Springfield XDS Vs Kahr CW45: Size & Feature Comparison

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Geting patterson 45 on stuck with air package omni

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Tim Clawson: I do realize this an older video, but I paid $249 for the Kahr CW45.

RowdyRides: Drop a 1911 officers model mag in the kahr and you get a flush fit and cut off a 1/4 inch

Bob TheBuilder: Don't do a video review until you have your ** together. You didn't show them being shot & say how it feels to you, you don't have your scale, ruler,...

mdredheadguy1979: Size wise: can anyone tell me how the Kahr pistol compares to a commander size 1911 pistol?

Lu Mo: Were you located to get the khar for 350 I'm from California and they go for $700

captainpegs07: Would love to see a comparison between the cw45 with a 7rd mag and M&P45c!!

Vince Yoder: I love the CW45! It's reliable, it's accurate, it's simple and it feels good in my hand. It's my off-duty carry weapon of choice.

jeff barber: Please don't call a grip safety a beavertail.  beavertail safeties are grip safeties that extend over the web of the hand.  The one on the XDS is not a beavertail

John & Roxann Koutzoukis: Hi,
I like your reviews.
Which of the 2 weapons has less presived felt recoil.
The Kahr CW45 or the XDS45?

Furious2112: Yeah prices have gone up pretty considerably on the CW-45. This video was made in June of 2012. In my area of Florida they usually go for around $450.

John Branton: search the kahr cw on slickguns for a good deal cw40-320$ cw 45-330$ the cw45 accepts some 1911 mags according to sootch

K. Joe Hill: American made all day long!

LovesBig FemaleFeet: cw45 gets my vote. I own both.

GitGudGamin: you mention in the video not to pay over $350 for Kahr. Is there anywhere these days that sell them for that price? I looked at the Kahr today at gander mountain, and it's $549.99 which is a high price to pay. If you know someplace to purchase for lower price, please let me know! Great video, thanks for posting.

762X39KALASHNIKOV: 350$ for a kahr? more like 450 mags are 40 a piece

Vincent Evans: Great video. Love my cw45

ravagetime: The Springfield looks like a prop.

Brady Taylor: Thanks for your reply! I was in the "serious" purchase mode until I heard about them and it has put some serious reconsideration into gear now. That truly is a disappointing turn of events. I've been unable to get an all clear from Springfield CS, they have stated to more than one that it must be either a cleaning, lubrication or insufficient break in period. When those are ruled out, the problem still exists for the majority of those polled. Why is there always a cold shower waiting?? Thanks!

Bam Cortez: Can you do a review on the New Taurus PT-111 G2 ?

Brady Taylor: Do you have any thoughts on this issue or heard of any corrections to these issues? I've heard good and bad comments about Springfield's handling of the problems so far. I've been considering the XDS and/or the PM 45. But the problems with the XDS have really dampened my desire to get one. Doesn't seem that there is much being done to lessen people's concerns about these issues either. Thanks for your input!
Springfield XDS vs Kahr CW45: Size & Feature Comparison 5 out of 5

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Springfield XDS vs Kahr CW45: Size & Feature Comparison