Invisible Part Wig No. 1 (Braid Pattern For Sew In @ The End)

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Invisible Part Wig No. 1 (Braid pattern for sew in @ the end)
Invisible Part Wig No. 1 (Braid pattern for sew in @ the end)
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How to: Full Sew in Weave with NO LEAVE OUT & NO CLOSURE on Yourself Tutorial
U part wig with invisible part ^_^
U part wig with invisible part ^_^
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Browny Baccah: Everything was too fast didn't even know what u we're doing but great job

Lilly Bizzo: So much work, and you did a good job. I just wish you had show up closethe invisible part, it was too fast girl 😯

cameron stewart: I love ur method I am going to try it would be ky first sewin

Bashbashment: Loved this. I will never be able to sew in my own weave OR make my own wig ( curly or straight ) but you did a great job !!!...Thanks for sharing...:)

Cass G: Did you leave any hair out in the top or it was strictly the invisible part? BTW the hair looms great

dezi27 Ishmael: Love the video. It was on point. Love the hair too. What type of hair was it? Never try out the curly ones before but this one looks good. Let me know please.

Moji Mo: this ways perfect gurl! thanx a bunch :)

omega7373: Hi! all of the info is in the description box. You can good the cap name if you want to order it online but I purchased mine at my local beauty supply store.

Shennae Steele: whats the name to the wig cap that you are using and where can i purchase it online?

Brandi Jefferson: *Do you.. not so you

Brandi Jefferson: Ok I'm going to stop bugging you.. LoL.. After this.. Ok thanks.. so to lay the tracks really flat so you sew through the wefts at the ends of the track?? That's actually my biggest problem, the end pieces close to the part aren't laying flat and I cnt get them to stay slanted when I'm sewing them?? =( Thanks for all you help!!

omega7373: Use the white line or one of the stitches of the cap as a guide for the tips of the weft is helpful so you will know not to go over that marker. This is why I suggest curly hair when you are starting off with this method until you get the hang of it. I'm not certain if I can really give more detail being that I cannot see what you are doing/working with to offer more tips. I would suggest that you look at more videos. There are tons on this method.

Brandi Jefferson: And how do you get the ends close to the part to lay really flat??.thanks

Brandi Jefferson: Ok.. Another questions.. How do you lay the tracks slanted on each other because as I'm doing it, it seems like in order to cover the other track I'm moving further and further over and covering up where the part will be

omega7373: yep : )

omega7373: Using curly hair is a lot more forgiving if you are just starting out. It doesn't really matter if the first one is slanted as long as we wefts are laid really close together but it's easier to keep the slanted pattern if you start off that way. I always cut the cap and would not suggest trying this method if you don't want to cut the cap. You can always get a closure and make a full wig. If you have any lace from lace front, you can sew that in the middle once you cut the cap.

Brandi Jefferson: Oh and can this method be used for a side part instead of a middle part??

Brandi Jefferson: Oh ok... I'm actually trying to do this method now and I'm confused about laying the tracks to make the invisible part.. does the first track go at the end of the cap slanted or is the first track straight and then the following tracks are slanted.. Abd if I dnt want to cut the cap can I still use a black mesh cap or do I need a nude one like I've seen in other videos.. Sorry for all the questions.. I'm new to this and this video is exactly what I want to do I'm just a little confused.. =)

omega7373: that is definitely one of the methods that can be used. It can also be sewn or bobby pinned down.

Brandi Jefferson: After you cut where the white line was diff you have clips in the front to keep the wig on your head??
Invisible Part Wig No. 1 (Braid pattern for sew in @ the end) 5 out of 5

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Invisible Part Wig No. 1 (Braid pattern for sew in @ the end)