharge a fully flat lipo (lithium polymer) battery
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melanie crock: You can save a lot of money and bring your old batteries back to life and re-use them (instead of buying new overpriced batteries) with a simple new method [Check Details Here==> ].

Marc Henry: A lot of people think battery reconditioning is hard however I think I know it's incredibly simple. I have done it hundreds of time before, in fact it's what I do for a living [Check Details Here==> ]. Anybody can recondition batteries, you just need to know the techniques.

mandar gole: Can you please please make a video for soldering connectors to a single cell Lipo which doesn't have any connectors while buying it from hobbyking/hobby shop?

Kanari Mentos: hi thanks for the video i do have question i do have quad copter  with battery  350mah with wall power when i  ido have other battery  from store it puff or burn why   but the same but different company  and what does battery hase protect thanks

Alex Pozgaj: I have two brand new zippys, never been in the air, which both seem to have the same problem - I'll try to repair them now, thanks for the great and informative video, I really learnt something new!

halleffect1: $60, wow.  that's a $10 battery now.  lucky for us RC guys the prices went way down.

Jason B: Brian, I love your videos and fly RC as well. I made the switch from Deans to Anderson PowerPole connectors. I learned about these from Ham Radio and knew they would work in RC as well. They are easy to connect and are also easy to connect and disconnect when your in the field. Keep up the great videos!

71waynee: good job man

briansmobile1: Learning moments happen. When this was done I was still on my first real RC heli. (blade 400)

Daveys FPV Adventures: You've done this twice?? Keep away from the soldering iron! lol :D

MrFenny792000: Thanks alot, I saved my new lipo!

Peter Nguyen: Well I avoid the problem all together by not cutting off both wires at the same time. I cut the negative, then solder on the new plug. Only after it was done and heat shrunk would i solder the second one.

Kevys Rc & Music: slick man well done ill have to keep this nugget locked in my brain for the future

briansmobile1: That's what I said... lol

briansmobile1: lol I'm kind of into everything!

playstation2bigs: i'm searching at youtube "disassembly infolithium battery" and to my surprise you show up!! and i laugh so hard

808chileboys: The same thing happened to me I tried searching for info on the Internet and nothing. What happened to me I was changing plugs and shorten and saw a little spark and I plugged my voltage reading and was readin as a 2cell so I saw the blue cable had a little solder. If it wasn't for your video I would of have put a nail thru my lipo

Kotuku Reedy: Im gunna give this a go right now the same thing happened to me but the spring kind of metal on the end of my deans charge connecter bent when i was plugging it in and shorted out the lipo

covercalls88: To help avoid problem while soldering a new plug especially on a T-Plug. I would strip one wire put a shrink tube on the wire, solder the wire, and cover with the shrink tube before soldering the next wire. From experience when soldering a new connector, never have more than one wire exposed at a time. I did manage to short a battery years ago when I had two wires exposed. Lesson learned for me.

covercalls88: The balance lead could be bad. There are actually two places you can test for voltage on the lead. One is where you will normally plug it in and another where it locks the pin in. I would not worry too much about the voltage at the balancing plug except when charging using the plug. What is critical is the voltage at the main plug.
How to repair a LIPO battery at your own risk. 5 out of 5

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How to repair a LIPO battery at your own risk.