Keurig Prime Problem

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Keurig prime problem
Keurig prime problem
How to fix the PRIME issue with your Keurig
How to fix the PRIME issue with your Keurig
Keurig FAQ: How to fix Keurig Prime Error message
Keurig FAQ: How to fix Keurig Prime Error message
KEURIG #2 & #3  fix not pouring and PRIME fix for both machines in 1 video
KEURIG #2 & #3 fix not pouring and PRIME fix for both machines in 1 video

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Mary Lister: I couldn't believe that of all the vids I watched and tried those fixes, that yours was the one that worked for me! So simple! Thanks!

Wanda Archer: Larry I had the Prime issue hit my Keurig 2015 and I did ALL the Keurig and YOUTUBE suggestions to no success.  I let my Keurig sit for a year now and decided a final attempt and found your video!!!!!  YEAH, YEAH, YEAH....this was the answer and I now can enjoy my Keurig again!!!

tpaine121: arrggghhh just get to the point already. This is not fixing my problem, it still says "prime".

Ernesto Samarinta: I swear to god i have this problem forever i almost threw my keurig away out of frustration. All i did was open the lid a little and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

Susan Poisson: You are AWESOME! Thank you so much for the simple fix.
Note: my Keurig had a slightly different problem. The "orfice" (yes, I said it) was already filled with water - so I took some paper towel and absorbed all the water out of it and refilled it - then turned it off, put the reservoir back in place and turned it back on. Voila! Ready to brew!

Lynda Bitton: It worked! Thank you so much.

mario bozzola: Thank you

Tim O'Brien: Helpful, worked first time and every time

Joel Dziak: Keep your day job LOL your grasp of air movement and basic physics is less than a 4th grader facepalm

dan perkins: dude.... you fixed it.... ur a genius

Tina Marie: Thank you, this actually worked!! My Keurig is working as if it were new again.

Vanessa Sibley: Wow! Very helpful! I just relocated and unpacked my Keurig --the "Prime" message was displayed. In desperate need of coffee--I searched for resolutions and came across your video. I am happily sipping coffee now in delight of the suggested fix from your video. THANK YOU!!! :)

Brian Perry: You were right! It worked. Thanks for making my morning!

Align Contracting: The problem is the screen at the bottom of your reservoir is plugged. It just needs to be cleaned. The problem is not a lack of air as the lid is not sealed and the machine gets as much air as it needs through there. There are two ways to clean the screen. The harder route is to backwash screen buy depressing the check valve on the underside of the reservoir and running water through it. The other option is to gently scrape the top of the screen with your fingernail while having some soapy water in the reservoir. You will notice a bunch of dirt come loose and be floating in the water. Do this and the machine will work like new.

Notta Legg: What probably happens is that the pump gets "stuck" and doesn't fully "reset". To prevent this is to make sure you don't forcibly power the Keurig off. It's hard to prevent this during a power outage. You can force the pump to work by holding down one of the strength buttons until it starts pumping out the liquid and then stop pressing the button.

Nicole Rodriguez: Was going to have a heart attack. . until I found this total life saving video. many thanks.

Audrey Webb: You were right! We just lifted the top and voila -- it works! THANK YOU!

Anthony Szuminski: hey thank you this works as well appreciate it

Eva Rogers: I brought my Keurig to Florida and when I went to use it, prime showed I went for help, did what you said and I was back in business, thank you for your help.

Kelly Hunter: You are the best! Short and to the point. Worked great, thank you!
Keurig prime problem 5 out of 5

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Keurig prime problem