EHLE 100 100ml Tiny Tube Waterpipe Bong W/ Ice Pinches And ROOR Active Carbon Filter Adapter

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EHLE 100 100ml Tiny Tube Waterpipe Bong w/ Ice Pinches and ROOR Active Carbon Filter Adapter
EHLE 100 100ml Tiny Tube Waterpipe Bong w/ Ice Pinches and ROOR Active Carbon Filter Adapter
EHLE 100 100ml w/ RooR Carbon Filter Waterpipe Milk Rip in the Carwash!
EHLE 100 100ml w/ RooR Carbon Filter Waterpipe Milk Rip in the Carwash!
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Illadelph Condenser Coil Blue Label 7mm 20" Beaker w/ Carbon Adapter Milk Bong Rip Waterpipe
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Double Perc Inline W/Activated Carbon Adapter+Ashcatcher!
22" PURE Glass 5 Arm Tree Perc Waterpipe Bong w/ PURE Ashcatcher Rip Milk
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HBG 5 perk Waterpipe(Bong)
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roor black label 5.0 ice master

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theRoorRipper: whats with the bitch bongs

WhiteLabelRoor: @dane50210 Its the bubbles popping. When the bubbles pop the smoke gets released real quick which is why it looks like it glitches. Which is also why it just moves real quick for half a second only and not any longer. Make sense?

odstcheif: how often are you called kumar

atarivideo: @blah99126 i like the ehle more cuz of the ice pinches but the roor one has a stronger glass if youre prone to dings and knicks.

LeetG: You live in NYC, where'd ya get it?

UNDEADPAMF: Roor 100-$67 EHLE100--$42 Which hits better

Hans Bär: sweet :D

UNDEADPAMF: Which one hits better Roor 100 or ehle 100

atarivideo: @skunkmonk420 it really depend on your needs. man the 100 is SO easy to travel (in the car) with and both pack a great punch but if you really like taking that rip, then i would recommend the 250 because the 100 would splash up in your mouth if u rip it too hard. the 250 is a foot tall, the 100 is 9 inches tall and much narrower than the 250. i hope that helped

1NoStaatsfeind: Its a german bong ???

TheNnooop: In case anyone is wondering, the proper way to say it is ee-leh 0:18 /watch?v=P1CcXC6WDa8 Unless the people in the factory have it wrong

atarivideo: @drex48239 YES YES YES! Good call im surprised ive never mentioned it but you do wash the charcoal before use. I usually fill up the carbon filter and then run water very gently through it until the water at the other end is clear.

weimdaddy80: lmao, surprised you didn't burn off some hairs with how close that thing is to ur forehead

atarivideo: @UNDEADPAMF Personally, I like the Ehle 100 better because of the ice pinches and Ehle's styling of the joints. They also etch in the base of each one with an ehle signature and the year it was made. The bowls on both are basically the exact same except RooR has an anti-roll bead on the lip of the bowl. I've owned 2 of the Ehle 100s and 1 Roor 100 and I def like the Ehle better

deadhead507461: That bong is perfect for camping :)

Joxini Khan: @4cellar2door0 That makes no sense.

skunkmonk420: hey whats a better peice the 250 ml or the 100 ml?

Mister Cortez: Why are you white in some videos and the others your arab?

drex48239: @atarivideo thanks cause ive heard that it can be toxic if not washed, you filter smoke through carbon while wet too or let it dry after cleaning

dane50210: is it me or does the smoke glitch near the top of the downstem at 0:52 ?

RedWino: Very nice- that's all you need really. Everything else is for partying and status symbol type stuff. I'm about to get one of these instead of the 250ml. I just don't have a use for big glass anymore.

Kevin Hummel: I like the part whee you cant see the ice

jared knight: your pronouncing it wrong

atarivideo: @drex48239 after they are washed, it really doesnt matter. ive gone on weekend vacations where id only take the carbon rocks that are in the adapter and they would dry and get nasty during and after a whole weekend of use and the tube would still be clean. i would recommend to have em moist when u smoke but i really dont think its bad if they are dry

Ori Hartenstein: @1NoStaatsfeind yeah

AnaboliX: Thank you cOME AGAIN!

dabigboi786: @atarivideo DATS IT!!!!!? :o i need to place a order asap

BlikeNave: @atarivideo I've read on some weezy forum that the wet carbon is bad. I've read a lot of emphasis on drying it. Idk really, but just to be safe keep that crap dry man! Don't wanna lose a fellow stoner to some whack poison gas or somethin.

dabigboi786: @atarivideo i checked da price n seen no such thing for 50

FetusGaming: isn't it said like "L" EHLE not elly, but cool vidyer nonetheless

circaTSOAF818: nice bong very portable =]

B Willis: just living with your rents?

KKproductions11: EHLE is sweet bro i got a 250ml with the bottle neck cooler ...that 100ml looks real tiny aye bet it hits hard bro i subbed check out my vids bro and subb back if ya like wat ya watch ..stay blazed

sleep gate: does the 100ml still rip? just bought with a black leaf twin cooler...really excited ;p

sk8terfreak33: How much was this, it's actually pretty freaking dope and I'm asking about just the origanal bong without the carbon filter and crap

ayekyle: i started lolling right when i saw the bowl piece

cannolipepperoni: Highly affordable and transportable! Nice. Peace. Keep reppin' the mary jane mang ;^)

atarivideo: @tompwns you get everthing the downstem and bowl-slidepiece included

drex48239: when you buy new carbon do you ever wash it before use?

john nm: @odstcheif Hahahaha

Jetted Out: does the carbon filter add noticeable drag?

koklokloful: @manning55 for mi it took 2 week n, i live in da bronx ny.....its all depend where u at

a2kizzy: @atarivideo best web site got my Ehle bent neck there with a nice glass screen.and ordered qa crap load of papers the other day lol

4cellar2door0: Isn't it pronounced "elle" not "elly"?

IVIuG: Can you get a shorter downstem so the bowl is not as tall as the mouthpiece part?

dane50210: @atarivideo I know this video is authentic, I just saw it as odd tat it'd do that

atarivideo: @sk8terfreak33 around $50 plus shipping from everyonedoesit

monkey42O: Nice little tube dude :) 5*

Matt Paul: 100ML is for girls!!!

atarivideo: @theRoorRipper they are more travel and conceal bongs than bitch bongs bro. if you let these little guys milk up, they pack a little punch haha
EHLE 100 100ml Tiny Tube Waterpipe Bong w/ Ice Pinches and ROOR Active Carbon Filter Adapter 4.4 out of 5

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EHLE 100 100ml Tiny Tube Waterpipe Bong w/ Ice Pinches and ROOR Active Carbon Filter Adapter