Lama V4 Full Brushless Single Rotor Conversion

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Lama V4 full brushless single rotor conversion
Lama V4 full brushless single rotor conversion
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Rhiann Dela Cruz: this is what I'm looking, coaxial to single rotor, im going to convert mine! thanks!

Seat Cushion: seems a little tilted to the left from the tail rotor.. maybe some weight on the left will straighten it out..

Walleby1: Is it easy to flay this helicopter?

CHLWC: Well done DenDog. You have put together an awsome heli there.. Keep up the good work..

jminors: great conversion!! u mind sharing the parts list, with us, to complete this?

dendog220: Hello there.. That funny sound at start up was from the brushless motors. The electric speed controls use the motors to make that sound, to indicate the motors are armed and ready. Pretty neat features for brushless setups. Thanks for your comment~

dendog220: @Datkstaw Hello there.. I didn't cut any wire; I had no problem with the red wire being there... some ppl removed it for reasons I forgot. But luckily I don't have to do that... I posted detail of my equipment on RCgroup forum, under "micro heli" section. If you do a search (cx2 single blade conversion) on that message board, you may find it. Hope this helps~

shockflyyer3d: GYRO FAIL

dendog220: Thanks man... glad u like my little project~

dendog220: Thanks for your comment! This is my 2nd day flying a single rotor heli; I guess the training I had from the Lama v4 helped. Keep on practicing mate! Practice flying is so much fun that I will never get tired of! I only hope that I would't crash too much so I can keep the spending down :P

polgasen: I bet it's more faster outdoor!! post a vid!!

Mateusz Marzec: Very nice Lama

captainpaok: wow how do u make this????

dendog220: I think a single stock 180 motor can make your CX2 airborne, but just barely. I heard that the motor will get very hot after flight. An upgraded Xtreme 180 SE may be a better choice...

polgasen: Best mod ever for a coaxial heli!!! I think your mod will be the next step after coaxial... before going to a fixed pitch helis!!! well it's it's already fixed pitchnow!! hahahaha. EASIER to fly THAN A FIXED PITCH? how come?

Rob Felarca: very nice modifications what are the parts used? BTW, check your inbox

dendog220: sorry for the confusion.. I mean the servo arm. Using a slightly longer servo arm will help giving you more control authority. (if your current arm has more than one hole, can you try moving the pushrod link to the outer hole; 2nd or 3rd hole would be good without too much side effect)... Hope it helps!

Samuel Alejandro López Hernández: wow, im impressed, amazing conversion, you sould explain it ina forum :)

dendog220: I'm glad u like it mate.. I wanted to put together a video on how to make this little mod, but I've not been able to find the time to do so... I'll send u a msg when I get the build log ready. Meanwhile, pls take a look at the Nine Eagle Kestrel SX; most of the parts I use are from that heli.... Best regards..

michel09xx: what kind of brushlee motor did you use for this upgrade?

SEz610i: Need some help here..i had a stock lama v4, hoping to mod into xtreme, but what i hope to know is, is xtreme lama really can fly in a windy condition? or only outdoor without wind? can it fight againts the wind? sorry man, im just a beginner..

unoefxz: yes sir, didn't know you were into mods like this, awesome.... CG

leviterande: you mean it wasnt too hard for you?

SEz610i: yea, i had the extreme blade too and i found it heavier than the stock 1. the servo pushrod means the link? but the stock servo link already trimmed, do we have to change a new 1? bout how long for it to be perfect?

Anthony Casella: Does this Heli come ready to fly?

dendog220: yeah, you have sharp eyes! I found this little heli very sensitive to weight distribution difference; every time I use different batteries, it will tilt to different direction. So I ended up setting it up for the TP1320 battery :)

loganspellspear: @Datkstaw huh

dendog220: thanks for your good comment, mate. sadly I don't think a heli like this will be a good sale; I don't think too many ppl are willing to spend the effort and bucks like me to get the best parts for the little toy heli... :)

26inchesonimpala: i would buy one off you ^__^ but i guess im just one person out of trillions

michel09xx: what kind of brushlee motor did you use for this upgrade? where can I see pictures of all the process for this upgrade. I would like to the list of everything you used so I can try it too. thanks alot.

loganspellspear: i was look in at comments and what is a hbfp2

dendog220: hi there.. the Xtreme upgrades are most for looks. they really won't make your lama fly too much better in the wind. In fact, I found the thicker Xtreme blades actually perform worse outside. I'd recommend using the thinner Airy blades, as they are lighter yet as strong. playing with your flybar and servo pushrod length might be your better options.

dendog220: Thanks man... I'll try to get an out door flying vid when I have the chance~

dendog220: Is this Cable Guy from RCGroups? Nice to see you here... greetings from dendog... =)

you toob: im liking the stability on this can i convert a cx2 and use the stock 180 motors is that enough power?

Datkstaw: @Dendog220 Hi, I have nearly finish it but i cannot make the gyro hold well the tail. I'm using a telebee HH also. Did you do anything special ? Some mix on the radio ? HH or Normal mode ? ... Thanks

Flap1987: coool ;-) anyway, why that lama and other model make that sound at their start up? What kind of mod in that? Thank (5 stars, very cool rc modded helicopter)

jayceeuybarreta: that is so cool. could you post a video on how you made it?

Flap1987: thks :)

Datkstaw: Hello, Please, can you tell me something ? I told you that i was going to make a full Lama Single rotor BL like yours but did you cut the red wire from the ESC( for the tail rotor) to the gyro to just have one BEC for the AR6100 instead of two (because there're two ESC : for the main motor and the tail one )? Or did you keep it ? I read somewhere that on the HBFP2 BL conversion, we needed to cut it. Thank you a lot.

dendog220: I guess u'd need some slightly longer blades.. I am using the Nine Eagle SX blades now. They are a bit longer than a standard Lama blade, and they are a lot harder...

volcomx484: good beginig heli?

dendog220: for a single blade FP heli, this one is stable and fairly easy to fly~

dendog220: I can try to make a short list of the parts I used and how to put them together... it might take me a while to put together a short video, but it sure sounds like a nice thing to do~

dendog220: @Datkstaw Hello there.. I am using an Align 750 gyro on this heli now in HH mode. It holds the head really nicely with head locks dead in place. When I used the Telebee gyro, I don't recall doing anything special. I remember setting the gear value in my DX7 at around 70%, but I could only manage to get the rate mode to work. Do you know how to turn the Gear channel into gyro mode? Maybe that setting would help you get the HH out... sorry I can't be of much help...

CyclingMagician: yea, but i'll find a way im sure.

SEz610i: man, thanks alot, i gonna get new arm (cos mine only have 1 hole) and get it done, i believe it will help the swashplate to tilt more n enchance outdoor flying performance, good 1, man, thanks alot for that advice, love ya!

alitalia82: VeERY IMPRESSED, that is one nice CX2, don't think you can call it a CX2 anymore you have made your own machine, Maybe you should start selling them????

dendog220: hi.. I guess it depends on how experienced a pilot you are... if you are already a seasoned pilot capable of doing 3D tricks, then the 4g3... but the smaller the heli it is, the harder it is to fly... a Nine Eagle SX or the Hirobo Quark are both very good for first time single blade pilots like myself... I'm moving up to a BL modified BCPP as my next step.. :)

Mohken: this is not esky lama v4
Lama V4 full brushless single rotor conversion 4.6 out of 5

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Lama V4 full brushless single rotor conversion