Black Powder Salute Cannon - Loading And Firing

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Black Powder Salute Cannon - Loading and Firing
Black Powder Salute Cannon - Loading and Firing
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DYI salute cannon build
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firestarter1082: It dont come with any powder to shoot it. I was thinking about getting one but im afraid I wont get to shoot it I live in nj and the stuff your talking about they dont sell ? 

mybirdbomb: about how much powder did you load ? I am assuming 1/2" in the barrel. would 3/4" be way too much. Thx

MrGlock55: can you actually shoot a .58 cal lead ball

SittingMoose Shaman: ...use a black powder measuring/pour device...

Young Media Productions: @shaftwood By no means am I an expert, but I am glad to share what information I do know! Thank you for your comment and enjoy!

shaftwood: This is probably the most descriptive and informative video on this subject on all of YouTube. Thank you for posting!

fox123456789ish: where do u get fuses

SuperCal: I just bought one of these cannon from Kennesaw.What a blast.25 grains of Pyrodex packed tight and you will have a blast.50 grains of powder and it sounds like a 12 gauge.

Young Media Productions: @mannbradmusic Brad, Thanks for your interest in this cannon. I have heard of some schools using black powder cannons to celebrate touchdowns for their team. Unfortunately, my previous HS and current college do not do this. This cannon is a bit small, but still produces quite a bang. I hope to upload some better firings this summer so that the Youtube community can get a feel for how this cannon sounds.

aaronzack14: how come your kennesaw is different from mine because i got mine from cabelas and the was a kennesaw, but yours is a strait berall mine has like some sort of design at the center

Young Media Productions: @Idiotology101 Your welcome! There are plenty of sites across the web that sell black powder cannons.

Young Media Productions: @mybirdbomb It really depends on the size of the cannon, the type of "powder" you are using, the powder's burn rate, etc. In all cases you should follow the safety instructions. In no way am I an expert, so I cannot advise you on how much powder is safe.

hopecamel: nice now put bbs in it and aim at a watermelon id make a cool vid

mybirdbomb: @mybirdbomb So I found the correct setup, 1" of fuse in cannon, fill powder grains to expansion area or half full. It worked well. Typical Kennesaw setup!

ittakesskillz: i got legit smokeless black powder i put about enough that could fit on my finger tip in a small hole in a 2/4 and compacked it like a sob then put a sparkler in it, it blew the 2/4 in half and sounded louder than a 44 magnum...

jerapahmati: Teger

aaronzack14: dang thats slow burning, id recommend 1/8 in. fuse at 9 seconds to the foot

mannbradmusic: You are quite welcome!

zippo1592647873: i think when the cannon gets airborn and flys backwards that meens u used to much powder , lol jk , nice vid but u should invest in a funnel lid (really helpfull , pyrodex makes them to fit right on the jug ) and id advise a powder measure for easier and more acurate loads ,, my 2 cents

Tom Young: Nice job!

Rone170: How many ppl want to see the cannon upside down in the bottle of pyrodex.

Steve Buchholz: It says in the instructions to NOT USE smokeless powder...I shot mine yesterday for the first time using pyrodex and it just went fffffssssss and blew some smoke did not go bang...packed it tight and still no bang...I will keep trying....

Spaceshotx7: Is it as loud as those muskets, or any standard size cannon?

kstender: Great video. Very informative. Thanks!

happydays: use a plastic funnel to load it

FLAMINGAIRSOFTSTUDIO: I made one. It was 50 cal. Put in 10 copper bbs. I don't know where it launched itself to. Will find out tomorrow. CRAZY kick. about as much as a real shotgun. It was designed to fit on a lego artillery piece mount i made tho. CRAZY. You can see a couple eary vids of it shooting very low powder loads on my channel, though you have to go to some of my first vids.

Young Media Productions: @vaugier7 I can't say exactly for your area, but I know I paid about $25 for the bottle of Pyrodex in this video at my local Walmart.

Gustavo Felipe: ouuuuuuuhhhhh my god muito massa esse mini canhão

Young Media Productions: @aaronzack14 hmmm Well, first of all, I bought my cannon atleast a year back. And I don't know how long they had it sitting in inventory for. Second, I did not buy mine from Cabelas. I bought mine from a online website. I do know that Kennesaw makes different cannons, so maybe you just got a different model.

jake sierka: good but i think it was actually maybe made to shoot something like a copper bb

Idiotology101: thank u, this really helped me wih the information i needed to know about packing the cannon and what to use. now i need to buy one

mannbradmusic: Greetings to you! I am blind, but not totally and I thought I would drop a line simply to let you know that this clip seems to remind me of the type of cannon that many schools fire at their football games when their team scores a touchdown. I have a cousin who played for a high school in the area where I grew up and they did just that. I must add that when it went off, it scared the living daylights out of me. Sincerely, Brad.

MichaelkSimmons: Which has less recoil, this one or the other black $30 mini cannon?

TheGarcia350: if you don't mind, where in georgia did you get that cannon, cuz i want one as decoration ;)

fox123456789ish: ok thanks i found some at a fireworks store :)

alejandrobos379: hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahah

Young Media Productions: @Airborne80 Blackpowder is supposed to burn a bit quicker than the pyrodex I used in these firings. I can imagine that your report was "quicker" and thus why it sounded more like a gunshot. To me, my cannon sounds a bit "slower" than a gunshot, but I think that it give the percussion a good cannon-like sound. Unfortunately, the reports in this video sound extremely muffled to the poor microphones on my video camera.

ra777wow: Lots of fun !

imjustwonderful: @fox123456789ish most fireworks distributor has 2mm canon or "safety fuse". you can also buy it online, depending on where you live

Young Media Productions: @mybirdbomb Yes, that sounds about right.

RushVoltage: It's not made for it but you probably could

Airborne80: Nice job on the video. I just bought the same cannon and have posted two videos of it being fired. I use black powder and it seems to produce a different bang than yours does. Mine sounds more like a gunshot. These are great fun for just $27.00 plus fuse and powder. Thanks for the video.

Dongkeun Park: "The tighter you pack it, the better bang you are going to get"

vaugier7: how much does pyrodex usually cast
Black Powder Salute Cannon - Loading and Firing 4.8 out of 5

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Black Powder Salute Cannon - Loading and Firing