How To Install Aftermarket Speakers

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How to Install Aftermarket Speakers
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Screen Share: Omg.. this is how you DO NOT install speakers.. positive and negative connection doesn't matter.....Are you serious?.. and in the end you installed grill inside of the door just completely killed me.. you do not install grill nside of the door... its only made for the vehicles that are capable to have grill on the top of the door panel, it just to bring a design and show the brand name ... Like Come on..

Chilor Gauthier: And also what the sizes?

Chilor Gauthier: Just a stupid question. Are the rear speakers the same as the front on the gti?

Mark Wright: The freak are you installing a speaker grill for... it already has one in the door panel.

Kartik: Loved it!! Now I can do it on my dad`s car. Tnx GUYS!!!!!!

8track Abraham: which was the polarity I bet it will sound like crap

FAKETEEN KILLAH: tape on metal to protect a wire? that thing will come off soon as there's enough heat. Zip ties work better

king_ thrones: recommend souldering the wires and seal with shrink tube to prevent corrosion.

king_ thrones: They do work both ways..but if you have the wires backwards theyll move air against eachother. make sure you do a polarity check.

kevin holsteyns: Speakers work in both directions? Facepalm, no soldering, 2 speaker grills.. This is awful

Jason Bass: Should of just used a Stereo Wire Harness Adapter for the speakers because they make em and they are cheap

NebojsaEXPL0SI0N: Hi, where i can find adapters for aftermarket speakers like yours.thanks :D

Nikola Jovanoski: the ones that your changing are not better :P i have them too and they cant handle the head unit like the oem ones :(

JevOG: Remove Minus from the battery.

Juan Gaona: It's important the way you wire the speakers.

thehegt Tr: the drill bit is way too big for drilling the rivets just use the small drill bit will be fine , speaker wire connect adapter only cost $11 on ebay you do not need to cut all the wire like you did just connect straight to your speaker , great video for home installation :)))) .

VF28WWE: you already have a mesh on the door why put on the other?

Danny Deanda: Great video, but polarity is important. An easy way to tell if the wiring is correct is use a AA BATTERY. Simply touch one lead to the positive and one lead to the negative, notice the speaker when it "thumps", if the speaker sucks inwards it's wired incorrectly. If it pushes outwards then it's wired correctly. If you listen carefully, you will be able to tell which way it's "thumping". Just my two cents.

timothy790110: Asshole car manufacturers who don't just give you an easy access panel to the speakers

BROS2011: my vw passat b6 speakers doesn't work i don't know if you can help me with the connection.
How to Install Aftermarket Speakers 5 out of 5

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How to Install Aftermarket Speakers