Samsung Galaxy S3 Patch Lead And External Antenna

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Patch Lead and External Antenna
Samsung Galaxy S3 Patch Lead and External Antenna
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HyonJin Lee: Thanks

Dix1206: video was recorded with iphone, complete junk

racers115: I would be very careful about doing this. First of all -  depending on the configuration of the phone you have, if you plug in an external antenna, the phone detects the change in impedance and automatically deactivates the internal antenna In some cases you may be able to get the internal antenna to reactivate by turning your phone off, removing the battery, then replace it and turn the phone back on. But in some cases doing a restart might not be enough to get the phone to switch the internal antenna back on, thus you would be stuck using an external antenna all the time. Secondly - if you are going to try this make absolutely sure that you've grounded yourself and the external antenna out before you try to plug it in to the antenna jack. You may have enough of a static charge on you when you go to plug in an external antenna that the static can transfer right through the plug or wire insulation and fry the transceiver part of your phone. Some phones make have some surge protection or more robust final circuitry but if yours does not, then your phone will pay the price. Thirdly - I've actually seen the W1 and W2 antenna jacks from the other side of the motherboard when a friend and I took apart his dead Galaxy 3 phone and I can tell you those jacks aren't on there very securely, at least not securely enough for ME to feel confident with constantly pushing and pulling against it every time I go to plug in or unplug an external antenna. So it's really up to you.. but consider all of the above before you proceed, and the risks involved. And yeah, Samsung could have made those two jacks accessible with all of the protective measures included so a person could connect external antennas with confidence that doing so would not hurt the phone, but alas, they didn't. 

giovanni santoro: I plug an antenna and signal was very good ,but now the s3 doesn't work without her....Please help me

Stephanie Hudson: I have a Verizon model SCH-i535 which has ports L1, L2, and R1 (instead of W1 and W2). US obviously. Where would I attach this for boosting 4G performance? I'm wanting to use my phone as a MiFi device for my home (I'm still grandfathered in with unlimited data). I live in a rural area and am tired of exceeding my satellite data usage caps.

Michael Carey: my experience is that while the plug on the end of the patch cable is robust... the socket inside the phone is very fragile.  Most of them also have a small internal switch that disconnects the phones internal antenna when you plug in the patch cable, you can test this with a patch cable and no antenna. 

Watching the patch lead plug getting pulled straight out during this video make me cringe. Gently rotate while pulling gently is the trick. 

RafaloosPL: Is it TS9 or CRC9 plug?

Hugh Jazz: I have been so close to buying the patch lead and 7.5dBi Omni Whip antenna for my car.
But all these reports of damage to your handset (port connection, internal antenna lock-out) have now scared me off.
Has anyone successfully used a Samsung S3 with W1 and W2 ports, with a patch lead and external antenna?

MrPartyWaffle: For those who have a W1 and W2 setup the W1 is the GSM (cellular signal) and W2 is WiFi

slh950: why is there only one port? I have W1 and W2 on bottom and side of SIM card respectively. The phone here doesn't have W2 ... I also have s3

fishyfish47: Hi Peter, plugged a patch lead into the S3 Boom ,haven't had internal antenna reception since. Why didn't Samsung but a sturdy external jack on this phone and then call it a smart phone. Caution people in using a patch lead on this phone.

2Cheap4society: I have an S2, I want to make a patch lead but havent been able to find out what size the phone is. Have any Idea what yours is or an S2? Thanks!

aLabs: wich is name the this connector?

Ashley Smith: Awesome video! Thanks for that, I had seen patch leads on ebay and even communicated with the seller, but couldn't work out how to uncover the plastic plugs on the back L1 & L2, then I grabbed a pair of small toenail scissors and tried again - the plug was easy, but carefully, removed. Well done:)

Darkking Ice: Basically W1 - phone service W2 - wifi

Cybertronic: that's good to know, i'd just need to crimp the cable lead to a larger one that fits the connector on the phone.

Sherlock Holmes: No, but I've used plenty of their antennae in other applications. They work well for other WiFi applications. I can only assume they'd work for a phone signal as well.

Cybertronic: has anyone tried using a laptop Antenna cable out of an LCD panel?

Chrisco Wally: I had this lead use it a few times and the bit where you plug in the patch lead came off the phones motherboard = no coverage. ~$200 + a week later is the result.

Kevin Taengu Cheng: the w1 port represents the mobile internet while the w2 represents the wifi
Samsung Galaxy S3 Patch Lead and External Antenna 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Patch Lead and External Antenna