FSX IPad FMC Tutorial.

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FSX iPad FMC tutorial.
FSX iPad FMC tutorial.
PMDG touchscreen FMS FMC using an  iPad
PMDG touchscreen FMS FMC using an iPad
[HD] PMDG 737 NGX   Full FMC/CDU Tutorial
[HD] PMDG 737 NGX Full FMC/CDU Tutorial
Hardware Folge 3 - FSX + iPad = Virtual CDU
Hardware Folge 3 - FSX + iPad = Virtual CDU

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Adam Worthington: Nice to see you've got TUF! I've got the sabertooth z97 mk1

Christos Vettas: Yes if the touch don't work then we don't need, bit i see splashtop work and is very cheap

Aygün Huseynova: Can you make tablet FSX at all tablet firma? And where did you do FSX tablet on the cost and the lost ??? I'm speak not english

TheDanishGamer98: If the touch aren't working, go try WiFi Display by Splashtop, out. It's also cheaper than Air Display.

Sir Williams: After following the steps you mentioned, if I go to full screen after doing so will it work in full screen mode?

Simon Sandström: How did you even setup SAITEK panels with the PDMG?

gfbhalil: hey Padre054 everything works but the touch isnt working on iPad. How you do let it work with touch ?

Michael Quinn: Why didn't you set up before filming what a waste of time watching you wait for monitors to load

75zero4: Hi, I use I display and  Galaxy Note 10 but the window on the tablet screen remain black... why?

Rohan Paliwal: Hey, many thanks ... but i have a problem using Windows 7 my Air Display is working but its showing full reso with Icons.... so i am unable to use stand alone window or to Drag... Please Help

Eisa Alsuwaidi: The flying school gave me an ipad , after graduation I rarely use it , if anyone got any way of connecting it to FSX without errors or performance hit ,please advice

Burak Kan: can we do it in the airbus extended ?

NoobPlaya Solz: Hahaha! I super laughed when i saw your motherboard and joystick and ipad. We have the same! Lmao I bet you also have i7 .lmao.

עידו אנגלנדר: *fraps

עידו אנגלנדר: do you know frapes ??? that will help !!

Ayler Cruz: same joystick! lol

padre054: I guess so? My isn't jailbroken or anything.. Read the requirements for the app, and then decide. Cheers

sammyryan10: will it work with the original ipad

Anty E: You're not the only one! ;)

harrygoozee: We have the same joystick :)
FSX iPad FMC tutorial. 5 out of 5

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FSX iPad FMC tutorial.