DIY Shed - Part 4a - Roof Framing

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SkilledEddie: It's not a ridge beam it's a ridge board there is a difference. A ridge board simply gives you something to nail the rafters to. A ridge beam is a load bearing support for the rafters in situations like cathedral ceilings.

Tgif Dad: what kind of glue did you use on the rafters I have the same problem

john smith: next time build your floor then build the roof on the floor mark it then take roof down build walls then reassemble your roof much more easy when working on your own, nice job by the way

fullstrutn: your double stacked 2x4's that suppoert the ridge beam or main central beam should have studs directly under them

volvosan: to begin with, the rafters should always be identical for this type of structure. try to use a size rafter that allows a full 3 1/2" birdsmouth, a ridgeboard is not really a structural member - it simply provides something to attach rafters to, vs. each other, 1x lumber is acceptable for what you were building. Housewrap seems a waste of time & money, rafter dimensions not difficult to calculate - such charts are readily available also. Want to frame & build - watch the Larry Haun videos, which are without an equal. Gotta commend your ingenuity & work ethic. Bravo.

rhi gel: Why do individuals, who produce these "how to do" videos, seem to made so many mistakes. I rather watch a person, who knows what he is doing. This guy laid the raft lengths too long, so he had to correct the other side. He says he learned something. I don't think he did.

killa bees: and also i cant see in the vide but what type of header do u have over the doorto support the piece holding the ridge ? looks good tho nice job man

killa bees: dude u shouldve put ur fascia alittle lower from the top of ur rafters probably about3/8 of an inch for the plywood to sit nicely on both the rafters and the fascia. but u probably realized that when u were sheating . and also u should put collar ties on ur rafters

spiloFTW: you can just put the rafter on the edge of your wall and ridge beam secure it and make a line using a scrap piece that you press agains the outside of the wall and ridge, and than just use a squear to fisnish the mark

JetMechMA: Look  as we look across the installed rafters, look how flat they are. That's a great looking roof. They don't all look that good.

JetMechMA: For making those multiple cuts, I made a template and matched it to each rafter. But FIRST....I tested the template at each position on the ridge beam. I did a good job of getting the ridge beam temp installed plumb and square so my template found no problems. The rest was a snap. But I found that as I installed a rafter it tended to push the ridge beam out of align, so I only started the rafter and then put it's twin in place before final nailing each of them.

JetMechMA: Somebody said it is overbuilt....that's exactly the way I built my shed. I guess I wished my house was built that good, so I took out my frustrations on my shed. In a perfect world I would have built my house my own dang self...and done it twice as good as the blankety blank contractor. This is the world we live in.

Don Wilson: Just think about all you have learned on this project so far. Great job!

Robert Patton: Next time buy a $5 angle finder run a 2x over ur ridge at the angle u want and put ur finder on it and woola ur angle is there in degree. Great job im just a fast cheater but u got to be man to make money nothing but ass and elbows where I been for 15 years

Robert Patton: This kid is gonna a master carpenter in no time !! Nice job I've been framing for 15 years and im a pro master carpenter and you did a great job for all the haters watching the vid!!

siannopollo: I sealed it up with caulk, but that used up two large tubes and took a painfully long amount of time. I really hope someone else has a better method for dealing with that, too.

Joe B: how does one account for the gap in the sheathing between the top of the wall sheathing and the top of the rafters where the roof sheathing goes? That little space over the wall that peeks into the structure. What's the best way to deal with that?

Ryan Fowler: Pretty over built..... Could have saved a lot of money in materials if you built it to be a shed... Built better than most houses are,

siannopollo: It worked out to be ok like that. The sheathing on the roof sat right up against it so it wasn't in the way.
DIY Shed - Part 4a - Roof Framing 5 out of 5

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DIY Shed - Part 4a - Roof Framing