Drum Sander / Thickness Sander For Luthiers

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Drum Sander / Thickness Sander  for Luthiers
Drum Sander / Thickness Sander for Luthiers
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bedofrazorsqwerty: Aye. Thanks. I actually got to work on mine last weekend. Waiting for the sandpaper roll to come in right now. It's trued and ready to go though. I opted to make a 5" diameter drum by laminating hard maple together. The space for the shaft was routed out with a 1/2" bit, so half of the hole on each middle lam. Made my dust hood accurately and, top off, used a straight router bit to turn it round. Made sense to me at the time, routing for truss rods being the inspiration there. :)

slausonm: Sorry I don't pay much attention to my youtube videos. The adhesive I assume you mean is how the steel shaft is glued to the plywood discs. I ground some flat spots on the shaft, applied glue to the plywood discs and slid them onto the shaft.Once dry, I machined the whole assembly in my metal lathe.

221Dw: Do you still have the design files?

slausonm: adhesive attachment of what?

bedofrazorsqwerty: Can I see a close up of the adhesive attachment?

slausonm: It has been a while since I looked at my video and comments. The machine runs very well. It is no high speed production machine but it works and was cost effective to build.

Reverend D: Most excellent, be great for top caps on chambered guitars and the chambered piece to ensure the top is glued on a flat surface. Very good idea, nice execution! Thanks for sharing!

clockguy2: It doesn't hurt to have a cabinet shop to build it in. Good Job on your build. Looks like some of the homemade shop equipment we had in our old cabinet shop. Simple, yet very practical and put together well.

Diego Hernan: Hi! great job! i was wondering about the RPM of the drum spinning during the work, can u calculate it? Thanks!

zoonogoto: very nice im in the process of making one myself ive just got a question about the drum how is it connected to the shaft i read a lot about gluing the discs on the shaft with epoxy is that enough to stop the drum from slipping on the shaft great video thanks ,,chris

Fernando Omar PĂ­ccolo: Muy bueno, te felicito.

slausonm: @wolfsearcher OK, I didn't make the hardware or Pulleys or Motor. Pulleys came from the local hardware store. Bearings came from VBX bearing, motor was free, however I just bought a more powerful motor for version II that I am currently building now.

slausonm: Most of the material is high grade 3/4" plywood for all of the parts except for the shaft of the drum and the hardware. The drum is made of layers of plywood glued to a 3/4"diameter steel shaft. This is NOT a kit that I purchased...I made everything.

slausonm: I do not have technical drawings of the sander parts. I have the solid model drawings and the NC code that I wrote for my router to cut out the parts. I need to make a few changes so that it will accomodate a larger variety of motors and a different bolt pattern on the flange bearing. I would consider cutting out the side panels for you and the knobs. All the other parts are straight cuts or circle cuts for the drum.

k morgan: I would like to make two of these, Would you have plans or be willing to make the parts needed on the cnc. I would pay for plans or parts. Love the sander and would love to make two.

slausonm: The drum is made from 5" diameter plywood discs that were cut from the same material the sides were made of. I glued them to a 3/4" diameter shaft that I had in the scrap bin then turned the assembly on my metal lathe to true it up.

zzpank33r: Hi. I'd like to know what's the drum made of... Can you give me exact measures of the table? I want to build one. and i'd like to copy yours, Thanks
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Drum Sander / Thickness Sander  for Luthiers