BMW M3 E36 W/ Custom Widebody Kit

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BMW M3 e36 w/ Custom widebody kit
BMW M3 e36 w/ Custom widebody kit
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TEZ : BMW E36 Coupe 2JZ-GTE : Story.
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Ahmad Giravi: @m3ridas, when you installed the rear zeemax wide body, did you cut out your quarter panels and relace them with the zee max or did you put the widebody over the quarter panel?

Dunno Why: everything is awesome but behind it totaly sux....

Dicks X McIronCocke: looks nice except for that silly diffuser, a different model with smaller fins would be nicer.

gio hooe: That's my dream car! I have a 1995 325i that I need to work on

Nico Allen: fck bro..that's sick... so clean... my mouth is watering.. HAHA

Welber Salles: This is a bit too much fir my taste, the only thing that would make sense with this "kit" is that if you went full racing mode. That meaning you needed proper wheels, suspension and unfortunately a wing. Dont get me wrong I dont rly like it and I personally think it's riced the way it is and it looks like an unfinished kit car. But, if you went this far you better make it look like this kits are "supposed" to look by making it rly a wide body "race car". So add proper wider racing rims, fat tires, proper racing lower suspension and a gt wing - the strip the interior, install a roll cage with racing seats up front. Then, only then the whole thing will make sense. I just hop it was not a low mileage clean title one :(

eric ngo: That's crap is riced

Luigi YT: this looks like pickle

Edgar Delgado: Man u freaked up that bmw wtf did u do to the back looks like it got in a bad crash but congrats u have successfully made it look like a honda with that exhaust 

gravity718: Sorry bro but your m3 looks busted, go on my page and you will see how an m3 is suppose to look.

Blake D: Some people are beamer guys, some guys shop in "that one aisle of autozone" and think they're a beamer guy. Nice eBay muffler, I see those on every other Honda accord. You ruined it. There is not one element of style that works with another on this car. Widebody with no spacers sitting on stock ride height and wheels? It looks like it was designed by a confused schizophrenic blind man. What a goddamn shame. 

wood77artist: almost perfect untill you show the rear... no dude , that is not a m3...

Leo Aleman Reyes: Badass man i got one too it just needs some tune up

Delon Jordan: U freaked up a classic

zayd awamleh: Beautiful I got a 99 318 ti love it just don't know where to get the custom parts for it

Malefic Gaming: Lets see a performance video my good man :D This thing looks sick 

Carlitos Ovalle: At :28, if you concentrate real hard the front looks like a face saying, uhhh???

King Daddy: One of the best BMW's on YouTube 

Julio Mac: some cars are NOT meant for diffusers. 

ethos3321: love e36s
BMW M3 e36 w/ Custom widebody kit 5 out of 5

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BMW M3 e36 w/ Custom widebody kit