Savage Edge /Axis Bolt Disassembly And Reassembly

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Albert Atencio: Need better lighting

vegasbob007: Good video, I needed to know how to remove it as the gun store according to state law (Massachusetts ) has to have all rifles with a trigger lock on them when displayed on the rack and I couldn't see how to do it with out the trigger lock being off .

Todd Gregoire: I found a different way to rerooster the bolt during reassembly. Before screwing the end cap back on, I just slid the black metal circle back to the roostered position, which pushed the rear end of the firing pin and the spring back out the end of the bolt. Then, I put the end cap screw back on, pushed it in on the spring until it caught, and screwed it in as tight as I could with my fingers. The bolt handle still had a little give to it, so I dry fired (you can use a snap cap or fire on a spent case if you don't like to dry fire), which made the roostering indicator retract in to the bolt, letting me tighten it further with my allen wrench.

John Hoskinson II: To de-rooster a bolt action rifle, raise the bolt up like you're going to cycle it, but don't pull it back, and pull and hold the trigger while slowly lowering the bolt back down into the locked position.

Nick Kesteloot: I can't get that circle black piece in the down position , it's impossible with the tight Spring

John Driscoll: I cant get my bolt loose with my allen wrench no matter how freaking hard i try!! Im turning it counter clockwise. Just got the gun yesterday .

Mae Evelynn: When I go to prime the firing pin I use a rag inside a box end. Nice and easy

greg: hello I just had my savage my not unscrewed I forced but nothing you have an idea thank you

Greg Higgins: Is there a firing pin adjustment on my new Savage 30-06 Axis II as I am having 50% in misfires. Rifle is brand new. All rounds have a center strike at the same depth.

Doug Speichts: sorry bud,watched your video and noticed you had put the extractor on wrong side of bolt when you assemblked it!

German Redneck: You helped me out, thank you for this video!

Jonathan Schmadeke: Thanks for putting this video together for us. I appreciate your knowledge and your directions made it much easier for me to inspect and clean my savage bolt.

Jack: I managed to put that end cap back on by starting to tighten it in the roostered position, putting the bolt back into the rifle, closing it, and then continuing to tighten it.

metalhead65066: thanks for the vid just bought mine today for my birthday...thanks from Gasconade County

Mel Chung: To rerooster the bolt after reassembly, i used a smooth jaw vise, put bolt cushioned by a piece of paper into the vise and turn the bolt handle - the bolt will rerooster.  the two part firing pin spring with the metal washer in between is the current style. It replaces the old style one piece spring.  Savage won't sell or ship bolt heads unless you are a gunsmith because headspace has to be checked for safety.  Have fun, Mel Chung-Gunsmith

Savage Savage: Billy:
Thank you for the help. I went to the range today and took my Savage in .308 and suffered a couple of weak firing pin strikes. The idea of if and when the round will go off really distracts from shooting fun.
At home I reviewed the video and started to disassemble the bolt and found that the cap screw was loose and created a weak spring condition. I tightened the assembly and that seems to have corrected the problem.
Thanks for the help as a video show the whole workings before you start the process.

Reaper1911gr: I'm 14 this was my first rifle I got it in the .223 caliber and I love it. Took it to the range today and put 51 rounds through it. I didn't have any problems. I cleaned it today and the bolt is silky smooth, it's like cutting warm butter with a knife.

Joe McNair: How was the initial removal of the end ring accomplished - can not seem to get mine off

Mr1000fucks: Hi does your bolt feels sticky when pushing it upward and back?

CMDR Efstathius Placidus: So the little ring sits on top of the spring? Basically is sits between the 2 springs when assembled, right?
Savage Edge /Axis bolt disassembly and reassembly 5 out of 5

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Savage Edge /Axis bolt disassembly  and reassembly