Light My Fire Spork Review

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Light My Fire Titanium Spork Review  - The Outdoor Gear Review
Light My Fire Titanium Spork Review - The Outdoor Gear Review
Review of the Light My Fire Titanium Spork
Review of the Light My Fire Titanium Spork
Light My Fire Camping Spork Review
Light My Fire Camping Spork Review
Spork 'Original' & 'Lefty' by Light My Fire - Detailed 'in the field' review + Weigh in & options
Spork 'Original' & 'Lefty' by Light My Fire - Detailed 'in the field' review + Weigh in & options
Gear Review :  Titanium Spork (Light My Fire)
Gear Review : Titanium Spork (Light My Fire)

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Krehyv: great and thorough review, much appreciated. I would prefer better lighting though.

Greg Letter: Look up - humangear Gobites Duo

steven shehan: none of mine have broke and ive bent one almost all the way on its self and it had no problems but mine is also really new so idk if they made it better now or what but ive never had any problems with mine

Man AaaT: They aren't that strong. Broke a few. Titanium only now. From Esbit.

thrashTele: I think its fine. If they made it thicker and longer it would be better. But for what it costs, its kinda worth it, I prefer the bpa.

Neils Dahlberg: Think chopsticks will work better

AninOnin: Alright, I don't actually use these to go camping. I live in dorms for right now (I'm a first-year college student) and these things are really awesome. I have two, and I use them for everything from making tea, to eating ice cream, to eating noodles, to mixing chocolate milk... As long as you're careful with them, they won't break, and they're really easy to clean.

TyRCelto: my honest opinion on these sporky things are that they are rubbish. i bought three and all have broken across the middle. they are too short to eat from a camping mug without getting your hands messy and youre definately going to get your hands covered in food if youre alternating between the fork end and the spoon end. when youre hiking with limited access to water you dont want to be wasting it cleaning your hands everytime you use one of these things.

AlSwegen: I had the same problem.... I hate being stuck on the trail for hours only to find that my spork is no match for the tub of rock-hard Dreyers in my backpack..... fail. Next time I buy icecream I will ask for a proper titanium spoon so as not to be disappointed.

billzngillz: Ice cream will nit break the spoon. 

xXxFB4LxXx: multi-food apparatus


Rasenkrieger: Are you referring to Titanium as Tritan? Titanium is a metal and ny definition free from BPA etc. what you find in the plastic Spork Other than that , fine!!

Olle Jansson: just for fun! these are made in my hometown Västervik, Sweden, just say'n! :)

Ryan draugr: i think ive seen these jokers in titanium?

CragScrambler: Plastic ones are pretty strong enough tbh, beside a 4 pack costs like £4

thekapow: the fact that the dont tell you is that when it gets cold (not eating ice cream), but laying in the pack for some time.. it will break with almost no force applied.. get the titanium one

MrQuackism: I'm having my dinner with spork now. :) Just got it today.

Gary Thaller: I chuckled when I saw a review of a spork on youtube. But it's a really good review. Thanks. I have one of these and it works fine. But I don't eat ice cream with it. I wouldn't cut meat with it either as I'm afraid the fork might break. But for its purpose, it's fine. Mine was only $1.99.

psilokan: Took one of these on an 8 day solo canoe trip. Despite being brand new it was broken by day 3, snapped while I was wiping it clean. For the next 5 days I ate with a little nubbed fork and spoon. Wasn't thrilled in the slightest. It may have only been $2.50 CDN but it's crap.
Light My Fire Spork Review 5 out of 5

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Light My Fire Spork Review