Lady Comstock Ghost Siren 1999 Mode (bucking Bronco Method) Bioshock Infinite

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Lady Comstock Ghost Siren 1999 mode (bucking bronco method) bioshock infinite
Lady Comstock Ghost Siren 1999 mode (bucking bronco method) bioshock infinite
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City Unseen: I have the easiest method for beating this fight on 1999, and I can't believe no one else is doing it.. Requires 1 vigor fully upgraded and whichever weapon(s) suit you. I took 0 damage. 0 health loss the entire fight, beat it in 1 try. I had been bracing for this fight reading about how difficult it is. Total anticlimax..

Flunkygam3r: Ive ben stuck on the second fight for over 5 freggin hours!! Im playing on 1999 mode

djlilc123: SweetSweet Jesus thank u. U are awesome. This is tied for #1 of one of the hardest bosses ever. Btw I subbed because this helped so much :)

Imaginator9: Press and hold the vigor switch button?

TheCaptain008: Thanks for the video, I don't have near that many salts but will give the method a shot. This battle has been kicking my ass on 1999 Mode. It was tough enough on Normal. :[ 1999 has been a breeze, but the Siren battles I'm sure could be game breaking if you haven't prepared correctly.

tank dempsey: I see enemys don't charge you on the PS3 version...

GamercastMMs: but thos game have so many glitches in 1999 mode. got kill by a handyman. the next thing. he is under the map and I cannot hit him. but on normal there were nothing wrong with the game?!

SlickKi11a: I'm at this fight. I lost about 1500 in silver eagles. It's ridiculous that she ends up fully rejuvenated and your ammo doesn't come back at all. Impossible when all you have is a few carbine bullets and a shotgun.

Brandon Pena: I was able to beat the first encounter without dying. When I fought her for the second time in the bank she pissed me off i lost 2000 silver eagles and the screams she makes during the fight made me go insane, she freaking annoying. Also for the 3rd encounter kill EVERY single ghost first then when no one is left hide somewhere and open a tear to use the mosquito (she can't destroy it)

INFINITE1912: Thanks to you and this video I got her beat :) up untill this I had no idea what technique to use..Thanks for the tip :)

CuzYouSoNinja: Heres what i did: Charge upgrade (the cheap one) Shotgun Burning Halo Executioner Eagle Strike Brittle Skinned When she first spawns, charge at her and then unload the shotgun into her face, and repeat until your health gets low. When that happens run back to the mausoleum with the health kits and hide behind the coffin. Kill anyone that comes near. She will then come to revive them and when she is doing this, shotgun and charge. It took me about 2 minutes :D

Brent Blayone Blayone: this is such a massive difficulty spike, I had almost no problem up until this point on 1999 mode, I spec'd my character to have max salt and shield but no health upgrades, which seems to not work at all for this fight and I die so fast that I can't even realistically formulate a strategy. This reminds me of Deus Ex:HR on hard mode with that one electricity boss fight where if you had your character spec'd for stealth without the electricity protection, you were basically freaked.

aaaaaaaaaaaadddd: Ladyroostersuck

MrGaragenation: I nearly beat this bitch on 99 mode , I sat in the first med room and hid behind the tomb, unleashed hailfire x 2 damage and hand cannon and managed to get her down to a quarter, trouble is the fight is so random and I usually have to kill 5 of her men with headshots behind the tomb before she shows up, after I damaged her loads she started to get pissed off and she to started move in the tomb along with her men!!. I thought they just stayed outside. running to the other side = life or death

Kalynchuk93: The hell's typhoon?

ReallyBloodyGood: Okay folks, I've just done this on 1999 mode with a different method. I must stress that I have ZERO vigour upgrades, but all Infusions up to this point. What you want to do it set up your clothing to be as melee as possible, and then lay as many Devil's Kiss traps on the spot where she first spawns as you can. Next scavenge for Salts until you're fully stocked and get your self a hand cannon (there's one lying around in the graveyard somewhere). Active the cutscene....

greyfoxx29: Return to sender and a shotgun will make quik work of that undead zealot bitch!

GregTheDestroyer1: i hate this bitch so much!

PipboyVideos: Thank you commenters. Took me roughly 10 minutes to kill her. All I used was Hand Cannon, Shotgun, Bucking Bronco. It's easy if you just camp. But idk about the second fight with her :/

Apaul_2: I couldn't beat her at all so I came here. Then I went back to my game and she was in a glitch XD she could still attack me if I got close but she wouldn't move out of the corner lol

BulaBulaVinaka: getting my ass handed to me with this battle, i've tryed everything... elizabeth is useless the weapon upgrades freaking suck, cheap boss battle to win i'm guessing alot of luck is involved

jeff per: my first play through was on 1999 mode

City Unseen: Nope. Just a little strategy

Imaginator9: So is your strategy to camp in that building?

John Margolies: yeah, but handymen are pushovers

Mark Naranjo: The best way i found to kill her is to upgrade charge so that when you charge your shield regenrates and are invincible. then just keep charching and shooting. killed all three times with no problem.

cicciter: there actually is a very easy trick to kill the siren: all three locations with her have a "sweet spot" where you can camp behind cover and snipe her without being disturbed by undeads. if she comes to you, charge her (WITH UPGRADE) and shoot her face. also works with sender instead of charge.

jj16802 of the Helghast Army: There always is an RPG guy, but he rarely leaves the balcony that he spawns in for me.

hippa2dahoppa2: well after a few hours i FINALLY beat the first siren. i equipped crank gun, 200 bullets, and the hail gun i unloaded as soon as it spawned then ran for the corner and ducked behind the health spot. everytime siren appear i threw devils kiss at it and fired away i also equipped ammo cap ammo advantage overkill head master my biggest problem was running out of ammo so i avoided the use of salts mainly and focused more on ammo

carolemarra111162: im new to this how do u change your vigors?

Agent Smith: One stupidly easy way to kill her on 1999 mode is to equip the Brittle-Skinned pants + upgraded Charge vigor. Power up your Charge, ram her head on and unload your strongest gun onto her (I used an upgraded Handcannon). If you have other melee enhancing gear, equip those as well, but the Brittle-Skinned + Charge is the key. Took her down very fast in all 3 encounters.

TheExclusiveMan: It pissed me off so much that in every other encounter they gave you a dollar bill machine, why not here?!?!?!?!

LegendaryDreamslayer: In that starting area with a Carbine and a Machine Gun or Repeater Tunnel Vision, Scavenger Vest, and Head Master makes the first battle easy. You hide behind that stone thing on the left and kill the "zombies" as they arrive. Eventually she will come over to resurrect them. Just aim at her and fire. If you have upgraded damage on the guns you are using she dies crazy fast. I didn't even take health damage.

jeff per: unless you enter the konami code dumb-ass

illMeltchaFace: This game was so good, now it's literally this the worst game ever. I wanna pickle slap the fag developers who probably can't even play this on hard difficulty or up.

gatzdrummer: I thought you could use devil's kiss to disintegrate their bodies...not on 1999 mode.

egonsi: "Q" key for quick change and HOLD "Q" for menu

hippa2dahoppa2: only if you die, if you die she gets full health. also theres only certain points you can hit her the strategy guide says ill type it out in another post

TheBlueDragonGamer: im stuck on it now ;_;

pigtasticOINk714: did anyone else get too skip this after a few tries? i raged so bad so i paused the game and i came back and i didnt have to do it. i had too look for the 3 tears. now im at the bank trying to beat this bitch again?? wtf. anyone else

XbLIcecoldkila15: I have Shock Jockey, Posession, Shotgun, and a Carbine on 1999 mode and little ammo. Help?

98justchill: thank you :)

E SC: i beat her with shield, to avoid zombie dmg.

James Roper: She*

carolemarra111162: im new shutup

jeff per: this fight was pretty easy a mix of crow traps and devils kiss traps fully upgraded and emptying my entire sniper rifle ammo fully upgraded killed her in 30 secs

stephenexmachina: equip the clothes that deals 50% more critical damage. get the chain gun before you open lady comstock;s tomb. Unload that crap into right away when she raises the dead for the first time. Then combo return to sender and heater CQC. stand near the tombs and pic up those salts when low. requires a little bit of luck. Sometimes lady comstocks keeps her distance but after struggling with her for a good half hour...I took her down in less than a minute this way

Nathan Caz: everything is easy on easy mode...

Naxorex94: Very helpful video ... now I'am pretty close to the platin throphy ... btw I played Demon Souls....

William Whitaker: Ok i did the same thing you did so......
Lady Comstock Ghost Siren 1999 mode (bucking bronco method) bioshock infinite 4.1 out of 5

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Lady Comstock Ghost Siren 1999 mode (bucking bronco method) bioshock infinite