Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS)

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Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS)
Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS)
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Valeria Gv: Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Trent Lingle: I have a 93 gs300 that will shift harshly from park to 1rst.and randomly will shift erratically and the tranny feels like it's pulling forward when coming to a stop.but then it will go 2-3 days with no issues and work perfectly.please help.serviced regularly.

TheQuawn40: i have a 1995 3000 gt and when i'm driving it makes a big jolt and the overdrive goes out. so i turn the engine off and restart it, it works normal again. then it happens again when i drive it. sometimes its like it goes into safe mode like its limping.

Jeff Dean: What a shame they had to overcomplicate modern vehicles so...

Ryan Templeton: Thank you so much we had a 2001 Jeep grand Cherokee that started sleeping Gears And that worked thank you

David Ha: Would a VVT Solenoid replacement help my P0741 engine code?

Natalia Villa: I have problems pressure control selonoid A and c the code is P0745 and P0795 where localise inside transmision o outside please said me where localise my car is jaguar 2001s type v 6 

Richard Berni: 2007 toyota tacoma V6 ...tranny was clunking lightly hooked it up to a Diagnoostic and got the code 2714....HELP ME!!!!!! Im trying to avoid going to the dealer where can I get the pressure control solenoid D ?

marzon tijneveld: pressure regulator solonoid can also partly short to ground caused bij transmission wear particles getting in between the metal body of the solonoid and the coil casing.
on frontera it triggers P1625 low voltage or open circuit, and can be intermittend by switching ignition multiple times !
since 12 volt is permanent on the solonoid, the same powerline as all the other solonoids, controlled bij switched negative from the computer unit, setting and stopping the power sometimes moves internal metal particles by magnetising the coil.
however the problem and gearbox error light keeps coming up and the car goes in limp mode.
only solution , pull front pan (the small one) and replace (or try and fix the old one, its broken anyway) the pressure solonoid.

dealership will try to set you back a lot of cash for new transmission, wich off course will fix the problem, or sell you a new computer because mostly they think it's an internal error of the computer, this is NOT TRUE !

in my case I had the computer send out and checked, found out that interfering the power to solonoid contact caused the problem to disappear for a while, soldered a by-pass switch on the computer 54 (ignition) to 53 ( solonoid power), bij pressing it a couple of times with ignition on, then switch ignition off and back on again, the error went for the coming ride mostly.
after some time that didn't work anymore, so I checked all the wires in between, nothing wrong there except an odd measurement to ground on the power feeding line to the solonoids, and a varying ohms value, that should not occur on a 12volts power source. eventually I fount the pressure solonoid causing it, as soon as I plugged the front connector on the trans it gave some continuity between positive and case ground.
so pulled the pan, and the pressure solonoid, opened it up by bending back the edge, found quite some metal particles in there, like the normal bit on the magnet in the big pan, cleaned the thing and put it back together and back in the gearbox. continuity as well as geaerbox error are gone now.

its that simple ! and a solonoid costs only about $30 bucks ! however don't forget to buy some gearbox oil (dexron ||| ) at least 2 litres as there will be about that coming out.
best offcourse, is to change all the oil while you're at it.

sivaraj palanisamy: hi, when i use 9volt battery across 2 terminal in solenoid, u said i will see 100 to 300 millivotl acros the same 2 terminals. surprised , i am sending 9volt in both  terminal and if i measure the same 2 terminal i should see 9v why i am seeing 100 to 300 millivolt please advsie.

mctapout187: Is it possible to make your auto transmission shift quicker/faster and reduce or stop gear overlapping on an ect electronically controlled transmission

Đorđe Petrović: Hi, I have a Saab 9-5 2010, I have a problem with a errors P0778 and P0966. The errors refer to a problem with solenoid B. We are replace the solenoid and we check all installation cable and everything was correct but it again repeated the mistakes after a short time. Du you have any idea what we should check next or what could be really mistake? thanks in advance...

gaby salgado: i do have a 2004 honda accord 4 cyl, 2.4 , engine light is on, code is P0962 pressure control solenoid A control circuit low,  where is located this solenoid, inside or outside the transmission?

Stephen Graham: I bought a foreign used Nissan Y12 AD Van and after receiving the car two weeks I honestly didn't anticipate having a transmission problem... On doing a diagnostic check I was advised that the (16- line pressure solenoid valve is the problem) I need your help please.. what should I do,should I keep the money on trying to repair it and invest that money in a new transmission..

ADPTraining: We developed 2 items for transmission diagnostics:

Lexii Anderson: I have a 01 impala my car is stuck in high gear.. It want pull off in drive I have to put in gear 1 to make it drive and switch my gears from 123 D what does this means. I have change the stranier of the tranmission and chek the wires what else can be the problem please help

Bill Reid: I have a 2002 grand prix and it  shakes a little getting up to speed, when I get up to speed it doesent want to shift into overdrive for about 10 miles then it shifts. code p1811 came up what could the problem be ? PCS ?

Marco Lara: i have an oldsmobile silhouette 2000 and i need some help on replacing the transmisson pressure control solenoid. 

matt baker: i have a 92 dodge dakota 4x4 with a 318 driving the other day stoped and went to go and it was like it wasnt in gear shut it off for a while started up and only drives for short distances now and does it all over again and ideas? i have been told many different things just trying to get some more ideas

paryabaker: I have 2003 buick regal that will not shift to overdrive. Sometimes 1st gear slip and cause the car to jerk forward when it suddenly engage. There are times that it take times to shift from 1st to second or second to 3rd. Change fluid at 100, miles. what are the possible cause?
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Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS)