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How to get appaddict on ios 7 (jailbreak)
How to get appaddict on ios 7 (jailbreak)
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How To Get AppAddict To Download Free Apps - iOS 7 Jailbreak
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Falling Fred iPhone -- App Addict Gameplay
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nexonbubblefighter35: I have IOS 7 and if I put in that link, a message pops up saying that it is unable to find it. Anything can help. 

john dupale: It just freakin work!

MrSoultaker432: Why does my download stop at times?

DJMures Mixered: Seey good bye to installous with few problems on iT to fix api now new is THE realy appadict thanks dude iT works foor my

Mike Chou: Repo Does Not WORK !!!!!

Richard McRichardson: Can't find it it's emty

jotenboffen: THNX :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Mr. ipad: Ooooo

joe jo: thanks man anymore app cracks let me know

Rodiles Michel: The appaddict do not want to download on my iPhone 

kefvedie: If I click on a link it said invalid udid plz help!

Matthew Hall: app*appaddict*org/ is the new site

LiveVizion: unable to dowload app , could not be installed at this time

AppAddict - Add1cted2Apps: If you miss that much go install Installous Alive, and let it connect to there non existent database. Installous is gone ok we are not them we are doing it our own style and frankly if you don't like don't use we provide you with a free service, quit moaning and get on with it. Its really rude to complain about a free service that is only really new and actually offers the best website and best app out!!!

joseph soler: Awesome video it works perfect thanks bro.i download Navigon in 15 minutes.

AppAddict - Add1cted2Apps: Boss by @FIF7y You can purchase from ThemeIt theme store ;)

drei diablo: hey boss how to speed up my iphone 5 get slowly?..

Jett Zimmer: Im trying to download the game vector,after i download the ipa and then try to install says it cannot download at this time,what do i do?

Mohamed Adam: Installous i miss you :'(

RaZerExX: How do i update the appaddict ios app? By deleting the app and then reinstalling?

Skullsplitter15: The links are broken, the repo doesn't work. Is the site down or something???

Aaron Zitoun: I loooovvvveee you

abhishek sinha: im getting an error called cannot comply what should I do?

שחר אולמן: why when i install appaddict it says:' "appaddict" could not be installed at this time'?

SashmanGER: Korrekt New App Update

LuminatX: website is down!

TheFilipFonky: Damnit, the UI changed to a more craptier and less functional version.

Sandara Park: Does it work in any idevice and any versions...

Sandara Park: Cuz im confused nid help tnx....

AppAddict - Add1cted2Apps: Please try fully removing the App and adding again. Also if you have installed AppAddict from any repo it WONT work. It has to be installed via our website that can be found in the description

Zahid Mahmood: you can download an app on your computer and sync with iTunes. just make sure you have AppSync installed on your iDevice or you wont be able to sync it.

AppAddict - Add1cted2Apps: do you mean does it download in the background? if that is what you mean then yes it does. You can also check the downloads progress by simply swiping down the top bar on the app ;)

brstunner123: is there a way to download from computer and bringing it over to yr iphone

Natasha: After i DL an app. The app shutdown/auto-closes... Help'!

Nuke11Proof: when I have the iPa cracked I can´t install any app

AppAddict - Add1cted2Apps: i would use Rasticrac, better compatibility for apps and ARMv7s devices - i have done a video on using Rasticrac and setting up the configuration file, the video is on my Channel

raunak barve: hey friend i mean uploader i have Appsync but then also after downloading from your website appadict is showing try after some time

TheTechBite: Freaking awesome, keep up the good work. I'll upload some apps as soon as I don't feel so sleepy hahaha.

Just1MorePerson1: can i download an app onto the computer from the computer site then put it on my ipod?

SashmanGER: Install repo by Cydia--> appsync 6 install or updated it, then u can install the New appaddict App.

AppAddict - Add1cted2Apps: Cheers ;)

thanh trinh: Did he say app ah pickle?

Bob Jove: Jsddd

AppAddict - Add1cted2Apps: Of course it works what are you on about. It only doesn't work if you are not following SIMPLE instructions. I think the 80,000 plus app users we have would disagree that its not working unless they are all using an imaginary AppAddict App

mergim player: is the App still downloading when i use another App in while?

MrNota101: Not ALL apps are ther right?

Deathwizardify: Well if u dont have their AppSync app on Cydia then u cant do it and make sure AppSyc is installed and if it is re-download Appaddict

Skullsplitter15: The new repo is: cydia*appaddict*org Like this post so other people can see!

KevinGil: install appsync!

digitalbuffer: This is all Bullcrap!!! I recommend everyone to install VSHARE which is better then INSTALLOUS and provides direct links for download... So far the best app available!! I am a member of SinfulIphone forum and you can check my profile.. I approve this message!!
AppAddict iOS App - Install Cracked Apps - Installous Alternative 4.7 out of 5

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