MultiMan (StealthMan) V4.46.01 CEX And DEX Base Install And Download

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Devran Yildiran: ummm okay                                                   

Mohi Kingi: thanks man

Zhyar Yassin: thanks it works

I Am A Liquid: any bo2 modder add me pls

Clinton Hester: does these still work


Someone please help me. I'm trying to download multiMan but it's a package file/pkg file and it want download. I'm on windows 8 now, it updated... And... it comes up something like this when it's done downloading: What do you want to open this file as? And it's like find it in the app store. It doesn't know how to open it from it. It then is disappeared because it want open with movie editor or wordpad or notepad, etc, etc. Not WinRAR obviously. So... I don't know what to do. :(

MrDuckyOnQuacky: theres nothing different on my ps3 like the folder to get to the InstallPKG.pkg

Tyler White: how do you determine if you have dex or cex

Mabrouk Bouchiba:  can anybody tell me how do u know if its jailbroken or not!!? i got this ps3 for my younger brother. its a phat version with 4.55 rogero cfw. multiman is installed but whenever i run it the screen goes black and nothing happens untill i restart it manually. im stuck so please if u got any idea i would literally appreciate it :)

Jack Underwood: how do we know if we have CEX or DEX

Parker M: the file is corrupt

DiamondCreeper: I don't have that folder on my ps3

Theo Mezz: everytime i put my usb in my ps3 super slim it doesnt come up with the install storage like it does on yours???? what do i do !?!?!?!?!?!

Nillx Topz: Is this working for super slim ps3 ?

zZfUzZ1OnZzPR: i Have 4.46 rebug on dex and i try install this show an error.. please help 

Jersey Rodrigues: how do you get the install package icon??

Ricky12Awesome: freaking lier There;s no such this as "install packages"

Xx-SWAGz_MoDz-xX: Hey guys if you don't have jailbreak don't try this and you can downgrade a super slim just change the motherboard from a downgrade able and put it in the super slim then jailbreak it.

AdVaNcEd-22: I got on my usb when I put on ps3 it says empty

faflia Chanel: где русский
MultiMan (StealthMan) V4.46.01 CEX and DEX Base Install and Download 5 out of 5

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MultiMan (StealthMan) V4.46.01 CEX and DEX Base Install and Download