How To Replace Engine (motor) Mounts Upper And Lower Dodge Neon

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Ivan Cruz: i watched another video, he changed the lower motor mount and someone was saying that after doing this you need a engine aligment. is that true? and how do do that? or just change the part an d that is set

Robert Guzman: I've got a 2012 dodge journey, do you think it's the same setup as your dodge? I've got several astronomical price quotes and would rather do it myself and save $$$.

shinken209: STOP freakING SCARING ME!!! crap!!!!!


Tyler Kluska: I heard you say you just jacked up only your car and not the engine. Do you not need to support the engine when you take off the mounts?

Jazz Voorhees: My engine shakes a lot

Coless Catchings: Yeah I bought this car a couple of days ago.. its only starts acting up when I'm in drive and my feet is on the break at a stop light . It starts to shake like its going to turn off on me and the lights start flickering a bit and dashboard and radio.. Does that have to do with a motor mount also??

Chris Perdue: Now this is awesome...whoever you are youre heavensent for real. I was wondering how I could replace the mounts at home with little to no cost and from looking at all the videos this is the one that was helpful the most. Thank you my brother for the correct knowledge on how to put my wifes car mounts in...

Luis Valdez: Thanks for taking the time to make this video . We need more people like you to help us out and save money. These dealerships are just waiting for us that don't know how easy some repairs can be. Then charge an arm & leg for something this simple. Keep up the good work!

mohunter68: I'll be changing out the lower motor mount this weekend. Hopefully that takes care of the problem. If not, then I'll be paying the bill to get the middle motor mount changed because that's a bit out of my league as far as maintenance.

mohunter68: Hopefully you only have to replace the upper and lower engine mounts? If you have to replace the middle engine mount it requires taking off the timing cover and power steering pump. That's where I'm at right now. Price quote was 3 hrs. labor at a dealership at the tune of $230 bucks just for labor. That center mount is a Bitch to change!

4mbrad: Good video! I've just replaced the transmission mount on my 2000 Neon. Check it out:

MrJason9142002: Your oil stick is vibrating! HAHAHAHA

Elwyn Carrol: do you have to do the middle engine mount

Lehmann Marco: The bolt from the Middle mount is broken too, S!!!!!

Lehmann Marco: Tomorrow i will order the parts thank you ;)

bryang bgadnertriplet: This is a good video but your only solving half the problem.

bryang bgadnertriplet: Those are the easy mounts, the middle motor mount is a ball buster. Remove transmission mount out, disconnect torque and dogbone mount. Remove bolt from middle motor mount. Lower engine on floor jack and push the engine toward drivers side of engine compartment to make room for the middle motor mount bolts to be removed from car and then remove middle motor mount. You barely have enough clearance to pull bolts and mount out of engine compartment

Victor Lewis: Just did mine this afternoon!! Thanks to this video saved me $300!! 

Becky Johnson: I called and asked about this yesterday and the guy said he charges 240.00 for parts and labor, Yeah I think I got this myself. I can handle it. Thanks for the UL . =)

Alamo Taxis: And thnk you for the video..:)
How to replace engine (motor) mounts upper and lower Dodge Neon 5 out of 5

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How to replace engine (motor) mounts upper and lower Dodge Neon