Diamond Dash (Wooga) On Facebook: 1.031.062 Points Using Boosts - NO Hack, NO Cheats!

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Diamond Dash (Wooga) on Facebook: 1.031.062 points using boosts - NO hack. NO cheats!
Diamond Dash (Wooga) on Facebook: 1.031.062 points using boosts - NO hack. NO cheats!
Playing Facebook - Diamond Dash
Playing Facebook - Diamond Dash
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Diamond Dash Hack Tool 2013 (gold.Life)
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Diamond Dash Game Trailer

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HouZdar: My high score is 1.3 million. But last week there was a guy on the diamond league world tournament that score 1.5mil

Ruther Rivera: mine is 460k

solarsystem: *Mom walks in room* WTF ARE YOU DOING WHAT IS THAT NOISE!!!!

فاطمه ريا: My high score is 980,786

gabriel velarde: my high score is 1.674.000

sean loves gta: My highscore is 960,000

Axel Hans: fsbfhh 

Kiat Chu: How can i transfer my coin an live to others

TzeffNL: 0:09 Does anybody know what keeps this fire around the frame of the game burning? Sometimes when I get that fire, it goes off in one second...without me clicking on the wrong colors! Other times the fire keeps burning for about 5 seconds! If I knew how to keep it burning (for bonuses!) much longer I could be better...

Alexis Bazan Aguilar: yo hice 1.200.685

nematodo77: Cheat Engine

Hammad Ahmed: new rekord xD

unikorigin: /watch?v=DbSh1HKkSBc new high score with hacks :D

aladdad1: i seen better lol

SuperPatitoto: I had 1.042.641 points without boosts and no hacks and 1.462.975 points with boosts and no hacks

Kamal Hassouneh: hhhhh lol my score more then you dude and it's 1.2 m

ADIGA!|Cheezo: anything else you have to play?

Wada Ayaka: YEAH, is the person playing

Marvin K.: Together with my friend we had 2,3 MILLION points on iPad

dillin mcguire: nice but im better lawl i almost got 2,000,000

Robson Gomes alves: sem cheat no lvl 35 fiz 1.117.264

pennylong0429: Ya pls allowed S2 or S3 can play,my phone cannot play it so boring tap diamond is not that fun

codon walsh: shame really because my high score is 1090681 so you won't that far off and i only use time bonus

peri de araujo: Really cool this round, my record is 913,714 but I had erase my level and scores... =( Awesome...

david robinson: @sanjid100 you have to play monster world and reach level 6 or 7

brian dela cruz: without any cheat FYI...

Abhishek Rawat: you click ok dnt publish???? whats wrong with u

Steve Marriott: i got 1,934,323 last week my record using boosts im lvl 99 im best pc diamond dash in world im daily player

Misty Williams: wow!no fake! work very good==>>> diamonddashsuperhack.blogspot.­com <<==

Steve Marriott: guys stop hacking show off ur skills

Azizou Rouag: wow my higher score was 959.000

TheTeeny72: Please make wooga diamond dash & your other games available/compatible with Samsung galaxy S2 & S3... tap diamond doesn't allow you to collect the gifts from friends.

d3spero: Hi I want to buy your YT account. What is the price Contact my saylars@g.pl

codon walsh: I try it again and got 1.3 million now so do me a favour and shut up

GoddrikOfficial: working here watch?v=AXq0LJX0ySU

Robert Louie: this hack reall work==>> diamonddashsuperhack.blogspot.com <<== i use!

jin ma: Fake

成隆 彭: 加油還可以更高,無聊拼分可加我fb彭成隆

jin ma: Fale

Ronnie Boucher: wow!really work amazing this hack==>> diamonddashsuperhack.blogspot.­com <<

shyhrete mavriqi: i made it 999.613 just with seconds bonus .


brian dela cruz: i cant score 1million in my laptop but on my iphone, my highest is 1,056,620 Points

SuperPatitoto: only noobs use a hack

MrDpsc: funny that you beat most auto-clickers :D

sanjid: how did you get that kind of power with the dimonds not the flame one i mean the orp looking one
Diamond Dash (Wooga) on Facebook: 1.031.062 points using boosts - NO hack, NO cheats! 4.4 out of 5

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Diamond Dash (Wooga) on Facebook: 1.031.062 points using boosts - NO hack, NO cheats!