IOS 7 Beta 2: AirDrop

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Denis ChetyshXX: thanks

Colby Hart: Jailbreak iOS iDevices! best website ever *JailbreakTUT. com* learn more about it!!!

Marty Robertson: Best website where you can find real working tutorial for jailbreak is this one: JailbreakBj. com. Working tutorial!!!

Jaiden Lopez: I do not see the airdrop button 

Miles Allan: Guides and step by step tutorials, Unlock iOS device just visit this site. *JailbreakiOSNow. c om*

Brad ODonnell: #ios7 debuts it's device sharing with AirDrop for iOS in iOS7 beta 2. Looks like it uses a combination of bluetooth and wifi rather then NFC so you can share with a group and you don't have to bump devices.

Erwin Rommel: iOS 7 beta 2: AirDrop

luis.marcanth: 0:38 "But wifi and bluetooth must both be..." ENABLED, right?

Anderson Silva: Hardware limitations!

Sairam Hv: phew thank god i got the i pod 5th gen :O

Emet Vaughan: Jailbreak any iOS iDevice! Guide!! just visit this website

Hiran Rampersad: Plz do iOS 7 Siri for iPad

Croatian_guy: You can do the same thing with WiFi Direct on any Android phone, and I also think AirDrop uses WiFi Direct, so they didn't actually do anything revolutionary...

Ali Saeed: Its amazing

Jakob Seja: Now we dont have to bump our phones ;)

Gibson Penney: Only on the iPhone 5 :(

Vasco Breitenfeld: no it hasn´t google isn´t always wright i saw the keynote for iPad 3 live and saw the specs at apples official website. i know how you're feeling about a device with a great processor can´t use a simple feature like airdrop but you will have to live and accept it

Theo Still: this is the only feature i like from ios 7.

LucZHD: What program are you using for recording this videos? :)

Jayy Escalante: cant find it on iphone 4 ios 7 beta 2 :c

Jeremy Rodriguez: Ill update to IOS 7 once it comes out only if it gets jailbroken i mean so far it looks nice and smooth ,nice sleek look

ChubbyKhalifa: Airdrop don't work for 4s

El Peña: guess that makes bump obsolete

mgsdust: Wanna have iOS 7 right now? Just check this site and download iOS 7 with installation guide!

omar febles: Try share music

rilshad razik: Can we transfer video and websites?

avishkar gole: Just like how android has OS scattering ios has feature scattering, that is wht i meant. I mean every hardware gets the update to the latest os but not every device gets the same features.

badjman: So basically Apple is bring back an old feature? My old phone (Which was a crapty flip up phone) could do this with any phone that had bluetooth enabled.. So why can't Apple do it? -_-"

THEMAINISLAND: Is there any way to use or port all iOS 7 features into an Ipad 2?

Thomas Farnell: I don't Have 1OS7 yet. Why does i don't ?

Final Kiwi: IOS 7 is ugly as hell bye

Taine Kingi: Wtf did they get rid of the flashlight thing.

salooo7e: Does it work with Macs ?

Perry Kerr: Before you start, read this tutorial!!! visit this site: yes its real!!

Clint Perales: Impressive and moderned page in installing your ios 7 beta 3 at

nihar mehta: no air drop for iphone 4s???

Giack31: is it compatible with airdrop for mac?

TheExp111: iOS 7 should be on 3GS :(

YourMoms2eZ: Is this only for iPhone 5s?!? I can't find it on my iPhone 4S

Cocaine: Don't need nfc when you have airdrop.

zir786: ok now im starting to dislike this new style of videos. please stop it. make it more life like and show us the actual device!!!!

47crazed: iphone 4s and ipod touch 4 users should just jailbreak their device since they're not getting ios 7. sad but we cant do nothing about it

Melvin Sy: OMG! I wanna share you this. Best ever installation for iOS 7 Beta 3 is from

Aaron A: wait...i think im missing it turns on wifi/bluetooth to send the message or whatever to another device with wifi and bluetooth on....sooo why wouldnt i just send them a imessage of my picture, what can you send through airdrop that you cant through imessage

Adam Adamík: Picture of iphone on ipod

Denzel France: It's just to make people buy the latest iPhone. It's all marketing :P

Gymgirl35797: I can't see the airdrop button!!

henrikcoll: I cant se the AirDrop button

Gibson Penney: Yeah it should! And iOS 7 should be on the iPod touch 4th Gen too! :/
iOS 7 beta 2: AirDrop 4.8 out of 5

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iOS 7 beta 2: AirDrop