Reuse Your Verismo Pods!

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Reuse Your Verismo Pods!
Reuse Your Verismo Pods!
Verismo Pods Cheap! Do CBTL Pods Work in Starbucks Verismo?
Verismo Pods Cheap! Do CBTL Pods Work in Starbucks Verismo?
Reusing K-fee Verismo Pod. No Foils!
Reusing K-fee Verismo Pod. No Foils!
How to Refill Your Starbucks Verismo Pods
How to Refill Your Starbucks Verismo Pods
How to Refill Espresso Capsules / Pods - Starbucks Verismo
How to Refill Espresso Capsules / Pods - Starbucks Verismo

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Stephanie Reichenberg: Your technique is awesome. I cut the original foil off with kitchen shears - much easier and safer than a knife.

Elizabeth Bedon: what happens with the small hole below, the drilling that makes the machine? How do you tap it?

Ben Rogers: don't cut toward your and woman, you would probably get a million views if you did slice yourself though.

Jane Blumenshine: that's fabulous!! thank you!

Rush Reviews: Have you tried to refill the milk pods?

Jonell Restivo: Thank you,. This is the most comprehensive video on YouTube. Simple no frills able to reuse the containers you already have. As for the comment on aluminum being linked to Alzheimer's disease, so use Press and Seal by Glad, be creative not critical. Or maybe you shouldn't be using an electric machine in the first place for a single cup of coffee, but a manual drip with a paper cone. Alright already, lets give this smart busy woman two thumbs up for making it so "stupid simple".

Dandy Dan: I don't think this would be a good idea since science has linked aluminum to Alzheimer's disease. I would be careful doing this. You may be better off with a K cup machine that has refillable pods available without using aluminum.

william fuchs: i am looking to buy one of these types of coffee makers and think i will just get one you can use a refillable basket with . having to buy or take the time to do this is a racket from the manufacturers

Sarah Keller: What grind do you use for this?

Shirley Gonzalez: Thank you. Great money saving suggestion. The foil works Perfectly.
Here is a TIP:
Use Heavy Duty foil (not Heavy Duty for Grilling). Tuck the foil Tightly underneath the Rim of the pod; make sure there is no extra foil on the sides under the pod rim. Put into the Verismo and Carefully bring down the lever, then Brew. I'm not sure how many times one pod can be reused and I've only used it for Brewing and not expresso, yet.

Natalie Stendardo: This woman is a wizard!!! Thank you!!!

Christopher Lee: I tried it three times and all three times unfortunately it didn't work... I followed all the same instructions :(

Joseph Shorts: I had no idea you could do this! What a great way to enjoy coffee the inexpensive way!

greenurbanislands: Good idea.  I am searching for techniques to use coffee machines for tea / stevia / lemon grass drinks.

Minimum waste, maximum value -- from that very expensive machine.

Terri Lynne: I like the sounds of your happy home.  :)

Donald Naifeh: cbtl pods contain two plastic screens that are great when refilling. you should be sure to harvest these discs.  one screens the spout end of the pod and helps create crème,  the other seals the top of the pod after you've filled it with your own coffee choice, eliminating the need to use a foil disc as a seal.  both screens can be used indefinitely.

mikeysclips: Your crotch stole all my attention from your video.

gee money: What kind of grind should I use for coffee when reusing pods?

lost again: It seems to puncture a lot more on top??? Do you end up with grounds in your machine or drink? Also when you first use your verismo and turn it on, when only the top espresso button lights up you need to do an empty run with out a pod of any kind, to both warm up and to run the cycle to keep granules from clogging machine. This should help especially using this method? Also how much is the measurment used for the espresso? A rounded teaspoon or??

Bulletproof Recon: OMG YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! THANK U SO MUCH!!!!
Reuse Your Verismo Pods! 5 out of 5

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Reuse Your Verismo Pods!