How To Install Aftermarket Speakers

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gamer20playes: How would I put subwoofers in my doors?

Nathan Squire: please dont follow this guide. Speaker polarity is important to have them in phase, else your speaker will be subtracting sound not adding. Also never twist wires together, solder or crimp join them... and join them end to end with heat shrink, not joined at 90 degrees going back on itself.

Lol at blaming your brother for nearly breaking the window when you told him to put it down...

Marinegamer4life: Will the speaker terminal fit a 22-18 gauge

c nava: Lol. Fun guys.

svupster: 2 min video stretched out to 16 mins for what reason? i hate people who talk to other people like they are retarded, this video talked to me like i am retarded. are Americans and canadians that dumb that you have to explain it like the viewers is 4 year olds?

Open Minded But Cynical: I'm glad to see its not just me who perked up when he said the polarity of the positive and negative doesn't matter. What the freak dude! It's called in phase and out of phase! In phase = speaker pumps out, out of phase = speaker pulls inwards! Even if you installed a system, run a diagnostic disc to ensure everything is correct. It sends frequent tones to individual speakers and shows you if in or out of phase. Also, you do not, and I repeat, do NOT test your speakers with country music! Country music will damage your speakers, you might as well take a crap, catch it in your hand and smear it on your lovely new speakers. Ew. :D

Jeff Shiloff: Who the F*** taught you how to wire crap!

ravagerslb: A lot of things are not right in this video..

- drilling the speaker rivets with the window down
- cutting the OEM wiring when you can find cheap adaptors for that on ebay
- wires not soldered or correctly insulated at all, which is fundamental in any electrical job
- installing cheap coaxial speakers that actually sound worse than the OEM VW speakers
- installing the speaker grille when the door card already has one

Next time buy a component setup from a reputed brand and do these things properly..

Noel Soto: lmaoo on top of everything wrong, he used the backside of a drill to hammer something.... This video is aids HAHA

joey bloggs: this install lookeod really difficult, might as well save up and pay for proffesional install, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Mufasa Jungle: 'now don't yank the door off the door panel' is what i heard while i RIPPED IT OFF WITH BRUTAL STRENGTH, FML

Jtag Seller: No everyone has the same door panel you shouldve skipped that step

Alejandro de la Luz: I don't know if I can explain my self but, had you just illustrated the way to install the inferior door panel speaker?, there is a point where it seems that a factory conector has the possibility to also connect a tweeter to the superior part of the door from that point on, does it happens in every car make, or does it depend on the manufacturer?

TheRedInTheRose: Thank you for this video. You guys explain so much detail how to do the wiring, this video is a life saver!

Claudio Tomas: GOD, saludos desde 🇨🇱

John Viera: Polarity. And. The front of the speaker should sit flush into the door panel grille. If there's any space for the sound from the front of the speaker to mix with the rear, you will lose bass output. You can even use soft foam as an extended baffle to install it correctly.

elflecha007: We rather not replicate that Exact process... OMG you suck

Cobee Rice: So you running 300watt max speakers on 50watt max headunit channels???

O Devious: You cant just connect it together check the polarity or your sound will sound like crap

brad carrier: The OEM speakers have a crossover in the amp if you have Monsoon system. Bet these 2ways sound like sh!t.
Twist and tape... WTH! This a hillbilly car stereo install.
If you just go to Crutchfield's website you'd know which speakers will clear the glass. No need for that window to be down.
How to Install Aftermarket Speakers 5 out of 5

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How to Install Aftermarket Speakers