Starter Replacement DIY Video On A 1994 Chevy Caprice Station Wagon LT1 To Corvette Starter

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Kcirrab157: I absolutely LOVE your videos! I have a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice and this video got me to get a Vette starter when my starter went out today and I LOVE it!! Keep them comin!

Leroy Hogwash: I am impressed you did that in -8 weather.

ChevyBM: That sucks during the winter. I replaced the starter motor on my 91 caprice in Finland two winters ago, it was -30 degrees Celsius outside, my fingers were almost numb for the rest of the day...

DETROITGOODIES: would this starer work on my 1991 caprice classic?....i keep going through stupid starters every yr i have had it? i have the same sounding click just happened today :( ...................

ghtowagon: Corvette starter replacement is a cool mod!

Turbo231: @ghtowagon Oh neat...did not know that existed. Thanks!

ncrdisabled Submarine vet: Wow that is a hardcore repair.

1E55: Hi I'm going to attempt this on a 94 Ta with a powermaster mastertorque starter. Did you have to shim the unit or prepare the area at all before install?

Turbo231: @24preacherboy Yeah, it sucked but at the same time the brake master cylinder of our other car I couldn't wait for warmer weather.

lue1975lue: Sounds good.

stlouissux9119: Nice, easy repair.

Turbo231: @Maheekun I think 1992 was the year I picked...needs to be an LT1 RPO corvette...I got mine from napa and used my old starter as a core, you'll be looking for a cross reference to OEM GM part number 10455709. If you want the napa number I can get it for you, its just deep in a receipt pile. FYI, over a year later and still working great...makes starting the car seem effortless.

Maheekun: @Turbo231 thank you for that, i was hoping to get it at Napa because they the closest to this hamlet. I was looking into getting a geared starter in the near future but that came today because my starter crapped out this afternoon, only 9mnths old and solenoid is fried.

Omar Chisolm: @Turbo231 Ur just like me i work on my car in the rain, snow, whatever lol. True warrior man =D

us1776: thankyou for your video,my starter just failed,gunna do what you did,ps put a lower viscosity fluid in your power steering pump,again thanks

vettedude418: No joke, my dad had a c4 corvette with an LT1, i have FOREVER loved the sound of that starter more than most things on that car. What starter is this? I love it!

Turbo231: @1E55 Nope...if your unit came with shims, I would reuse them, but out of the box, just bolt it up there. Only if you detect a very weird noise or something along those lines, then maybe. Did some research before I did this switch and 99% of the people had no problems.

rhkips: Hehe, yup, you've got a bit of power steering pump noise, there~ -8F, though, I'm not surprised in the least. Automotive fluids weren't built for those kind of temperature extremes. ;-) I must say, you have a very pleasant and clear voice! Think I'm gonna have to subscribe, here. :-D

LordKilluminati: Wow u should use foam when it's cold in ur on the ground

SpliffSized: YES!! never in a million years would i have thought you where canadian, not to mention fellow albertan. ONLY CANADIANS know if its really cold outside.

TLOU386: I have a 350 4 bolt main an I've been having trouble in the past with my starter working for a couple days then start to grind,I've tried shimming it but still no luck,do u think the corvette starter will solve my problems

Turbo231: @vettedude418 Its just a Napa rebuild of a 1994 Chevy Corvette LT1 starter...VIN P I think, the non DOHC one. Fits Caprice L99 and LT1's with ease. A very nice upgrade especially since the gear reduction, giving the starter more power for the higher compression corvette engine, really spins the lower compression caprice.

SuperMachine777: great job ! the winding noise made me go "whoa what happened" (LOL) but awesome job i plan to put one of these starters on myself, the price is some much better compared to the stock starter price .

francisfairypants: I am trying to replace my starter as well. I inadvertently pulled loose a wire but I didn't see where that wire was attached to. It's a small green wire contained within an aluminum heat sheath bundled with the starter wires. I believe it's the one you mentioned in the video as the small wire to the frame. Can you tell me if that wire was a tiny green one?

SpliffSized: i take that back..what i mean to say if a canadian says its cold..its freakin freezing.

Turbo231: No...a corvette starter is an upgrade, not really a fix unless your current starter is broken.

nnarcel215: im gonna go n try n change my starter

SVPrelude: Mine keeps grinding. If I hit it a few times it works. What does that mean?

Leroy Hogwash: @Turbo231 I am lucky I have a shop to work in. Check out my trackless train video. Nice and warm with lifts too.

Turbo231: @ghtowagon I'm not worried about's usually only loud when it's below 0F and if the car hasn't run. It really used to be an issue however since I got the block heater and it keeps things warmer under the hood, it's a moot issue. Thanks for the suggestion and will check out your video. :)

ghtowagon: @Turbo231 GM cold climate PS fluid might also cure its noise. Its expensive.

Turbo231: Good idea...less the ground and more the air.

Leroy Hogwash: You are too cool. I had to replace the starter in my lt1 caprice and after this vid I decided to do what you did. I went to the parts store and the starter for my car was 169.00 and I remembered your video so I checked on the corvette starter and it was 119.00! I got the corvette starter and just tugged on the hot wire a little to get it over to the hot post. Turned key and had cool sounding starter/engine combo! Thanks again you saved me 60 bucks!

Turbo231: No. Excluding electrical connections, it's literally 2 bolts.

TwinsTec101: sonds like you need power steerring fluid

TLOU386: I've been through 4 starters and a new flywheel,and it seems to still grind,I don't kno what the problem is

floridavenue: did you remove the exhaust manifold or anything to fit them out and then in there?

spelunkerd: People don't realize that 'shady tree mechanic' has a whole new meaning when you're talking about January in Alberta (grin). Good for you to post this on such a day, you're a better man than me, Ben. Dave

ghtowagon: While is the PS probably the PS pump. Call up Lee power steering they rebuilt the pump on my Impala. I have a video on how I replaced it.

slowride55: it sounds cool? lol i can imagine..... "Dude whats that epic sound???" "That, that is my starter!" lol jk nice video

zentaifetish: You're the man if there is ever a need for a starter replacement when HELL freezes over!!!! Damn,8 below! Good job, great video.

Maheekun: what year corvette starter motor and which parts store did yo get it from, or better still, do you have the part number for that new starter?
Starter Replacement DIY Video on a 1994 Chevy Caprice Station Wagon LT1 to Corvette Starter 4.8 out of 5

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Starter Replacement DIY Video on a 1994 Chevy Caprice Station Wagon LT1 to Corvette Starter