Asus Eee Pad Transformer - Ice Cream Sandwich Boot Loop Problem

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KOTYAR0: Indeed´╗┐

Scrouby543: HELLO! The problem is not the tablet is the software...

Raymond Leonhardt: My Eee Pad is doing the same boot loop. Sounds like there is a lot of people having the same issues. Its frustrating that Asus has not accepted their product is doing this, or released a patch to fix it yet. Its almost been a year since the ICS update.

bloodman000: the new update i did today didnt fix a thing my pad has done it for six hours straight

gweilo8888: Don't get your hopes up. Asus themselves have asked on Facebook if the problems were fixed by that update, they've gotten hundreds of responses, and almost 90% of those said the problems were still present. Personally, I see no difference in frequency of problems on the new firmware; that is to say I average 1-2 reboots per day.

gweilo8888: @NDBBDB No, you'd need to source an older rom that included the kernel. (People who've flashed back to HC using Asus' update files have found that they leave the ICS kernel in place, and thus keep the reboot issues too.)

Study Break oglu: ─░ have the same problem....does anyone knows how to solve it?????:(((

agoranao: Mine is now back on RMA for the second time because of this. On my unit holding down the power, holding power and volume down, etc. did not work nor did plugging it into AC, etc. Sent it back on RMA, got it back, within 4 hours was doing the same thing, now back on RMA again. This sucker is going to ebay when it comes back. Any product can have problems, but Asus build quality and "support" is the worse I have ever seen in the industry.

ellsy636: I have the same problem with my TF300 also, having it looked at by an IT guy. He going to try to reinstall 4.0 to fix it. Don't know how much this will cost!!!!!!! What a bunch of CR**

gweilo8888: Well aware of that, thanks, that's why I said "since the upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich". It's not caused by user software, though. It's caused by the Ice Cream Sandwich build shipped by Asus, and rumored to be at least in part due to bugs in NVidia's code.

NDBBDB: another one here with same issues, anyone tried a factory reset, will this set tablet back to honeycomb, does anyone know?

denise gundayao: help tf101 started doing this again (3days ago) already happened before and i had it reformat..

Matthew Jordan: mine only started the rebooting relatively recently but is really starting to bug me, plus Asus in the UK have literally 0 support! I had to buy my slider from the US and get it shipped. DAMN ASUS

Romeo Acoba: WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! mine just started doing this

prs7384: I tried factory reset (not the hard reset) and it still does it. It does not set the tablet back to honeycomb though. Still ICS.

Don Basta: mine just started reboot looping and has yet to stop!! WTF?

gweilo8888: Yep, you can also just hold down the power button by itself for approximately 10-12 seconds or so, and then let go.

Nicholas Stalder: Same problem with mine, running boot loop, pass code screen for two seconds and back to the original screen. Powering it down doesn't seem to help. Anyone got any ideas how to fix. ?

j stynen: I searched for updates today, an update was ready to download which stated it will increase the stability of my device. Did not encounter any reboots at this time. Let's hope it stays stable!

Kyle Bird: mine has been doing this too. its really starting to piss me off

Mohamad Kamal: Me too hve same problem like this

zoidbergmerc: yeah mine is doing it right now, no one knows the solution? Just let the battery run out?

zoidbergmerc: Ok, just got mine out of the loop. Held down the power button and vol down until some writing came up, then wait till the android or wipe data come up, press vol up when the android is selected. :)

mSh1n0: As I get my Pad:No reboots, 3 weeks standby First Update (ICS Update): One reboot in a week Second Update (fix #1): One reboot in about 3 days Last update (fix #2): Two reboots in one hour I HATE ASUS! and there is no support! I tried to contact support but they deny the serial number and I can not send in a ticket for it. They give no support for their support system with email... I dont know what to do...

NDBBDB: ok, well isn't that just wonderful!! cheers for the replies guys.

Holocoz%: I got this problem too! Asus sucks!

gweilo8888: I feel your frustration. Personally, I don't see boot loops any more with the latest stock firmware, but I do see very regular random reboots, even with nothing except Asus' own apps installed. It's been almost seven months now (29 weeks to the day), and yes, it is shameful that Asus has not provided a way for us to roll back to stable firmware. They clearly aren't ever going to fix these issues.

Michael Wu: I am having exactly the same problem today; ASUS - built for persistent imperfection ! I am having so much frustration since I bought the machine ... I dislike apple, but now asus made me want to buy iPad instead now ...

soulfly22: I've had this problems since the ICS update. Did the new firmware update too. Did a factory reset. But it reboots at random, reboots while in sleep, freezes at the ASUS boot logo. I am really fustrated at ASUS for spoiling such a nice product with this buggy update.... I am at the point where I want a refund.
Asus Eee Pad Transformer - Ice Cream Sandwich boot loop problem 4 out of 5

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer - Ice Cream Sandwich boot loop problem