Lady Comstock Ghost Siren 1999 Mode (bucking Bronco Method) Bioshock Infinite

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Inferno115: Sooooo do enemies attack you or what you just got lucky?

tank dempsey: I see enemys don't charge you on the PS3 version...

smoothness1000: Best method so far...

brendan a'hearn: ah i hadn't thought about leaving one i undertowed them to me and then shock jockeyed them but i always killed all of them hahah. i just bring a shotgun and sniper rifle and they never let me down

brendan a'hearn: upgraded undertow and shock jockey works very well if you are a salts specialist. just pull them to you then shock jockey them and they are incinerated so they cant be resurrected. once all enemies are dead just kill the siren any way you want. i do that with all 3 boss fights against her

jj16802 of the Helghast Army: There always is an RPG guy, but he rarely leaves the balcony that he spawns in for me.

AlwaysQuinning: This. The game becomes entirely too easy with this combo. However, I used the vest Blood to Salt instead so I didn't have to worry about finding salt. Worked like a charm.

William Whitaker: Ok i did the same thing you did so......

Explosive Candy: wtf? Maybe because there's nothing to "catch". Just because my experience with this boss fight didn't play out exactly like yours did doesn't mean it's not 1999 mode. There are different places you can hide that influence the npcs. Lame bro indeed.

William Whitaker: So how come in my 1999 mode there is rocket guys and more zombies? Coukd it be this is not 1999 mode? How did no one catch this. Lame bro


cicciter: there actually is a very easy trick to kill the siren: all three locations with her have a "sweet spot" where you can camp behind cover and snipe her without being disturbed by undeads. if she comes to you, charge her (WITH UPGRADE) and shoot her face. also works with sender instead of charge.

greyfoxx29: Return to sender and a shotgun will make quik work of that undead zealot bitch!

TheLazyPianist: Please forgive me, I don't know why I didn't say Bucking Bronco.

Kalynchuk93: The hell's typhoon?

FcukCensoredSht: haha you can enter the Konami Code instead, you imbecile :)

LegendaryDreamslayer: In that starting area with a Carbine and a Machine Gun or Repeater Tunnel Vision, Scavenger Vest, and Head Master makes the first battle easy. You hide behind that stone thing on the left and kill the "zombies" as they arrive. Eventually she will come over to resurrect them. Just aim at her and fire. If you have upgraded damage on the guns you are using she dies crazy fast. I didn't even take health damage.

Dante's Dead!: That wailing she does at 2:20 and throughout the battle...will haunt me forever. Mostly just because of how long I spent trying to kill the bitch.

tails324: I just kept buying and rebuying health, ammo, and salts.

tails324: Thank you I just tried that and it worked very quickly, really appreciate it! Now lets hope it works on the final battle with her...
Lady Comstock Ghost Siren 1999 mode (bucking bronco method) bioshock infinite 5 out of 5

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Lady Comstock Ghost Siren 1999 mode (bucking bronco method) bioshock infinite