Tent Pole Repair

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How to repair a broken tent pole
How to repair a broken tent pole
tent pole repair
tent pole repair
Fix It: Repair a Tent Pole
Fix It: Repair a Tent Pole
How to repair tent poles - Re-thread Cord - the easy way
How to repair tent poles - Re-thread Cord - the easy way
How to Repair and Replace a Fibreglass Tent Pole Section
How to Repair and Replace a Fibreglass Tent Pole Section

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Kate Green: Best wee video - straightforward and brief.  All went well.

Gregory A. Parker Sr.: I was more intrigued by her accent but at least I've got my tent poles fixed.

Giorgo De Groof: Another tip: if the thread doesn't smoothly go through the pole, you can burn/melt the tip of the thread just a little so the tip hardens in stead of fluffing and resisting. This way it goes much easier through the small shaft of the pole.

Ghostginthree: Great video, thanks. One of my tent poles just broke so I had an idea on how to repair it but it helps seeing it and knowing there are repair kits. I would like to know the size thickness of the poles as I have seen thinner and thicker ones? Thanks

Dave Witt: are all the various poles the same thickness?

dirtshaman: While cutting that fiberglass pole, you may want to saw around the circumference.  This will prevent splintering.  Happy camping!

David Harmstone: my end poles have a metal on like the mid sections, no sign of the elastic when i shine a torch in just looks like metal, and unable to twist them of seem like they are glued on , how do i go about replacing one of the mid section poles?

Cyndy S: thank you so much for posting this as we broke two separate tent poles this weekend and I have another camping trip coming up in a few weeks! Looks simple enough, but I was worried that they would be hard to re-thread with the elastic string...is it really as simple as you made it look?

Rube Cube: Would duct taping it together not work?

Fazzo: Cheers that's helped a lot. P's she's fit lol

OiVey1978: Thank you for this very useful video.

worldofcamping: Hi, Thanks, we are glad you found it helpful. Regards, World of Camping

PrsnKng: Thanks for this video. Now I can replace my broken pole.

WelshOgre66: What about if I need to replace the end section and need to secure the ferrule in place with waterproof glue? Nothing for that.

MythicShot: Agree. Almost impossible to re-string the poles without using something to pull the string, rather than trying to push it in, which wont work.

MythicShot: Bring a selection of them to the campsite ? Would make far more sense to know what size your pole is and buy ONE replacement !

worldofcamping: Hi, Great to hear you found it useful. Thanks, World of Camping

Jason Jaszemski: Thank you so much! I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new pole until I saw this video. Your video and a $10 got everything set right again for me. Thanks!

GT9380: Thanks for the help! When it came time to thread the bungee cord back into my tent poles, I ended up using scotch tape on the end of the cord to make the job easier.

worldofcamping: Im glad its proving of use :-) Regards, World of Camping
tent pole repair 5 out of 5

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tent pole repair