Black Powder Salute Cannon - Loading And Firing

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SuperCal: Smaller wadding with a AA battery as a projectile works nice. The cannon does a flip and you get more boom.

Braden Peckham: I had the same lighter but the rubber fuel hose melted and so it no longer works.

David McCullough: Very cool.  FYI, you can easily make your own black powder.  It's just 75% Potassium Nitrate (fertilizer), 15% Charcoal (make your own from soft wood like Willow, Pine or Fir), and 10% Sulfur (optional, but it lowers the ignition temp.  Use more charcoal if not using Sulfur).  Store bought charcoal has additives in it that make the powder less powerful, but it does work.  Google how to do it, it's kinda fun.  I think I'm going to make my own cannon now.  Thanks for the video!

firestarter1082: It dont come with any powder to shoot it. I was thinking about getting one but im afraid I wont get to shoot it I live in nj and the stuff your talking about they dont sell ? 

ra777wow: Lots of fun !

SuperCal: I just bought one of these cannon from Kennesaw.What a blast.25 grains of Pyrodex packed tight and you will have a blast.50 grains of powder and it sounds like a 12 gauge.

Dongkeun Park: "The tighter you pack it, the better bang you are going to get"

Gustavo Felipe: ouuuuuuuhhhhh my god muito massa esse mini canhão

FLAMINGAIRSOFTSTUDIO: I made one. It was 50 cal. Put in 10 copper bbs. I don't know where it launched itself to. Will find out tomorrow. CRAZY kick. about as much as a real shotgun. It was designed to fit on a lego artillery piece mount i made tho. CRAZY. You can see a couple eary vids of it shooting very low powder loads on my channel, though you have to go to some of my first vids.

Steve Buchholz: It says in the instructions to NOT USE smokeless powder...I shot mine yesterday for the first time using pyrodex and it just went fffffssssss and blew some smoke did not go bang...packed it tight and still no bang...I will keep trying....

Congested Pike: It's not made for it but you probably could

ittakesskillz: i got legit smokeless black powder i put about enough that could fit on my finger tip in a small hole in a 2/4 and compacked it like a sob then put a sparkler in it, it blew the 2/4 in half and sounded louder than a 44 magnum...

jake sierka: good but i think it was actually maybe made to shoot something like a copper bb

thatharleyguy: can you actually shoot a .58 cal lead ball

SittingMoose Shaman: ...use a black powder measuring/pour device...

fox123456789ish: ok thanks i found some at a fireworks store :)

imjustwonderful: @fox123456789ish most fireworks distributor has 2mm canon or "safety fuse". you can also buy it online, depending on where you live

fox123456789ish: where do u get fuses

Tara Sherrick: How many ppl want to see the cannon upside down in the bottle of pyrodex.

BillyBob Bobberton: Great video. Very informative. Thanks!
Black Powder Salute Cannon - Loading and Firing 5 out of 5

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Black Powder Salute Cannon - Loading and Firing