Remington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Disassembly (1 Of 2)

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badesha77: thanks a lot sir. everything fell out when I took the bolt out of the receiver. your video explains everything about the bolt

parkertim803: WOODSMASTER

suppliersummit1: Hi, do you have any information on ejector replacement.

Jeff Smith: Really wanted to thank you for this video. You saved a rifle. I rescued a 742 in .308 Win and an Savage 4C .22 from a damp basement for 300.00 for the pair. Savage was a pretty straightforward job and shoots 6in groups standing offhand from 100 yrds. Haven't had it on a bench yet, but it should do well enough for what it cost me.

However the Remington was not as easy. I really wanted to bring it back because I have not seen any other 742's in .308. I really like the cartridge, cheap, heavy enough for most anything you are likely to hunt in my home state of Vermont, but easy enough on the recoil to shoot often. I gave it a quick cleaning and enough of a once-over to be reasonably sure it would be safe to shoot, then headed out to a local sandpit a couple days ago. I liked it well enough but on the 16th round it failed to let go from the extractor. I tried, but there was no way it was going to come out without having enough room to get some needle nose pliers in there.

Not really an obvious weapon to field strip. I ran into your videos on it and they let me get it broken down enough to get the spent round out. I couldn't get the charging handle pin to let go and did not want to hit it with a heavier hammer without replacement parts at hand. Some charcoal lighter and a toothbrush let me de-crud the bolt assembly well enough though.

I really liked the fact that you mentioned that the rifle can be finicky about what ammo it wants to eat. I was using some Tul junk when it jammed. After cleaning, oiling and reassembling, I tried cycling some of the Tul again with the same issues. That stuff will end up in my .308 Mauser! Switched up to some Remington and that ammo cycled just fine for several mags.

Don't stop going into side issues with your videos, sometimes they can be as important as the main topic. Thanks Again

jmperlin: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My dad passed his 742 to me but he did not show me how to take it apart before he died. This is awesome.

Stanley Papini: what an ass

nodakmex: Wish I could say something nice about this vid. What a dipcrap

Scaaty Lobo: Sorry but this is too sad to watch,say ACTUALLY one more time and my head would explode = ACTUALLY./

AAron Da Oper8r: I think the the model 742 and is a good deer rifle but, the disassembly of that gun is too much to keep up with.

T Ad: Those bullets are not called boat tails, they are spire points, or just full metal jacketed spire points. boat tail refers to the back end of the bullet.

swhite10539: Chris, I just got a Remi 742 and disassembled the entire gun including the bolt. It is tricky to watch out for the latch and that bolt latch spring plunger.  However, what spring is associated with the firing pin?  You made mention of it being inside the Breech Bolt but nothing came out?  I ask because when I was cleaning mine, there was a chunk of spring on the firing pin.  The firing pin seems to move freely back and forth.  Should the pin be under some tension when the bolt is disassembled.  The nearest I can figure out is that maybe this was the Firing Pin Retractor Spring according to schematics I have looked at.  Can you advise...otherwise you video got me thru the full disassembly with few issues.  Thanks!

Eric Pikey: Thanks for the great video.  I just used it to take my 742 apart.  It was very dirty inside.  Trouble is though, that plastic piece, believe it's called the ejector port cover wasn't there.  Is it possible some models don't have it?  Or more likely the previous owner didn't reassemble it properly?  Thanks!

joyteachem: What is with all they yak yak yak yak leading up to the POINT?    LOL  Drives me crazy how many folks do it! 

Robert Payne: Hey Chris I'm working on a model 742 30/06 for a friend it's very dirty and in need of some TLC your video is awesome, but I'm stuck at the main nut at the end of the bolt carrier, it's froze up pretty good I've been soaking it in penetrating oil hoping it would free up, do you have any other suggestions?

John Smith: Need to clean up that workspace, wtf.

Jeff Sullivan: Thanks, very helpful

ywjpheej01: What's the metal on the forearm base where the top screw go into call? I lost mine and want to get a replacement. Please let me know. Thank you

Billy Bob: I've got a 742 carbine in 30-06 made in 1980

Armedlegally: Hey Chris, Thanks for doing this video I've had my dads 30-06 740 for almost a year now finally torn it down and gave a it a good cleaning.  Thanks to your video I was able to get it all apart clean up and the action is so much more smooth now.  Thanks again for putting this video out there!

Mike S: Great Video, My father in-law just handed down this rifle to me. My first Rifle! I am looking forward to taking this rifle apart & giving it a good cleaning "with the help of your video of course" before I take it to the range.

Remington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Disassembly (1 of 2) 5 out of 5

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Remington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Disassembly (1 of 2)