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Episode 30 Part 1 Ford 9inch build using Detroit Truetrac Autorestomod
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how to remove chevelle 12 bolt broken axle bearing posi
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1963impala2dr: @beltstowing it looks just like you!

towrecker: if you are in JC , look at some of my other videos , I about bet $ you have seen my wrecker before ! BTW I always comment from towrecker instead of beltstowing , I know weird eh ? lol

JustinsDIY: nice to see your making progress!, I my self just pulled the tranny out of my explorer after it left me on the side of the road, because it blew a tranny hose...

beltstowing: @1963impala2dr now the more I think about your comment , I bet you meant I was still a baby ...didn't ya there homer ? if so I say this , proud to be a tennessee hillbilly baby , so there ya go !! ha ha ha ha ha ha

pcfd20: I have to pull the axle out of my camaro and replace it.. not looking forward to it at all.

joseph94391: fixing the brakes to morrow so maybe on the road sunday but great video

andy heinrich: your dad looks an awful lot like John Lennon in that opening photo.......should we call you Julian..or Yoko?

beltstowing: @MrBeefsteak6 they are tight lmao

beltstowing: @JustinsDIY wow , sounds like you are having the kind of fun I had swapping the whole front end lol

beltstowing: @redneck2010ize he actually loves fords , and is in the closet ha ha ha

spazracing94: thanks for the info

northstar2007: @beltstowing muwahahahahahahaha it'll be a ;blast;

beltstowing: @73Shakes no he has just been riding in one , see how it has messed him up !! also that cummins he so loves is made by ford , well ford owns most if not all of cummins somehow or the other , along with a big part of international someways or another , I can't remember , hell do you lol

beltstowing: @ghtowagon I guess there are several ways to get them off , but whatever way you do it , you better know what you are doing lol

73Shakes: @beltstowing At the time Ford owned 15%-25% stock in Cummins and as little as 10% at one point.At this time Ford holds no stock in Cummins.Bad move?? :-(. In order for Ford to own Cummins they would have to be the majority stockholder (own more than 50%). Ford also sold off Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008 and Volvo in 2010 (think thats the correct years).Smart moves I think lol. Ford does own a small bit of Mazda and Aston Martin,not sure of the %. Not sure who owns Cummins now.

beltstowing: @gregory9740 I solved it for you , just for you ...

171apples171: Hey thanks for the video man. I got a 1976 Ford LTD from my mom who got it from an asshole teenager. Well im another jackass teenager but i like the car and wanted to be nice to it. The carrier is bad in the rearend so i bought a 275 rearend and was going to replace it. I figured out how to remove the axles and when i got them out i found the splines were damaged and the bearings were HORRIBLE. even worse than yours. Thanks for showing how to remove the race and bearing. Was scared of this job.

redneck2010ize: @beltstowing i could told that guy up there photosbychrstensen that its ford that owns the cummins hahaha duh some people are dumb

photosbychristensen: what you expect it a ford they fall apart quicker.Need to buy a dodge they last longer then a ford DODGE POWER . DODGE RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beltstowing: @doxie4747 lol there is more light there than it looks , I record in 1080p the higher the quality , the darker the video comes out , odd but true ...

mcgumby117: Woo east tn boy.hust stumbled upon this up here in johnson a 9 inch im building for my 93 f150

utoobube: @MrBeefsteak6 nothing says "pull over stupid" like looking in a sideview mirror and seeing a rear tire sticking out the side an extra foot! LOL, I had that happen to me on a work van once. The bearing on the drivers side when bad, and I told the boss it was bad, he kept saying "ok we'll get it in the shop next week" ...BWAAAHAHAHAHHA, joke was on his ass! that bearing went out and totally walked itself (and the retainer coller) off is shank, and the axle slid right out!

Yamaha Rider: love this vid. really helped dude! thanks for the vid

ghtowagon: We used to cut off the bearings in Toyerders years ago! It worked well.

utoobube: I did this on a chrysler 8 3/4 rear a while back. I have a vid of it (albeit an unprofessionial, more of a vlog type vid) it was quite intereting, the cutting disc on my ziz wheel blew apart and damn near cut muh titty off! ...BTW, I'd feel honored if you'd check out my channel bud!

beltstowing: @MrAndrewkheinrich that aint funny lol

Jim Kucera: There's this incredible invention called a LIGHT BULB that makes it real easy to see what you're doing. On the other hand, if you're in trouble with 'the law' use as little light as possible so it's difficult for folks to see what you're doing.

MrBeefsteak6: seen a few with the ultra custom telescopic axles over the years, great for sitting on the side of the road. tighten those bolts lol

beltstowing: @conan6868 never done that before lol , but will that work with non asbestos linings ? that drum was trash , it was scored , and under spec , I replaced it , the other one was new , so now they match lol

beltstowing: @photosbychristensen I assume you are talking about their diesel trucks right ? do some research on just who own cummins ha ha ha ha ha it aint dodge !!!

beltstowing: @utoobube missing titty lmao

beltstowing: @northstar2007 oh god save me , from you it might be a bomb !

canadacatalyst: @beltstowing jason loves the fords. the mufllers on tomater, the vic, the ford trucks. he came out of the closet a while back

beltstowing: @northstar2007 cut the axle tubes down , and you get custom axle shafts from strange engineering ...they can set you up with a shaft to fit the axle housing tubes length , that's what I done on something I don't show the public on youtube ...

beltstowing: @joseph94391 good deal

whatihave2do: This takes me back about 16 years when I had my 78. Seal was leaking and found the bearing going like you. But we took the axle to a shop and had the bearing swapped. Today I would do different.

1963impala2dr: you havent changed a bit! lol

northstar2007: Greasy mess. oh. I sent you somethin too. Muwahhaahahaha

beltstowing: @doxie4747 and the law was setting in the driveway , didn't ya notice lol

northstar2007: when you have a rear end like that shortened what the hell they do to shorten them?

conan6868: I have been able to use a propane or oxy/acetylene to cook the shoes covered in gear oil or brake fluid. Cleans them right up almost good as new. Some folks might disagree however it wont hurt to use them with the old drum.

redneck2010ize: @beltstowing Lmfao ive been trying to figure out something if a new 4x4 trans fer a ford taurus will fit in a my ole 93 taurus??

JustinsDIY: @beltstowing how does the truck ride now??

canadacatalyst: good job jason

beltstowing: @canadacatalyst I see you attended another course from the redneck driveway repair series lmao !!!

joseph94391: new video on my channle so wach it and subcrbe new brakes on 69 c20

beltstowing: @1963impala2dr does that really look like it's me ? everyone says they spot it right off , I myself just don't see how they do ...but I guess we are all like that lol

73Shakes: Me thinks photosbychristensen has been sniffing "RAM" poop??

gregory9740: SOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of these damn ads.

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