RA TECH How To Install NPAS Kits Into AGM M4GBB

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MikeyW: can you show how to do this with the pistols?

Aldwin Umali: will this work with the kwa lm4?

Rick Rabies: he didnt even mention an M14.

Kaffebonden00: About the WE M4; I've heard alot of different upgrades for this platform. Be it Ra-Tech, TSC or some other brands. Many ehhanced parts, trigger and hammer for instance. But how much of all upgrades is actually needed? I have bought the NPAS kit allready. How about new nozzel? Hopup? I've heard that the original bolt carrier could snap/break very easy, should I get a reinforced bolt carrier? I mean, so much upgrades but my economy won't allow me to buy everything.. Hope you can answer..

RA-TECH: @Spyflugan91 No it is different. You may refer to installation for WE M14.

SwedishBasterd: Please respond, I'm about to buy the NPAS kit for my WE m4 gbbr. But is this the same process with the WE as with the AGM? Do you know?

RA-TECH: @IrishAirsofters yes.

Ronan Drea: Do you need the "WA" version for the AGM M4 GBB

Jayy_760: Will this NPAS Kit work with the JG M4A1 GBB (MC6604)?

Andrew Mabbett: @ratech5915 pickleheads

Jayy_760: When you were twisting the allen wrench screwdriver, what was that suppose to do? Does that change the FPS of the gun?

KatonBoy: If the FPS is as low as possible, will gas usage be more efficient?

KiNGxOFFROAD: hi will this fit the WE Scar? the latest model?

RA-TECH: @cooldragon224 yes , i think so

solarkid123123: Can i fit this onto JG GBB m4?

alberto cuevas: what website can i order the agm kit from i cant find it

Raynaldo Christian: cool

RA-TECH: serch RA-TECH,and contack us

Nelson Gonzalez: Sir , im about to buy this replica here in Chile , but in order to play i will need this kit to down the fps to a permited range , how can i order this kit from you , please reply .

RA-TECH: we have npas kit for WE, Please visit our web site.
RA TECH How to install NPAS kits into AGM M4GBB 5 out of 5

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RA TECH  How to install NPAS kits into AGM M4GBB