Animatronic Hand Robot 3D Printer 'InMoov' Part4

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Animatronic Hand Robot 3D printer
Animatronic Hand Robot 3D printer "InMoov" Part4
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Animatronic Hand Robot 3D printer
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InMoov hand
InMoov on legs first 3D printed robot OpenSource
InMoov on legs first 3D printed robot OpenSource

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BEN 3D: It is still really cool :-D

canal woody woodtroll: five nights at robot

DARDELIVE: Gael can you speak french pls

Nirmal Chandra: Gael Langevin
im planing to do this project for my fyp
and since im a beginner for robotics
so u programmed the gestures,
but how exactly a person wearing the prosthetic hand can control the movements
Thank you.

Cristian Rodrigo García Delfín: Where can i use this hand? instead of the humanoid robot inmoov?

Ivan Llopis: Amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

N1ckfm Master: so cool! +gael langevin  with this open project we can expand the robotics in  all the world :)  and we can make a event for the best algorithm in arm, head, leg  using inmoov :)

Sheldon The Cat: Use it with Leap Motion to control ^^ 

Matthieu Simard: I swear this is the best prosthesis hand i saw up to yet. Perfect articulations :) You should try to study physical nervous signals and find a proper way of analysis to get the most out of a person's missing limb's signals...

Matthieu Simard: to save on energy, try to make cable blockers that gets activated when a movement is finished. This way, you won't need to keep the motor on until a new command is sent.
Whenever a cable reached its destination position, it should be held in place like with a winch. 

Well.. is it working with tendons at least? lol :p

shakir jaafar: where can i get this arduino programming script.. are u already upload it?

Guilty Vortex: Do we not have the technology to make a robot flip the bird?

yousef nimat: Did you use fishing lines to move the robot? I am trying to build this robot and tried to use fishing lines but the movement of the fingers is not smooth. when a finger moves the sections of the fingers do not move at the same time; each section move separately until the finger closes. I think it is because the line is too soft. should I use something harder?

Guillermo Superboy: this is so cool!!! thank you for the video =) =) =) <3

UROVRussia: very good

TheBoyzza: How can you connect 5 servos in this arm? cause I try but can not.

MKme Lab: Thanks you SO much for this project Gael.  Thanks to you I was indeed able to make my InMoov arm function and also link it to my DIY EEG headset! DIY Brain-Computer/Robot Interface- Part 8
You Sir, are amazing.  Cheers

Дмитрий Терминаторович: моя рука робота

robot hand - рука робота

Vahagn Nahapetyan: Amazing, thanks for sharing.

Christopher B-J: Where can i download the microcontroleur code plz? Thank a lot!!
Animatronic Hand Robot 3D printer "InMoov" Part4 5 out of 5

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Animatronic Hand Robot 3D printer