Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS)

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kent Payen: Hey guys...i rebuilt an x5 4.4 tranny...was good for a while...until today i got NO drive and NO reverse

Macauley Housley: Good video

alexander uzoechina: Hi, I have an 05 tundra with shifting problems. Drives good from 1st to 2nd or say 30 mph or if I whack it; 50mph then it revs freely. and if I floor some more it wud engage with a very violent thud like I got smacked in the rear. Throws up code P2716. What's your advice?

Brittany Kelly: 2008 Chevy impala goes in all gears but drive

Alejandro Madrigal: I have a 99 GMC sierra recently had a issue while driving slipped out of gear ... Don't have 1st 2nd or 3rd or drive and reverse could it be a solenoid ??

Furozz: I have a 1999 vw jetta, and she only shift to 3rd gear above 4200rpm. I change all the sensor on the transmition for shifting but it change Notting. When i check with my obd2 for a code in the car computer, it say ( drive shaft ). And when i delette the code, the car go perfectely until i close it and when i restart the car, the code show up again. What can i do?

Jacob Witmer: I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle Limited FWD with a CVT and My wrench light (Limp mode) comes on whenever I come to a complete stop. Auto Zone detected error code P0701. The local auto-mechanic said it was solinoids. Could this help fix my car?

Kelley Wood: man i really wish i watched this before buying 2 transmissions

Ghinea Bogdan: I do have a FORD S_MAX 2.0 TDCI 103 kw, CODE P2715 - Pressure Control Solenoid 'D' Stuck On, where is located this solenoid in gearbox valve body.

Buddy Mills: 2004 gmc envoy. shift cable broke. replaced it. shortly afterwards it will not go backwards. no reverse. Forward is fine.

Fransisco Martinez: impala 2008 no codes slow move whit half trotle 50 psi in idle 300 psi pulling the conector need advise only reverse seems work thanks

Phil Lowman: Why are decent videos ruined by these computer voices??? If you think it makes them more interesting it doesn't it only pisses off the viewer.!!!

cristian lopez: I got a p2714 today I hope it is not the end of my car

Jermie Charles: I have a 2003 Mercedes s430 with P2108 code TRANS SHIFT PRESSURE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE FAILED what should I do?

Efren Rodriguez: i have a honda civic 07 and the code is p0966 the check engine is on and the transmision is forcing it self

KEVLAR PEREZ: I have a 2005 grand Cherokee 5.7. I first received the P0700 code with a lot of other various codes which came from the bad battery (low voltage codes). Also came up was the code for speed sensors input and then the P0934 code for oil line pressure sensor. I replaced all but just a couple days later the engine light came back on and the codes were the 0700 & 0934 again. Your video makes me think I have a similar problem but not too sure. It's so difficult it seems because the transmission is all electrical. I wonder if I have a bad solenoid under the pan area?

Mark Blankenship: Hello there, I have a 2003 venture and was wondering if the failure of this component could cause a total lack of travel. I was driving when all of a sudden I lost all gears including reverse.

Sam Fidal: i have jeep cherokee 2008 throwing these codes p0935 pressure sensor circuit high( active )
2- p1745 transmission line pressure too high for too long
i replaced the valve block with oem brand new one still no hope -connectors - fuses all seems to be good the car is only 90k miles !!!

Matt Casdorph: I'm getting a P0775 code on a Ford, In Drive I can feel it switching from 1st to 2nd seemingly when its supposed to, but it doesn't appear to be switching from 2nd to 3rd, the code says "Pressure Control Solenoid B", which I'm thinking is associated with it not going into 3rd. Any suggestions? I'm not sure if I can swap out the bad solenoid or if I have to replace a pack.

Also this not going into 3rd is a problem, Cannot go very long distances and have to take secondary roads to avoid faster traffic.

Josue Fernandez Morales: Good video !
But a i have
a question. I have a mazda protege 2002 sedan automatic transmission. On the mornings if i dont let the car heat up around 10 to 15 minutes when i put the drive shift it slip. I get a code and i have the p1250 which is for the pcs D

what thoes that means ?
Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS) 5 out of 5

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Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS)