7.3 96 Powerstroke Stage 2 Injectors D66 Turbo

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IgotGreens101: Thats dirty´╗┐

QwikDzl: i ran this exhaust and i didnt have anything soot underneath, i was tired of my rear passenger tire being black all the time haha check out the video i have and you will see how much soot i have. i was surprised that nothing underneath was black. do you still have the exhaust in front of the wheel? i would love to see a video of it to see how it looks!

basserboy171: i hate tw idle when it idles down mine does the same thing, but please take some more videos of driving and what not!

Scfdr22: Stock HPOP?

SINSTER7THREE: No head studs!. I don't know how much boost, always forget to look @ WOT!

SINSTER7THREE: Lots of soot on the diff and shocks. Nothing on my tail gate. I dont run a rear bumper.

Kris Femenia: Ats**

Joe Bell: Stock hpop?

Joe Bell: @SINSTER7THREE Is it a 17 degree hpop? Where did you buy it from?

SINSTER7THREE: I think stock head studs are good til 500ish. Then do pushrods and valve springs while you are there

QwikDzl: i have the exact same truck with a d66 and same injectors, i broke 2 35psi autometer guages

Kris Femenia: How is every truck different?

Ryker Laaksonen: I've got a video of it running up. Ended up doing what you did, lifting it, and selling it :[ just found this reply from awhile back. Thanks for making me regret my decision! lol

roadkill23824: Ok thanks, im planning a similar build and hope to get results similar to this

SINSTER7THREE: @Joseph Moore I wouldnt either. Id get a T4 mount or possibly a SD setup.

roadkill23824: What brand injectors are you running? And did you install an intercooler?

SINSTER7THREE: Adrenaline HPOP on Tony Wildmans extreme setting, 160/80 nozzles

SINSTER7THREE: Not sure about how much boost a 7.3 can hold since boost doesn't equal power. Your turbo is a different story, if you have the proper tuning your stock turbo could last for a while.

SINSTER7THREE: Rosewood diesel injectors. Yes , I installed a 6.0 intercooler

Joseph Moore: got the same set up just made 428/820 yesterday on the dyno and crap the exhaust wheel at 40 psi not to sure if im going to go back with the D66 though...

Kris Femenia: I gotcha!! Do you run headstuds? And how much boost on your d66?

SINSTER7THREE: TW tunes are known for doing that... Smokey aswell. I get 15mpg in town with 4.10s, if Im lucky. Ill post some driving vids in the near future.

SINSTER7THREE: Its a step above the SD 17* pump, You get the pump from DieselSite, or a vender

SINSTER7THREE: I meant all 7.3s can be different. Not all 7.3s with no headstuds would be blowing a head gasket @ 500rwhp. it can go either way...with any motor really.

PapaDuckk: Would you need to get an aftermarket tranny for those upgrades?

SINSTER7THREE: I think you'll be alright with 43 pounds of boost. but if you are making 550 rwhp with stock head bolts you might be pushing it. Every truck is different.

SINSTER7THREE: I bet its under 40 pounds of boost easily though , respectively

SINSTER7THREE: A built tranny wouldn't hurt of course. However, a good triple disk TC and valve body could get you by for a while

SINSTER7THREE: Its a step above the SD 17* pump. DieselSite makes it and you can get it from them or a vender

Ryker Laaksonen: I have a 96 with a 4" straight pipe that exits in front of the rear wheel. it sounds good, but im not sold on how it looks. Id kinda like to "hide" my exhaust the way you did by dumping it in front of the diff. My question is how dirty does this style exhaust make your truck underneath, and on the tailgate? thanks.

basserboy171: yeah they are pretty smokey, but my tunes are probaby 5-6 years old, check out my videos

Kris Femenia: With no headstuds? And yeah i have a bd triple disc with torque lock and its clutch packs.
7.3 96 powerstroke stage 2 injectors D66 turbo 5 out of 5

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7.3 96 powerstroke stage 2 injectors D66 turbo