BMW M3 E36 W/ Custom Widebody Kit

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BMW M3 e36 w/ Custom widebody kit
BMW M3 e36 w/ Custom widebody kit
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StancedManiac: You should get some spacers, it would look great with them!

Ruben Pena: I want to see the inside. I love it though.

TheGearJunky: Need some wheel spacers to fill out that body.

Kevin M: oh no poor M3

mark robinson: Very nice 

MrSvingy: loved the vid. i have an E36 but it's a Compact, still it looks good, had an accident a couple of days ago. so i had to buy a new bumper. i never cared for the original bumper so i bought a M-Tech front bumper, but the lover part came sperate could you please make a tutorial on how to put this on.. sincerely MrSvingy

kenv13: Except the rear bumper which is awful... car looks great.

Tony Embarratto: I like how you keep the original rims, they look good glossy black

Jordan Dennis: I am very jelly.

DetectiveJewhat: i. love. your. emblem.

KOVROL: poor car

sepra cogan: could have benifited from some staggerd rims. bbs lemas couldhave done the trick

bafootball1721: got

josj15: aside from the diffuser the car looks GREAT

MANbearTURTLE: U need wider wheels in the back

SmokinFuckenKush: freaken nice..idk about the back bumper....i know about judd v8 gt...i guess it doesn't work on stock engine...hope its loud!!! AGAIN NICE RIDE

Papo Lestido: Back body kit will look better with a exhaust on each side not 2 on one side or 2 exhaust on each side that's my opinion.. But great looking car

AutomaticProductions: I like the car but that rear de-fuser is a little too much for my taste. You can get wheel studs for your car and the you can put on the right spacer with out worrying about running our of threads.

T3ST1NDaB3ST: wow. speachless :D

slic285: Paint the hubs and brake Cal. And she's done. Sweet ride

SuperManswers: she is a beauty man. i love my BMW M3 E36. i ould never part with mine

SKUS ANWOLEK: Man with that wide body you can put some super wide rubber on there, just find a set of low offset wheels(+0 to +10ish, the lower the # the more it'll poke out) some mild spacers(10mm to 16mm mabey) and 10inch+ rear wheel with 255 rear rubber and it'll be perfect. My 325is has 9.5inch wide rear wheels with 12mm spacers but my wheel offset is above +30, you can see the vid of it on my channel under( my bmw 325is update)

Tutu Steele: U freaked that car up dam

AKABLACKKGYPSY: The car was great till u showed that crap ass crap on the bumper.. but overall love this car bro!

Deigo Cortez: that car came out nice man ima prob get my 1997 BMW soon n thinking of geting it painted dark gray with black hood n black rims. u think it will look nice ??

Tyler Gaytan: dude you gotta put red bmw logos on the wheels

bawona: Dream car

mjohnson510: omg. i hope you sold this crap.

valentin ojovan: great ,the only thing on my opinion has to be changed is the back wheels mbeacouse of the bodykit it doesnt look very wheels try to find some deep wheels only for the back ,its going to give u a nicer look ..

Merzu Ibra: u need wider wheels in the back to fill the wide body, it will look very sexy ;)

m3ridas: Yea your are right about the rear. Its hard to get the rear tires to fit flush. I was debating on spacers but was told that I would need to space them out over 25mm which at that point makes it dangerous to drive so... only other option would be a wider rim like you said.

Andrea Brooks: Looks freaking dope

john210garcia: rice

LBCvalenz562: Very nice

Garth Algar: The rear is just freaked up! The car looks way better stock. Good tuning = nice rims+coil overs. And that's it. None of this spaceshuttle diffusors or other crap.

K00lPunk90: very nice the side skirts and most of the body kit ....but i just dont like that rear bumper looks somthing out of need for speed and it dont fit the car :S opinion but its just not as clean as the rest of the car dont match for me ...but for u it might be what u fancy so +1 for you

cardigitalimport: Looks nice, maybe some wider wheels or spacer at the back? Nice e36

angelina14cl: Wow looks just like My M3, it's a 1995 too. Except i have the silver grill and dnt got tha smoked out fog lights, i dont like it in my opinion. But they're the same style.. Oh & i got a Red lip on the Rims and got the M3 symbol on the rims caps :) but Yeah car looks hella sexy.

malissa497: what tires r those

Khalid Abbasi: Check out our page for m3 custom interior designing

m3ridas: What up guys! For those that think the rear bumper looks too ricer, checkout this video. Look up the Judd V8 E36 GT race car. I put the same rear bumper on this car to make it look more like a calmed down street version of the GT car with a mild widebody kit. Bumper came straight off an E36 RACER car, not a RICER car LOL

longertrax: nice mods check on my channel to see my Godseed build.

cristiancr791: Im trying to change the body on my e36 but the kit comes in a matted black, around how much would it cost to paint the bumpers and possibly the entire car??

daveishere911: this m3 is almost perfect. front end looks perfect, as well as the rims and widebody kit and everything. the ONLY thing i don' t like is the diffuser. it would've been better with the stock rear bumper, an aftermarket one, or atleast a red diffuser to match the paint. but other than that, you have a beautiful car man. i'm jealous.

sbstian: I highly recommend staggered wheels with the proper offset, coilovers or sports springs, the gtr spoiler and last but not least, a track day where it belongs!

aromano20100: sooooooo sick!

Chris Barakazyan: Everything is good, exept the back got ruined. Doesnt match at all.

0O0O0O0O0O1000: one word.... DAMN!

Miisu00: I like the looks of it a lot! Thumbs up for all your hard work! Personally i don't like the red bmw logo on the hood, and the back pipes that point's up. but that's just small things.. a M car is allways an M, but the 3,2l evo engine is a bit more reliably.

Steven Walli: I love the car! Although I would do something else with that rear portion of the body kit
BMW M3 e36 w/ Custom widebody kit 4.6 out of 5

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BMW M3 e36 w/ Custom widebody kit