Shimano Spinning Reel Maintenance

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Shimano spinning reel maintenance
Shimano spinning reel maintenance
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Tips on Reel Maintenance - SHIMANO FISHING
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keale s: @ srqfishingoasis is there any other lubricant you can use on the shaft bearing? and also on the anti reverse bearing you say not to use grease or lubricant but then you did..I got kinda confused there...

Joss Cues: You know the spare washers included with Shimano Stradics, what are they used for?

johnnymohani: my reel makes a sound when reeling. like a light drag sound. Any idea what is causing it?

01ps: You sound like Cleveland

Geno Neverov: How do you adjust spool on the Shimano Stradic? (Old) the spool has movement forward and back more then it should and I think something is wrong. I took it apart but couldn't figure out how to tighten the rod that the spool sits on. Any suggestions?

Crackass: can I use rem oil instead

Francis Kasprzak: Hey Chris, I have some verticle play in the spool on my Thunnus and Stradic. It's minimal but noticeable. Do you have any ideas/possible solutions?

nvietmonkey: I have a problem with my reel after the maintenance, I notice the level of smoothness was not the same as before after I put in the pinion gear. I don't know if I'm not greasing it correctly or where the problem occurred but the reel is definitely spin less than before. Should I worry about the spinning?

Brad .M: why would a reel make a noise as if it were being dragged out by a fish while reeling?

MrOnegesius: I commented about focus on another of your videos. This video has the same problem. The image is in focus only when you hold something up close to the camera. Watch the video on full screen to see what I mean. Maybe use auto focus to keep things in focus, or, if using a DSLR, use F5.6 or f8 to increase the depth of field.

Bee Yang: I dropped my reel in the river and now it's not as smooth as before and it's sticking when I turn the handle. What the reason why it's doing this?

dopihead: Can you use WD40 instead of the Lanox?

Maleke Ebanks: My fishing reel spools to the top only and I can't get all the line I need on do I solve this issue?

Jørgen Højlund wibe: I can't get med 'head' of my reel. I have a back-breake system - it's the EXAGE 2500RB. It's quite different than the spinningreels. 

chris m: how do u oil and clean a shimano baitrunner 8000d?

Christopher Hobby: Thank you for your advise. Yes! Bring more video tutorial's. Gonna get me a can of it at Ace Hardware.

vipersd13: Can you repair a daiwa regal xia 2500 bail spring?

SurffishingFlorida1: Thanks for sharing your knowledge :{)

Allah Turbo: i willing to improve on my english thank you u can do some improvement to your technical knowledge on reels either spell out the part i'm wrong,go google tackletour forum on maintenance thread,do your homework before posting these kind of reply,it just show u don't know anything bout reels

camomaster94: Hey I was cleaning my Sahara 2500fb and an L pin popped out.. Where does it go?
Shimano spinning reel maintenance 5 out of 5

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Shimano spinning reel maintenance