How To Replace Engine (motor) Mounts Upper And Lower Dodge Neon

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How to replace engine (motor) mounts upper and lower Dodge Neon
How to replace engine (motor) mounts upper and lower Dodge Neon
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Becky Johnson: I called and asked about this yesterday and the guy said he charges 240.00 for parts and labor, Yeah I think I got this myself. I can handle it. Thanks for the UL . =)

Alamo Taxis: Awesome this guy is charging me $130.00 for labor. And yes iam a lady and i will work on my own car yhey so excited cant wait for sunday to do this. 

Alamo Taxis: And thnk you for the video..:)

Procrastinatorgarage .: I did get lucky with this car. I went 120,000 before I had to put any big money towards it. Cat and 02 sensors first. The tranny has just started to act up. Not sure if it is because I have used Lucas oil and the tranny treatment stuff. I drive it hard too. First year we got the car it had 36,000 and put 100,000 on it the first year. I just did the rack and pinion steering unit which was a big pain with no lift lol. You are so right about them having a bad name but I have loved this little thing

rrllmm11: those were the torque mounts, its still held on with a motor mount between the struts and transmission mount on the opposite side

kolin08: you can jack the car up with a regular jack, like what you use to change tires? where would you put the jack?

CountrySideClub: No problem and please subscribe to watch further repairs on the neon and/or get assistance. Thanks for watching!

Mari Curls: Thank you for uploading this

Zachary Villarreal: did you have to raise the motor for the lower motor mount? i just replaced the upper and now need to replace the lower

Patrick Elliott: Thank you for this video, I'm now confident I can do this job myself! ~Pat

Abel Tamaca: I'm gonna work on my 03 neon :-) thanks for the video

Frankie Arnone: there called engine tourqe strut mounts....there for engine vibrations and they have to be aligned ( in the Haynes manual) top mount calls for 119mm... google it. you shoulda removed the tire. makes it way easer.

CountrySideClub: Glad it helped, and you saved big bucks! Thanks for watching and sure to subscribe to see more vids on this car or if you have any questions...CJ

CountrySideClub: Good luck you can do this!!!

Toolwise: Great vid. Do the struts have to be torqued to certain specs?

laidoutcrewcab: how many mounts total????

CountrySideClub: 2 engine 1 transmission but remember it also has strut mounts, I just replaced the engine lower and upper in this video

Pablo Garcia: hey man, great video. im changing both of these tomorrow and this really helped me out. I've just got one question tho. my engine started sliding forward and hitting the radiatior fan, am I gonna have to jack up the engine to replace the bottom motor mount?

CountrySideClub: hmmm...well autozone needs to change the name of it..I get confused...tks for the comment...

CountrySideClub: always put the jack on the frame of the car and a hydralic jack is best if you have acess to it. Good luck

Mari Curls: Was the neon vibrating really loudly? Mine is doing that

Mike Sanders: Corrective Points.. You failed to show the lower 21m bolt on the right side. Also you are using a standard ratchet to tighten the bolts. Per manufacturer specification; motor mount bolts should be tightened to a specific spec to prevent over bearing the mounts and causing stress and movement and a blown mount without street bump play.

iGorot: Thx for the vid...but i happen to catch a squeeking sound at the end of the video...i don't know if that's normal or not, but mine does the same thing too, have a 03 neon sx 2.0 - thanks!

CountrySideClub: Thanks for watching hope it helped! Please subscribe to my channel to watch more helpful vids. Thanks!

trifex8: I replaced these torque mounts after watching this video, but only solved 50% of noises. Yesterday I replaced motormount and transmission mount. Those are the ballbuster mounts, car drives like brand new, no dash noise..

CountrySideClub: Great you go girl :). Feel free to pm me if you get stuck and have any questions, and you got it! Please subscribe to my channel to follow the "Journey" to get get more vids on that car as I have many lol.

sharon grabowski: As a female watching this. This will be very helpful come saturday when i do all this! Thax!!!

contactpq: Thanks for posting this vid!! just saved me $180 bucks .. I ordered the parts, watched your vid, went outside and did it my dang self!! Took about 10-15 mins .. thanks again!

CountrySideClub: Glad it helped, pls subscribe!

CountrySideClub: That car was sitting at 170K, but hold up I am sure you are not telling me that you was able to make it to 210 miles without having to replace the block or tranny, if so you should be the neon's spokesman! lol :)

FallinFromTheSkyy: great video helps out alot

CountrySideClub: Yep it sure was, but make sure It isn't the wheel bearings that sound like a roaring noise, the motor mount sounds are particularly made when going over bumps in the road. Please be sure to subscribe and to check out my other vids on this car. Thanks for watching good luck and let me know If you have any questions.

sharon grabowski: Thank you.. I know I can do it. Im looking forward to working on my car! I like working on my car! Lol

roargathor: You dont have to jack the engine up? How does the pressure stay off the mounts while you replace them?

gregnice25: when you say strut mount, is that different from the parts this guy is showing in the video?

CountrySideClub: Thanks for commenting

CountrySideClub: Thanks for watching!

madmanL1p: what year neon is this? i have a 98

jdenard07: the strut mounts and other mounts are holding it in place, but it won't hurt to put a jack under the motor.

CountrySideClub: You sir are one of the lucky ones. Good luck spokesman lol :)

CountrySideClub: Great it helped!

trifex8: Found video to be helpful, thnx

sharon grabowski: is that a regular neon? I have a 05 dodge neon srt 4... how hard is it to do shocks and struts?

Procrastinatorgarage .: How many miles on the car? I have a 02 and went over 210,000 until I replaced motor mounts when I had to do the head gasket then found out the cam was pitted. I do have some videos of it when I did it but not how too.

CountrySideClub: Thanks for sharing, do you have the manufacturing specs for torque to share with the viewers? Great catch and thanks for the comment.

CountrySideClub: Thanks for watching and yep you can do it, let me know if you have any questions and check out the other vids on this car if you need anymore assistance. Please be sure to subscribe to follow the Journey. Thanks for watching!

trifex8: Thnx for posting, I find video and comments very helpful

CountrySideClub: So I raised it, just to maneuver getting the bolt in by using a jackstand, by it didn't take much...CJ

apocalypseheaven85: Very helpful thanks

CountrySideClub: its the same, for the engine its a 2.0 correct? Shocks and struts is a little more advance, check out my video where I changed the shocks and struts on the infiniti i30 (same concept), you will really need to have the tools because the job requires some heavy duty tools. Its possible though. I would only change thenm if they had to be changed (if they failed).
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How to replace engine (motor) mounts upper and lower Dodge Neon