Lama V4 Full Brushless Single Rotor Conversion

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Lama V4 full brushless single rotor conversion
Lama V4 full brushless single rotor conversion
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Lama V4 brushless Test
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ESky Lama V4 Head Upgrade Part 1.
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Johnny Gibbs: hi Dendog220 . do you mind share some info how to turn lama in to single rotor???


Gy6Hack Ph: this is what I'm looking, coaxial to single rotor, im going to convert mine! thanks!

Walleby1: Is it easy to flay this helicopter?

dendog220: @Datkstaw Hello there.. I am using an Align 750 gyro on this heli now in HH mode. It holds the head really nicely with head locks dead in place. When I used the Telebee gyro, I don't recall doing anything special. I remember setting the gear value in my DX7 at around 70%, but I could only manage to get the rate mode to work. Do you know how to turn the Gear channel into gyro mode? Maybe that setting would help you get the HH out... sorry I can't be of much help...

Datkstaw: @Dendog220 Hi, I have nearly finish it but i cannot make the gyro hold well the tail. I'm using a telebee HH also. Did you do anything special ? Some mix on the radio ? HH or Normal mode ? ... Thanks

Anthony Casella: Does this Heli come ready to fly?

Datkstaw: @dendog220 Hello, I have already read all the 20 pages :) I've seen a picture for the cable connecting on a HBFP2. If we didn't cut the wire the receiver would have been served by two ESC so two times 5V. Thanks

dendog220: @Datkstaw Hello there.. I didn't cut any wire; I had no problem with the red wire being there... some ppl removed it for reasons I forgot. But luckily I don't have to do that... I posted detail of my equipment on RCgroup forum, under "micro heli" section. If you do a search (cx2 single blade conversion) on that message board, you may find it. Hope this helps~

Datkstaw: Hello, Please, can you tell me something ? I told you that i was going to make a full Lama Single rotor BL like yours but did you cut the red wire from the ESC( for the tail rotor) to the gyro to just have one BEC for the AR6100 instead of two (because there're two ESC : for the main motor and the tail one )? Or did you keep it ? I read somewhere that on the HBFP2 BL conversion, we needed to cut it. Thank you a lot.

fastcar: I've had this one for a while. But I never liked how it flew, I found it too shaky.

birdman bl: killer bro. does the tail have a motor

SEz610i: man, thanks alot, i gonna get new arm (cos mine only have 1 hole) and get it done, i believe it will help the swashplate to tilt more n enchance outdoor flying performance, good 1, man, thanks alot for that advice, love ya!

Kaledius: you mean it wasnt too hard for you?

dendog220: thx for ur comments.. yes, that was my very first flight of a single blade heli, just after i completed the project.. but the 45 degree flybar made it fly similar to the coaxial, so it was too hard for me.... just have to watch out for the tail, as it is not as planted as the coaxial...

Kaledius: wowo was this your first single blade flight,, wowo you must be amazingly good at flying,, thats not possible.. the 45 flybar is stabilizing right?

dendog220: sorry for the confusion.. I mean the servo arm. Using a slightly longer servo arm will help giving you more control authority. (if your current arm has more than one hole, can you try moving the pushrod link to the outer hole; 2nd or 3rd hole would be good without too much side effect)... Hope it helps!

SEz610i: yea, i had the extreme blade too and i found it heavier than the stock 1. the servo pushrod means the link? but the stock servo link already trimmed, do we have to change a new 1? bout how long for it to be perfect?

dendog220: hi there.. the Xtreme upgrades are most for looks. they really won't make your lama fly too much better in the wind. In fact, I found the thicker Xtreme blades actually perform worse outside. I'd recommend using the thinner Airy blades, as they are lighter yet as strong. playing with your flybar and servo pushrod length might be your better options.

SEz610i: Need some help here..i had a stock lama v4, hoping to mod into xtreme, but what i hope to know is, is xtreme lama really can fly in a windy condition? or only outdoor without wind? can it fight againts the wind? sorry man, im just a beginner..

shockflyyer3d: GYRO FAIL
Lama V4 full brushless single rotor conversion 5 out of 5

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Lama V4 full brushless single rotor conversion