Spyderco Dragonfly II ZDP-189

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Robert Mata: had one in purple the wife saw it that's the last I saw it she uses it at work I agree perfect EDC

jetdr: I love ZDP and Elmax steel. I have a Wilson Combat RRX with Elmax, one of the best built knives I own. My daily carry is this Dragonfly.

olmmedic: Totally agree brother. Best knife around. 

Rich Theisen: What do you use to sharpen ZDP? I hear its hard to sharpen compared to VG-10 

William Kayal: the Dragonfly 2 is a very nice small EDC knife. I will add one soon. Check out the Spyderco Sage for a perfect EDC knife. 

Crixus The Gaul: its not peeerfect... those FRN knives definitely aren't very tough, now days many people are really crazy about "hard use" I don't care about hard use but that is the new thing.

Anthony Sculimbrene: Better is a hard thing to judge because it is task dependent. That said ZDP is harder than those steels, has a higher carbon content and has more chromium. 

csf survival: are you sure it's the best steel?  I have not tryed it but I think s30v, 154cm, d2, and elmax are all better

ayokay123: ZDP-189 vs VG10 is a tough call. They're both great blade steels, but while the zdp-189 will hold an edge longer, the VG10 will withstand more lateral force. Hard decision to make.

Paul Dragosljvich: Go away, Cold Steel fan boys.

EverydayCommentary: MUCH harder. Takes a sharper angle too. Can chip a little and is sometimes prone to tarnish, but I haven't had either happen yet.

shannonandsheila1: cold turd knives aint woth the wear and tear on a sharpening stone

FCM415: Just like Lynn Thompson, CS guys must insist on the durability of their knives and hacksaw it on video to show just how strong it is. Cool. Why not upgrade to a better bladesteel to be all superior while we are at it. My collection will still consist of more than just Cold Steel. I do not see any of my knives failing because of a lock failing. You can go on about superiority though, have fun.

FCM415: The mini tuff lite? Love that knife. I take mine to work often. Look, all Im saying is, Spyderco along with other brands know how to make a good folding knife. Cold steel isnt the be all end all even with the triad lock which is their ace card. Like I said, I havent had any Spyderco locks fail on me and I was responding to a comment here saying that Their locks are weak. If youre gonna use a knife for its intended purposes, it shouldnt break on you EVER.

DrWmPierceAudio: Cold steel makes 2 inch utility edc folder with triad lock. And the triad lock is not just stronger, its more durable. It will last longer with normal use, hard use, easy use, whatever. Therefore it is superior in every way. All knives are designed to cut and slice, but the cold steel cuts and slices, and is also stronger, and therefore superior.

FCM415: Cold Steels are nice also.Who hasn't seen those videos they put out where they jackhammer their little 4 ounce folders to show you how strong they are.But if you are going to suggest a Cold Steel over a 2 inch utility edc folder because the lock is "weak", then I'd have to disagree.It is plenty strong for everyday tasks a two inch pocket knife is meant for.I carry it along with a bigger folder like a BM 710.Although not as strong as a triad lock,I don't need it to be.I got fixed blades for that.

FCM415: Have you stopped dildoing your own ass in pulic,or do you still bend over and expose yourself on occasion?The freak are you talking about ya daft cunt.Petty crap aside, yeah fixed blade knives are the way to go for hard use tasks.Not everyone batons wood and does spine whacks to test a lock on a folder. I use my folders to cut and slice, which the dragonfly is deigned for. I own axis, liner, frame, and backlocks and have not had any fail on me in use.They can last a lifetime if you're not stupid.

tallswede80: Have you stopped jerking off in public, or are you still getting thrown in prison for exposing yourself? straw dummy, false dichotomy. Folding knives in general are crapty and weak compared to full tang knives, because the tang is in two pieces. However, If I'm going to buy a folding knife, I buy the knife that has the strongest and most durable lock, since the lock is the weakest link.

FCM415: Do you own folders to break the lock, or cut stuff?

VeloWeave: You mention to keep it touched up. How do you touch yours up, what tools do you use?
Spyderco Dragonfly II ZDP-189 5 out of 5

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