Springfield XDS Vs Kahr CW45: Size & Feature Comparison

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Bob TheBuilder: Don't do a video review until you have your ** together. You didn't show them being shot & say how it feels to you, you don't have your scale, ruler,...

mdredheadguy1979: Size wise: can anyone tell me how the Kahr pistol compares to a commander size 1911 pistol?

Luis Morales: Were you located to get the khar for 350 I'm from California and they go for $700

Christopher: You can also put standard 1911 magazines in the Kahr. Yes it protrudes a bit, but it just adds to the versatility.

captainpegs07: Would love to see a comparison between the cw45 with a 7rd mag and M&P45c!!

Vince Yoder: I love the CW45! It's reliable, it's accurate, it's simple and it feels good in my hand. It's my off-duty carry weapon of choice.

jeff barber: Please don't call a grip safety a beavertail.  beavertail safeties are grip safeties that extend over the web of the hand.  The one on the XDS is not a beavertail

John & Roxann Koutzoukis: Hi,
I like your reviews.
Which of the 2 weapons has less presived felt recoil.
The Kahr CW45 or the XDS45?

Furious2112: Yeah prices have gone up pretty considerably on the CW-45. This video was made in June of 2012. In my area of Florida they usually go for around $450.

John Branton: search the kahr cw on slickguns for a good deal cw40-320$ cw 45-330$ the cw45 accepts some 1911 mags according to sootch

revistadearmas: The Kahr feel better for large hands, the grip feels nice and the weigh is just right

K. Joe Hill: American made all day long!

excelerater: I had both ... the springer FTF alot ..Springer said it was me and not the gun..which may have been true,kahr never failed me and liked me better I guess..No one likes a finicky gun

LovesBig FemaleFeet: cw45 gets my vote. I own both.

PS3andPCgamereviews: you mention in the video not to pay over $350 for Kahr. Is there anywhere these days that sell them for that price? I looked at the Kahr today at gander mountain, and it's $549.99 which is a high price to pay. If you know someplace to purchase for lower price, please let me know! Great video, thanks for posting.

61vicb: The XDS is a champ! Very small, but well constructed .45. I would not trade mine for any other compact .45.... Like with all gun brands, every now again someone gets a bad apple... So take negative feedback with a grain of salt.

762X39KALASHNIKOV: 350$ for a kahr? more like 450 mags are 40 a piece

Vincent Evans: Great video. Love my cw45

ravagetime: The Springfield looks like a prop.

Brady Taylor: Thanks for your reply! I was in the "serious" purchase mode until I heard about them and it has put some serious reconsideration into gear now. That truly is a disappointing turn of events. I've been unable to get an all clear from Springfield CS, they have stated to more than one that it must be either a cleaning, lubrication or insufficient break in period. When those are ruled out, the problem still exists for the majority of those polled. Why is there always a cold shower waiting?? Thanks!
Springfield XDS vs Kahr CW45: Size & Feature Comparison 5 out of 5

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Springfield XDS vs Kahr CW45: Size & Feature Comparison