RA TECH How To Install NPAS Kits Into AGM M4GBB

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MikeyW: can you show how to do this with the pistols?

Aldwin Umali: will this work with the kwa lm4?

Rick Rabies: he didnt even mention an M14.

Kaffebonden00: About the WE M4; I've heard alot of different upgrades for this platform. Be it Ra-Tech, TSC or some other brands. Many ehhanced parts, trigger and hammer for instance. But how much of all upgrades is actually needed? I have bought the NPAS kit allready. How about new nozzel? Hopup? I've heard that the original bolt carrier could snap/break very easy, should I get a reinforced bolt carrier? I mean, so much upgrades but my economy won't allow me to buy everything.. Hope you can answer..

RA-TECH: @Spyflugan91 No it is different. You may refer to installation for WE M14.

RA-TECH: @IrishAirsofters yes.

Ronan Drea: Do you need the "WA" version for the AGM M4 GBB

Jayy_760: Will this NPAS Kit work with the JG M4A1 GBB (MC6604)?

Andrew Mabbett: @ratech5915 pickleheads

Jayy_760: When you were twisting the allen wrench screwdriver, what was that suppose to do? Does that change the FPS of the gun?

KatonBoy: If the FPS is as low as possible, will gas usage be more efficient?

KiNGxOFFROAD: hi will this fit the WE Scar? the latest model?

RA-TECH: @cooldragon224 yes , i think so

solarkid123123: Can i fit this onto JG GBB m4?

alberto cuevas: what website can i order the agm kit from i cant find it

Raynaldo Christian: cool

RA-TECH: serch RA-TECH,and contack us

Nelson Gonzalez: Sir , im about to buy this replica here in Chile , but in order to play i will need this kit to down the fps to a permited range , how can i order this kit from you , please reply .

RA-TECH: we have npas kit for WE, Please visit our web site.

hieu hoang: Can I fit this on WE M4 CO2?
RA TECH How to install NPAS kits into AGM M4GBB 5 out of 5

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RA TECH  How to install NPAS kits into AGM M4GBB