Remington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Disassembly (1 Of 2)

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mki 7400
mki 7400

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wemcal: I’m looking on how to replace the ejection port sleeve.... may take it to a gunsmith

Cardz Rifle Gods: Awesome video, very helpful.

Never mind the all the noise from the negative comments, when all you’re doing is helping people out. A bunch of thimble pickles. I can’t wait to hear them cry. lol

jean- philippe de loupia: Bonjour monsieur, je ne parle pas bien l'américain, je suis tireur sportif et chasseur...
mes armes sont un revolver S&W 38 SP, un Glock 17 Gen 5, une Winchester XPR shot gun, une Remington 7400,...
je voudrais trouver un chargeur neuf et un percuteur pour cette arme car le mien est trop abimé, pouvez vous me donner des contacts. cordialement JP (from France)

Target Shooter: It's never a good idea to smoke around ammo or when you're working on a gun :)

dee bush: I can not get my bolt off that you used with the crescent wrench

Nicholas Volpicella: I just swapped the flat and round pin of the bolt upon reassembly.... how much of an issue is it? I haven't fired it yet...

christopher reeves: I can pick one up but lots of work for take down wow

christopher reeves: No jamming issues?

dusten zitek: I think we'll actually I know the 742 is still made to this day and a have a 150th production year anniversary 742 woodsmaster

Roger Selover: Hmmm. Dont know where you got your information on "boattail" bullets being unsuitaable for this rifle or even if you know what a boattail bullet is. I have the 742 BDL(purchased new in 1980) and have fired hundreds of my handloaded 165 grain boattails (ballistic tips, SPs, HPs) through it as well as commercially loaded 150 and 180 gr boattails from a variety of manufacturers.
Recently I got a good deal on a righteous supply of the Zombie Green ballistic tipped
Hornady Z-Max pills (again Boattails) and loaded 100 or so of those up ===> nada problemo!

Dave Imperio: Why must the boat tail be loaded as a single shot only?

Dodge Mustang: I know I said it before,,PLEASE stop calling these Hunting Tool or Sporting tools WEAPONS.... You wannbe Military types always call the Sports Equipment Weapons......STOP IT,,liberal love it when you call everything a GDam Weapon...

badesha77: thanks a lot sir. everything fell out when I took the bolt out of the receiver. your video explains everything about the bolt

parkertim803: WOODSMASTER

suppliersummit1: Hi, do you have any information on ejector replacement.

Jeff Smith: Really wanted to thank you for this video. You saved a rifle. I rescued a 742 in .308 Win and an Savage 4C .22 from a damp basement for 300.00 for the pair. Savage was a pretty straightforward job and shoots 6in groups standing offhand from 100 yrds. Haven't had it on a bench yet, but it should do well enough for what it cost me.

However the Remington was not as easy. I really wanted to bring it back because I have not seen any other 742's in .308. I really like the cartridge, cheap, heavy enough for most anything you are likely to hunt in my home state of Vermont, but easy enough on the recoil to shoot often. I gave it a quick cleaning and enough of a once-over to be reasonably sure it would be safe to shoot, then headed out to a local sandpit a couple days ago. I liked it well enough but on the 16th round it failed to let go from the extractor. I tried, but there was no way it was going to come out without having enough room to get some needle nose pliers in there.

Not really an obvious weapon to field strip. I ran into your videos on it and they let me get it broken down enough to get the spent round out. I couldn't get the charging handle pin to let go and did not want to hit it with a heavier hammer without replacement parts at hand. Some charcoal lighter and a toothbrush let me de-crud the bolt assembly well enough though.

I really liked the fact that you mentioned that the rifle can be finicky about what ammo it wants to eat. I was using some Tul junk when it jammed. After cleaning, oiling and reassembling, I tried cycling some of the Tul again with the same issues. That stuff will end up in my .308 Mauser! Switched up to some Remington and that ammo cycled just fine for several mags.

Don't stop going into side issues with your videos, sometimes they can be as important as the main topic. Thanks Again

jmperlin: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My dad passed his 742 to me but he did not show me how to take it apart before he died. This is awesome.

Stanley Papini: what an ass

nodakmex: Wish I could say something nice about this vid. What a dipcrap

Scaaty Lobo: Sorry but this is too sad to watch,say ACTUALLY one more time and my head would explode = ACTUALLY./
Remington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Disassembly (1 of 2) 5 out of 5

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Remington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Disassembly (1 of 2)