Chest Mounted Pistol

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Chest Mounted Pistol
Chest Mounted Pistol
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contreeman: great video my friend GOD BLESS

Gary Mayo: In the wild, when an animal rolls you down a hill, as he is eating you, and all you can do is ball into a fetal position and pray, you do have a chance to get your hands on your handgun, if it is chest mounted. It is your best chance. Hall monitor, out. 

Matthew Kiefer: With a hip holster, the fool shoots himself in the leg or the ground. With a chest mount, the fool shoots himself in the chest, or the person next to him.

Matthew Kiefer: With a hip holster, the fool shoots himself in the leg or the ground. With a chest mount, the fool shoots himself in the chest, or the person next to him.

AssaultPlazma: What plate carrier is that

jonoderidder: "operator"?

Wesley Swanson: not a fan of this guy lol "out"

Terry G: Hip or drop holsters are almost always on the strong side. Inconvenient as heck for weak side draw. Also, when a single point sling is used on the same side the rifle drops right onto the pistol and encumbers the draw. Tactical considerations push to the chest mounted holster setup. The pistol is a backup weapon for military. I know some police situations demand pistol use and they should really consider quick weapon swap processes in holster config.

Ross Carlson: I agree that practice, discipline, and proper handling are the real safety system for any firearm, but I would have to say that a side holster is safer than a chest mount because in a side holster, the weapon is pointed at a relatively less critical area while mounting/dismounting the holster. And it's only your own body it's pointed at. Not true of a chest mount where the weapon is pointed at your own critical areas and quite possibly that of the person next to you.

Anthony Chon: What Jacket is that?

ManOnATractor: Where can you get the horizontal holster? I can't seem to find one anywhere. Aside from Googling I've tried PFIdude, Midway, Brownells, CheaperThanDirt, Thanks!

spyderc85: @Kataquan like Nut N Fancy said so Shoulder mounted holsters are the same then, so Law Enforcement Officers break that rule every day.

ProjectDexter: @smokengunz1 he's got 780 videos of what he's doing, you should check them out...

smokengunz1: what exactly is he doing out in the desert for hundreds of hours?

blakfalcon1: the wonders of the safety catch and half rooster safeties :) oh and not being a moron :P i wont carry a pistol in condition zero on my chest but i'd happily carry in condition 1

endlich87: This is actually SOP carry for most of our special operations troops (ie Rangers, SF, Marine Recon, etc.)

Sigp229TRT: @Hyakitaki Yup but the chest has a nice vest to protect the man nothing on the leg.

danieldefenseM4: @Solidgun Uh, soldiers and law enforcement do it all of the time. I do not know of a single competent instructor that recommends much less uses a chest mounted pistol. It is an accident waiting to happen. I would never want to be standing beside him when he draws or holsters that pistol. And whoa, where did drop leg holsters come into this? That is completely different, and I do not have a problem with those. The only problem with them are the inconsistency in draw.

Bob Wilson: Strange things happen, particularly when in a stressful situation. Personally, I always carry on the belt and wouldn't stand next to someone carrying like that. Roll around on the ground and stuff gets into the holster, stuff gets pressed and my luck suggests I shouldn't tempt fate. To each their own, I prefer to not see down the business end of a gun unless absolutely necessary like during inspecting the barrel during cleaning. Outside of that, I keep my barrel pointing away from people.

RetardedRussians: Video Summary: Don't be an idiot.

Madam Fragger: @CoolDre80 He gets or has a better holster. This is an older vid.

pin3apple95: Its fast its out of the way . not to mention it looks bad ass.

ToastyMozart: Skill/Experience level aside, it's still way safer than the bra holster (-_-;)

einhinder8809: @jewie27 unless you point them at themselves and pull the trigger. scientifically proven.

Kylef7735: @ManOnATractor That horizontal holster is Discontinued sadly, it was the Horizontal molle holster made by Tac Force

adamjbronson: Way to put it bro!! I think there are a lot of ways for people to hurt someone and being a dummy is #1. Love the project and thanks for all your hard work. You make YouTube fun!!!

Christopher Izzett: Hey, just wanted to say I love all your stuff and I 100% agree with you. I am former U.S. Army and although I no longer serve and am not in law enforcement, I practice running and gunning all the time as well as training up a couple buddies of mine and we have never seen an incident. If you can't run a chest mount safely you probably shouldn't be running ANY holster system at all.

L. Townsend: I started running with a chest mounted pistol in 2003, when doing mobility operations, it is best place to have your secondary when inside a vehicle, especially as a driver and you find yourself in situation when you have to use it to save your bacon. Having your pistol there is totally safe. Anyone afraid to be on the range because someone has a chest mounted pistol should point their weapons in a safe direction and clear them. Turn up up range and move out.

MustangTrainer: Hall-Monitors! Chest carry is so "unsafe" that USPalms also rigs like that on their "defender" series body armor...but i guess to the HM's, that manufacturer doesn't know what they're talking about either.

BradTD: Not a fan of chest mount or shoulder but each his own

ThatChairsofter: Guy tells his 'Inspiring war story' about the chest rig Veri: Get some rest HAHA Nice one XD

afr0shooterguy40: u tell em nutn. I would have just said I do what I wanna do and left it at that.

Chris M.: Any suggestions for how to carry rifle. I currently have a viking tactical two point with the ability to sinch it tight to chest real fast, I love this strap, but find it gets in the way of a chest mount pistol. Anyone have any suggestions?

danieldefenseM4: I disagree with the argument that a hip mounted pistol can be just as dangerous and a ND/AD can happen. That is true, but the worst that can happen is you shoot YOURSELF in the leg/foot ect. A chest mounted pistols is more dangerous in that in the event of a ND/AD, it will most likely be at head/chest level, and if someone is hit they will be hit in a much more susceptible zone. Honestly, I don't see how the "benefits", which I don't see any, weigh out the dangers.

willirwin21: I personally prefer the old tanker style chest mounted holster, but you did make a good point about people flagging themselves when using hip mounted holsters too.

chefkristoffer: Well done and WELL SAID!!!

TheBoxerBoi: If this is what I think this is and where this is. This dude is a Bad BAD BAD MAN and when he says hundreds and thousands of a hours on a range and the people I think he is with. They live on a range. I would give anything to be in his shoes.

Alexander Koch: When you operate with a chest-mounted holster, you are constantly violating one of the four firearms safety rules. 'Nuff said.

cochranviper1: Hey Nutnfancy.... Where did you purchase your Holster??? I am trying to Locate a setup similar to this for a Right side draw(left chest Mount) for Tactical usage... Please Help, I am having a Difficult time locating 1 Online.

Kylef7735: @cochranviper1 The one he is using is the tac force "webtac" holster, like 15 bucks, great holster.

Ryan Smith: What's a 'requal'?

rmcnamara8: While I somewhat agree with Nutn,(A gun can't shoot by itself) I must say, we are all guilty of the pointing inward while re-holstering...which is why I do thigh mounted, If that happens under duress I'd rather have it pointed at my thigh than my chest. I am confident enough to have a chest mounted rig, it just gives me the willy', so I guess it's a personal preference, but God forbid something happen(which it won't) I'd rather have a round in my thigh than my chest.

Kataquan: So according to the logic, I can point a loaded gun at people all I want as long as I keep my finger away from the trigger? These chest holsters break gun safety rule #1, point the muzzle in a safe direction.

zePippin: what do you do? are you in the army?

Michael Keefer: Where and what type name brand is your holster ?

bobwatters: the problem i see with this rig is that its all about the person carring it. its not like you can go up and ask the person with the chest mount if they have the experince to use it. You even said you have seen guys with fingers in the trigger gaurd holstering their pistol. what happens when they do that with this rig and its pointed at your chest instead of the idiots leg?

ryan davies: i think your tips are awesome, i use your tips and methods when i'm practicing with my air soft guns because i live in the UK i cant practice with real fire arms but none the less, brilliant! i was thinking about running a chest mounted Glock 17 in my next skirmish.

John_234: I think its important to remember that the four rules of firearms safety are not designed with the assumption that humans are perfect and never make mistakes. They're designed so that if any one rule fails, the others will prevent a horrible accident. Sure, you can flag yourself with a hip holster. But the difference is you're not flagging other people by walking past them. Do remember that shoulder holster are being used less and less for that reason as well.

rangerram1: Hall it..we call em NATO-No Action, Talk only

glenn h: Brilliant. The real problem is the ambiguity of some of the safety rules. For instance, 'treat all firearms as though they are loaded." The problem? Once you've made the gun safe, you should be able to treat it as safe, during ie: dry fire, bore check, disassembly, military or LE demonstration.
Chest Mounted Pistol 4.7 out of 5

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Chest Mounted Pistol