Cutting Your Own Stencils With The Silhouette Cameo

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Cutting Your Own Stencils with the Silhouette Cameo
Cutting Your Own Stencils with the Silhouette Cameo
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How to make Text Stencils on the Silhouette Cameo craft cutter
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Cutting Stencils with your Cameo
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Beautiful Testimony: Hello Debbie, great video btw and thanks a bunch for sharing. I was wondering... Are you cutting the stencil with the tissue paper that comes in the package? I am using the .007 stencil. Hope to hear from you soon.

Gena Berkebile: Hi Debbie, Can I take my own simple drawing and make a stencil or am I just limited to the ones on the program? Tx

kathy gosden: what setting are u using like under a vinyl or cardstock for example that is what I am asking I have the blade and all the stuff figure out.

kathy gosden: thanks very helpful I am using the same Dura- lar paper and you do say the cut and the speed and blade setting but can you please tell me what paper type you put this under. thanks

Mary Justin: Hi Debbie, Thank you for the helpful video. I'm trying to cut a stencil with words. Is there a trick so for example the word and. When I cut it, it leaves a big hole in the middle of the a and the d instead of cutting around it so it looks like an a and d. Hope this question makes sense.

Cynthia Shaw: Hi Debbie     can you tell me some fonts that i can use to make stencils that cut out the middles   thank you

Yvonne West: Thanks for the post, very helpful.  Can you please advise me before I buy a Silhouette Cutting machine, will I be able to take my own photos and turn then into stencils.  Also my daughter is creative with her artwork, would she be able to scan her work and then make it into stencils?  Thanks in advance.

Mary Whitcomb: Thanks for posting this.. I am a beginner and this has been really helpful!

Susan Carpenter: well i am so glad that you are online right now.  I have cut 2 but neither went through even though I have it on dbl cut.  I have it on 7 it is a fairly new blade and can't find test cut on the new version.  thanks

Susan Carpenter: Debbie thanks for the information on your comments here.  It is exactly what I was looking for!

marsha ryan: Debbie, As a quilter I am interested in creating my own continuous line quilting stencils. Do you think you could help with this?

Liz Shireman: This is so helpful! Thank you so much for posting this. I have the exact material and am using the exact settings you said but it's not cutting all the way through :( I then tried a blade of 4 and it still didn't cut all the way through! HELP ME, PLEASE!  with love, Liz

Sharon B: Hi Debbie Thank You so much for your fabulous tutorials.I'm going to give this a try.Materials are difficult to get in my country so I have to try different media.I have a great idea for stencils and to find the Love your channel so much!!

Debbie H.: Hi Blaine, I've actually cut it on different settings depending n how old or new my blade is. the best settings for a good blade is Blade - 7, Speed - 1, Thickness -33 and Double Cut. When I used an old blade I had to set the blade up to 10. I hope this is helpful. Best wishes, Debbie

Blaine Garrett: "Blade of 3, speed of 1, thickness of 23, double cut"

Blaine Garrett: Could you post what settings you used for blade depth, etc? I'm going to pick some of this up. thanks for the vid.

Debbie H.: Hi Lizette, yes, the Silhoutte can cut acetate very well. Use some painter's tape to tape it to your mat. This will help prevent sliding. Hugs, Debbie

Lizette Lehmkuhl: Do you think acetate would cut on the Silhouette or is it too smooth? Have you tried it perhaps? I live in United Arab Emirates and I won't be able to find the stencil material here. Thanks

Godless Glen: Diana, unless it is a "stencil" font, the insides of the letters will fall out. Just search in google and there are all kinds of free stencil fonts. There is another option. You can create your design with your font of choice, open it up in the Silhouette software and add shapes over the places where the inside parts would be cut out, like the inside of "A's". Then use the "subtract" tool under "modify" and it works like magic! Basically you are making your own custom stencil font. :)

Godless Glen: I've seen those stencil blanks. I didn't like them as much. If I remember correctly they ripped more easily than the Graffix stencil sheets so it might not be as durable.
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Cutting Your Own Stencils with the Silhouette Cameo