Keurig Prime Problem

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Keurig prime problem
Keurig prime problem
Keurig® Brewer Reads PRIME - Keurig How To - Official Video
Keurig® Brewer Reads PRIME - Keurig How To - Official Video
How to fix the PRIME issue with your Keurig
How to fix the PRIME issue with your Keurig
Keurig PRIME error -- ABSOLUTE FIX.
Keurig PRIME error -- ABSOLUTE FIX.
Keurig prime error
Keurig prime error

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p5297684: Awesome Instructions...Thanks Larry & You Tube!  Works Beautifully Again...

silentwoman: Why not just follow the instructions in your owner's manual & keep your keurig clean instead of waiting till it doesn't work and then complaining about how it doesn't work? Would you drive a brand new car off the lot, never change the oil then complain and act outraged because one day the engine blows up? Duh!

lynn nagy: Wow first time mine has done this prime thing.  One pushed on that rubber thingy on top that is next to the lid of water tank and replaced lid and poof , back to working again.  Excellent video.  Now my machine is not only working but clean as can be again.   Thank you.

John Bilsbury: I would use the standard home method to make drinks. Those things are very wasteful. Many people use them as frequently to make tea and chocolate drinks yet alone coffee when there are teabags with the same sort of it in front of them. Coffee is harder to make yet the type in the Keurig packs is just instant coffee blends packed in them - it can neverlike brewing good tea/coffee -  and on top of it teabags or instant  coffee/cocoa grinds and filters are biodegradable. Those packs  used for the Keurig and Tassimo are thrown out every time a drink is made and are not biodegradable. Also you pay more money for instant coffee/tea/cocoa in those small packs. So is this environmental or cost efficient?

Scott Humphrey: Solved the "Prime" error problem. Thank you. All I had to do was re-seat the water tank. You're awesome.

Jackie Knox: Today I made me a my first cup of coffee. When I went to get my second one it brew a quarter of a cup and stop. I go the message Prime on it. I thought between cups of coffee I changed out my filter. I thought maybe that had something to do with it.I took it out and put it back nothing. I got on here and watch a couple of Videos. That did not help me, I notice when I took the water reservoir off I notice it was kind of dirty from a build up on the bottom. When I took the filter container off again I notice there was something on the screen that goes into the machine, I washed and fill it back up with water, As soon as I put it reservoir back on it, it was working again. I was able to drink my cup of coffee.

karma yangzom: After taking our Keurig out of storage after about two years, I was expecting a lot of problems, confusion, and frustration trying to get it ready to brew. I did some common sense things first (washed everything down; cleared the k cup holder with a paper clip; pressed on the screen at the bottom of the reservoir to make sure it wasn't clogged; removed the filter holder), then I primed it.  It didn't immediately make the "Prime" indicator disappear, so I took another poster's suggestion and turned off the machine, unplugged it, removed reservoir and k-cup, then turned it upside down. Turns out, there was some gunk in the area where the reservoir attaches to the machine.  I think primed it again, and it was ready to brew. But, I decided to descale it (filled reservoir with 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar), and kept brewing cups, adding more FILTERED water every time the "Add More Water" indicator came up.  I ran the largest capacity cup of hot water through about 4x, then dumped out the reservoir, rinsed it with water, reattached it, filled it with filtered water, and ran all of it through (about 5x on largest cup size) to make sure the vinegar smell was gone-daddy-gone!  Finally, I replaced the filter, filled it with fresh filtered water, and it works like a pro.  The whole process took less than 1/2 to complete.  Thanks to all of you (Larry + people who commented), for providing helpful suggestions. 

Jerry O'Briant Sr.: believe the hammer is best answer for all these challenges

Courtney Gannon: you saved my sanity. Thank you

Janet Prendergast: Interesting.  My Keurig is the same model but my lid has a two part lid.  It can open for adding water toward the front of the lid.  Next time I have this problem, I will try opening that end of the lid to see what happens.  Normally I just descale it thinking that is the problem.  Today I  used the paper clip method I found on a previous You Tube video as I descaled it and still didn't work.  I didn't get the Priime indicator, however so the paper clip did work.  So many odd things this little machine needs.  Quite frustrating! But thanks for the tip!

Ash Mit: Bottom line...If you buy a Keurig, stop by Home Depot and get a sledge hammer
so you can take the Keurig out back and beat the crap out of it in a few months
when it stops working....Keurig should be ashamed to charge $200 for a piece of garbage
that has become the Edsel of coffee makers.   None of these videos has fixed this piece of crap.

Tinker Bell (Tinkerbell62): Hey i got a question. When I tryed to use my machine water wouldn't come out you can hear it but then thats it you hear it make a noise then thats all that happens was can be wrong with it.

Michael Hand: so, just like a carburetor...of course! just need a hole then

Heather Arthur: Before watching all of this. Comment below mine said flip it over. I did, and some water came out and turned it on and boom no more Prime on the screen.

Nick Siragusa: When I did what the video said, nothing happened, but I tried flipping it over and it worked. Never would of found this out without your video. Thank you

johniboz1: I just got the 2.0 for x-mas and it worked fine for 4 days now it's not working!! OMG

Julia McLellan: My keurig is not working due to the cause identified by Morgan's needlessly ploddy breakdown of the unit. The pump is corroded and that's what is jamming providing little coffee. Even with the resovoir lid off, the Keurig doesn't pump. I think the vacuum theory is not plausible

Ray Salazar: Talk about frustration. I had my first machine about three months when I got the "Prime". I went thru the manual and the web site and it cleared itself for about two weeks. When it happened again I called keurig and they walked me thru the process with no success. They sent me another machine same problem. My frustration level was off the chart. The sent me a new 2.0 500 it worked about 10 days when it stopped after about 10 days. Tonight I get my new 500 from them and my fingers are crossed. If their CSR's new the quick fix I would probably still have my original machine. My out of pocket is still the $130.00 I paid at Costco. 

hmmm5000: Brother Larry!! Thank you so much for this video. My wife's Keurig took a dump, after 3 years of service, last week. i was telling a coworker Saturday night about it. She says, "hey I have a brand new Keurig K70 I used maybe 12 times. I don't need it so if you want it, it yours..for free!" I was like of course!! Anyways I got it last night, Sunday, and it wouldn't pump water. I tore it apart today, just like you did, doing all of the same things..still nothing. Then I found your video and BAM!!! it works awesome now. Thanks again! You made me look good and my wife happy. I 

Patty Gilmore: Wow, I have done all the "normal" maintenance and followed suggestions from most of the videos I could find.  Keurig has issues for sure!  Your suggestion I believe, is the one that made the coffee maker work again! Thank you.
Keurig prime problem 5 out of 5

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Keurig prime problem