How To Defrizz / Restore Synthetic Hair

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mzcreecree: I love ur name and not tryna be funny but my dog name is Luna shes a lil weenie dog <3 her

klm: Omg thank you so much for this! I was worried I would end up burning the hair with my expensive high powered flat iron but it still worked on the lowest setting. Got rid of the frizz!

Jasmine Guerrero: But u can't use heat for synthetic hair

Jmasiyah: This really helped :) thankyou.

m3shia: Thanks Luna 

Misaki Love: i wish i would of seen this 2 weeks ago. i tried straining my half wig out but it got really bad. so i just made it a little short. i am going to do this with my ponytail . Thank you!

Lauren Sugden: Can I not use shampoo?

ReesyOohLala: What if I have an expensive flat iron, but keep it on the lowest?

meelanprangden19: Wat conditioner u hv used?

lunadeapril: You are welcome!

Nixil Noxal: Oh hun you've helped me save my wig! I was so upset that this random chunk of my wig was frizzed out and I really didn't want to cut it cuz then I'd have to even the whole wig out! Life saver! :3

lunadeapril: you are so welcome! Thanks for watching my videos!

lunadeapril: Awesome!

DazedTails: What kind of conditioner did you use?

lunadeapril: LOL yeah the heat cant be very high, but glad it works for you =)

TheIsabelle001: Thank you SO SO SO much! I was devastated because I had my exstensions for only 3 weeks and they already looked like crap. But now the are so healthy, moisturized and defrizzed. Thank you!

lunadeapril: LOL! Glad i could help!

xxCaptainBubbelsxx: ThankuthankuthankuthankuThankuthankuthankuthankuThankuthankuthankuthankuThankuthankuthankuthanku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not tell u way that full I am to find this video!!!!! Thank u sooooooooooooooooo much!!!

kenicke579: do you use leave in conditioner or does it not matter?

lunadeapril: YAY i am so happy to hear that! Please share this video with anyone who you think could benefit. This can be done over and over without harming the synthetic hair. Best wishes!

lunadeapril: no problem! =)

Lorriann Guzman: can you use any kind of conditioner? And do you mix water with conditioner? How much conditioner? do you wait for the hair to dry before straightening it?

Bibble4Ari: Thanks!Could I also find a de frizzer at the dollar store?

lunadeapril: vo5

Lily Dixon: I used to get picked on for the state of my synthetics and real extensions cost too much, this worked on my synthetics, thank you so much.

lunadeapril: @fabulouslystyle Awesome! people have told me it worked for them, i did it to 3 of my own hair pieces and it works. hope it turns out well!

Nancee Marin: I was Googling and YouTubing the other day to find solutions to the synthetic extensions I got last week (I have the Futura ones, BTW) that became pretty darn frizzy after curling, and I came across this vid! THANKS BUNCHES! :D It worked GREAT on my hair! As much as I love hairstyling, I'm a total n00b when it comes to doing it myself, so that's why I hire a professional! :D I used my deep conditioner and ceramic flat iron, both salon-quality. So any conditioner and flat iron REALLY DO the job!

MINDLESSCandyface: THANK YOU! My drawstring ponytail was getting nappy/frizzy and this totally restored it!

Brian Hector: So do you just let it dry??

michelle GARZA: can i wash it than do the conditioner thing? or does it have to be dry?

samskeytii: I was very skeptical but I tried this anyway on my synthetic clip-in extensions that I bought for 6 pounds (I also use a set of human hair clip-ins but I wanted more volume). The hair was VERY damaged & tangled. I cannot believe the result! It almost looks like human hair now. It's so soft, silky and shiny! THANK YOU :)

lunadeapril: Wonderful!!!

LadyK7339: Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! I was about to give up on my curly extensions, but did as instructed w/ my flat iron but in the curling method, and it worked. Note, you can only do it once when wet, and in small strands.

lunadeapril: yay glad it worked for you!

lunadeapril: yes as long as its not too hot

CarlySwimming: Thank you soo much!!!!! I have been looking all over! LIFE SAVER;)

lunadeapril: i would just use a cheap 99 cent conditioner

lunadeapril: Yep any conditioner at the dollar store will work.

jeri lynn arnold: very helpful thankyou so much Jeri Lynn

smcopywrite: wonderful information and extremely useful.. thanks so much for sharing.

lunadeapril: So Glad I could help! Yeah i forgot to mention its the same instructions as with straight extensions (damp hair and work in small sections)

lunadeapril: lol you are so welcome! glad i could help i will try to refilm it with a regular camera sometime soon

lunadeapril: Wonderful!! i am so glad it worked for you!!

Victoria c.: How long does it last for before it frizzed up again?

lunadeapril: regular conditioner

fabulouslystyle: i'll try it out and let you know. thx for the video

lunadeapril: So glad I could help!!

lunadeapril: yes let it air dry

TwinkletwinkleD: Do I have to turn my heat setting down to minimum on the iron or can it be regular heat? Not super hot like chi but regular cheap irons? Also does the hair hve to be soaking? Thank you so much!

lunadeapril: Glad I could help!
How to Defrizz / Restore Synthetic hair 4.5 out of 5

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How to Defrizz / Restore Synthetic hair