How To Install Aftermarket Speakers

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How to Install Aftermarket Speakers
How to Install Aftermarket Speakers
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How to install aftermarket speakers on ANY car!
How to install aftermarket speakers on ANY car!

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Tony Belisle: The freakin Kenwood grill is for show on the outside asshat

Tony Belisle: The polarity dose matter and electric tape really getto

Jason Bourne: This is freakin instalation, u need to study alot

Elisa Valero: I am looking for those speakers, would you please tell me the specs on them and model number?

Simone Costi l’ installatore audio: I think that to get a really notable sound/bass improvement without adjusting the equalizer, you have to install an external amplifier (the best place would be under the seat).

DaOldhead: This is crazy this makes the third time I saw those kenwood this week after I missed buying them. Think I have to order them it's a sign.

truth show: 10/10, this is the video I have been looking for, I have never had a problem with the polarity, you CAN do them either way.

johnrem: How does a speaker work without taking polarity into account?

Jörgen Björk: OMG I really hate when people who doesnt know stuff they handle make DIY videos. DONT LISTEN TO HIM...

Nightmares 2Night: All my door speakers hooked up by 3000watt amp.. kittyboi

Shawn Melland: People bitch if nothing looks right, electrical tape rocks, lasted every vehicle I owned. I have the same speakers, unfortunately while swinging the bag of speakers around, kinda messed one up.. I used red gasket maker, sounds awesome, for $40 at Canadian tire came with a Kenwood 2ch amp to pump 60w to each speaker.. suck on the crackle of the tinny bass neighbor! Ha, then the big guns kick in down the block. Factory connectors may seem the right way.? I’d put m y life on electrical tape any time... now a shout out for another $500 Lexus would be great, seeing as all those fancy car drivers always seem to have factory harness or connectors that are cheaper then the cigarettes I smoke, cause so much havoc on a wallet because it seems, these cars needed a few rolls of electrical tape! Lol... 6X9’s fit anywhere. Grab some snips and cut away. I prefer them over these little ones,anyways,,, party on Garth

Johny Burns: U are a nube , if you dont make sure positive and negative match your speaker will push itself in and sound like crap, a good way to test is to use a battery

David Munro: When I did a speaker install if you aren’t using the old speakers you can cut the connector from the old speaker and wire the new speaker to it it works perfect and you can get the polarity correct with minimal soldering or wiring

Pete Holder: Surely independent tweeters and mid range speakers are better then a 2 way?

GamerzCove!: I just got a new radio that has a built in 55w x4 amp. Can I do exactly everything in the video and it will automatically read the amp on the radio?

Noah Wood: Looking to replace my rear speakers on my passat where did you purchase the bracket for the aftermarket speakers?

gamer20playes: How would I put subwoofers in my doors?

Nathan Squire: please dont follow this guide. Speaker polarity is important to have them in phase, else your speaker will be subtracting sound not adding. Also never twist wires together, solder or crimp join them... and join them end to end with heat shrink, not joined at 90 degrees going back on itself.

Lol at blaming your brother for nearly breaking the window when you told him to put it down...

Marinegamer4life: Will the speaker terminal fit a 22-18 gauge

c nava: Lol. Fun guys.
How to Install Aftermarket Speakers 5 out of 5

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How to Install Aftermarket Speakers