Savage Edge /Axis Bolt Disassembly And Reassembly

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metalhead65066: thanks for the vid just bought mine today for my birthday...thanks from Gasconade County

mrs chung: To rerooster the bolt after reassembly, i used a smooth jaw vise, put bolt cushioned by a piece of paper into the vise and turn the bolt handle - the bolt will rerooster.  the two part firing pin spring with the metal washer in between is the current style. It replaces the old style one piece spring.  Savage won't sell or ship bolt heads unless you are a gunsmith because headspace has to be checked for safety.  Have fun, Mel Chung-Gunsmith

Savage Savage: Billy:
Thank you for the help. I went to the range today and took my Savage in .308 and suffered a couple of weak firing pin strikes. The idea of if and when the round will go off really distracts from shooting fun.
At home I reviewed the video and started to disassemble the bolt and found that the cap screw was loose and created a weak spring condition. I tightened the assembly and that seems to have corrected the problem.
Thanks for the help as a video show the whole workings before you start the process.

ReaperGaming: I'm 14 this was my first rifle I got it in the .223 caliber and I love it. Took it to the range today and put 51 rounds through it. I didn't have any problems. I cleaned it today and the bolt is silky smooth, it's like cutting warm butter with a knife.

Joe McNair: How was the initial removal of the end ring accomplished - can not seem to get mine off

Mr1000fucks: Hi does your bolt feels sticky when pushing it upward and back?

Efstathius Placidas: So the little ring sits on top of the spring? Basically is sits between the 2 springs when assembled, right?

James K.: Hi, just noticed when you put bolt back in rifle, looks like the baffle cutout was 180 degrees off I think. it's the.piece behind the lugs. That back lug part will swivel 360 degrees after assembled. The cutout part needs to line up with the exhaust port hole in the receiver for safety when bolt is closed. Looks like rifle will function with baffle cutout in either position.. I checked my book to see how it needs to line up. Thanks for vid.

Claudio Infante: Hey buddy, thank you for the Video on the Savage Edge /Axis bolt disassembly and reassembly. It has really help me since I just got one too.. Great job..

ojibwesavage1: To get the bolt in to fired after cycling the bolt put bolt in half way hold it and squeeze the trigger and bring bolt down slow and it will deroostered 

Zachary Hein: Lol you make it look easy to remove the first hex bolt. I tried for an hour to get it loose no luck. How am I supposed to clean my firing pin when the bolt was installed by thor?

Sam Buck: its easyjust to put your roostering pin in place before screwing in your bolt assy screw, works for me anyway!

Zach Droog: To put that little thing back in place take a rag put it over the button then take a 5/8 open end wrench and set it on where it hooks and twist it to where you here the little click..

TheOutdoorsMissouri: To Cory Montgomery. Take it off the stock and see if that helps. I'm a hands on guy unfortunately. Not much help sorry.

TheOutdoorsMissouri: Hold the trigger down

Brian Kennedy: I have a 7mm08 I purchased for my son to use, when the bolt is slammed back it sets off the roostering mechanism, bit of a worry, missed a follow up shot at a nice stag. I think I might have to deepen the scalloped position where it rests.

GhostSniper898: u also have to hold the trigger

Jerome Devince: Install bolt in regular manner. Of course it will not go in and lock with out first reroostering firing pin After installing bolt , pull bolt back as far as possible. point rifle barrel facing you left ,place on lap. with rag and one or two thumbs push roostering pin till it is back in firing position this is a lot easier tha trying to hold bolt free hand and locks in place alot easier. I am not big on dry firing . but it needs to be done at least once to make bolt fuctions properly

matt986423: Dry fire that thing. You have to function test it after taking it apart snap cap or not. Plus it's fine nothing will happen to it.

TheOutdoorsMissouri: thanks for the comment!!
Savage Edge /Axis bolt disassembly and reassembly 5 out of 5

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Savage Edge /Axis bolt disassembly  and reassembly