Fix Monster High Skelita Calaveras Leg Problem

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Fix Monster High Skelita Calaveras Leg Problem
Fix Monster High Skelita Calaveras Leg Problem
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Robin Payne: are you able to put the dress back on if you take the plastic form off?

partydj2mh19: It said that in the instructions that were in the box

MsMonsterHigh4Ever: thanks so much for telling me about for vid!

kaylajackson989: why do u have a bratz doll for your youtube face lol i thought u were a girl

monsterwinxhigh23: Me:Hmmm...I should know that before!WHY HE!!!*HIT WALL WITH HEAD*Mom was like What?

sparklemonky101: I love your vids!!!!!

bizarracos: Smithers.

jinx impish: yeah but most people don't read the directions, cuz they think they know all about the doll

jason346ful: thank you

julio mendez: Cool I dint KHOW that

Greta Hernan: Oh thanks so much I've been complaining about that

onlyalisa W: I found that out myself,, kept bending it back , and forth now it works fine,, but kids don't know to do this .. Mattel didn't do a great job on this doll.

Yababaneta: haha both A and B! ;D

XredInkx: if there can be bronies, there can be male fans of monster high.

onedirectionliammh: i have her and never knew about that thank you

conorstaunton12: you can I tried and it worked

ifaranda: Its says that in the directions

Marie Marco: oh thank you for this! i thought mine was defective, but now her legs bend perfectly ;)

Anon Rookie: its kinda scary that this is a guy.

ChewyNinja: Wow is is so cool

nahomi905: es de mexico y gual q yo

RainbowGold Nicky: This really helped thank you very much.

danhector delda: nice one

Gema Prohibido: Is cool

1d1234545532222: Were the poor dolls outfit

legacyskye: cool! plus i luv the dolls hair!

notacatNAC: Good thing I saw this before I got Skelita. I would have freaked out. XD

abcdefghijklmnop2544: This helps a lot thank u!!

UpOnTopReviews: Did you freak out for a moment when you accidentally pulled it offf? haha! I would have...

MarcelineTheVampire24: I hope they make more dolls were their leg comes off :)!

2littlemonsters: thanks for sharing with us this info. we thought our skelita couldn't bend her legs. we were too scared to try thinking we might break it. thanks again.

dracuclawdeen: so cuteeeeeeeeee!

pillow fudge: my friend freaked out cuz her skelita dolls legs wouldnt bend. ya u helped. thx!!!

Morgan LaShier: The instruction booklet she comes with shows you can detach her limbs. you can do it with her elbows as well.

ThiefRikku0306: But it says so on the instuctions that her legs pop out.

lagonna blue: omg when that happens to me i would know what to do

iloveanastasia28551: must be an added bonus feature for the doll

destiny diaz: I JUST GOT HER TODAY

megapig100: she is a skeleton though..

VenusMcFlyTrapMH EAH: When I took off her legs I tried bending the thingy but it wouldn't move it was like locked...What do I do to bend Skelita's legs?


hotbamababys: Thanks! yea im extremely ocd over our dolls and toys so I just wouldnt bend them cause we didnt want anything to happen to her,but thats pretty sweet! Thanx for the info7:) merry christmas!

SuperAllisonA: Duu she's a skellatine

jpopluvr1000: lol yes i actually did :)

Annabel Chloe: You can take of her leg

upcatup: Yes - Her bony form just sticks out more, and she's not firmly set it her stand - I've taken the platic form off her.

LagunaBlueFreak: I had the same problem, i bought Skelita yesterday and when i was trying to pull the shoe off, the leg suddenly fell off, haha! but then i realized you can put it back on (:

cocokitty: To bend skelitas legs you pull on them a little so there still on then bend her leg and push it back in then they can bend

Kathy brenner: Thanks for the tip

Tabitha Spears: My friend and I both have her, when I got her I was scared I might break her, my friend kept asking me about her legs. THIS SO HELPS
Fix Monster High Skelita Calaveras Leg Problem 4.7 out of 5

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Fix Monster High Skelita Calaveras Leg Problem